Premier Manager Transfer Window Update Pack – Available Now

Is there a better time of year to be a football fan? The UEFA Champions League is back after the winter break and the battle for domestic honours in League and Cup competitions around Europe is well and truly on. Every game you go to or watch on TV is vital and hopes and dreams can be realised or shattered by just one goal or decision. Just ask Arsene Wenger!

We love this time of the season here at Premier Manager Towers, almost as much as we loved the epic January transfer window earlier this year. Despite many Managers’ across Europe expressing their dislike at being forced into panic buys at inflated prices, a huge amount of deals went through and spending, particularly in the English Premier League, hit a record high.


Whether or not the Managers got value for money from the flurry of deals is yet to be seen; we’ll only really know at the end of he season. We read that it would have been cheaper for Chelsea to buy a life size Fernando Torres made of solid gold rather than the real thing… on current form it might have been a better investment! Perhaps unsurprisingly, Torres doesn’t make it into our top five deals of the window, we’ve gone for some that might offer a little more value for money:

  • Giampaolo Pazzini – Sampdoria to Inter (€12m) – The Italian striker scored two goals on his debut and could be the man to help catch city rivals Milan in the Serie A title race.
  • Luis Suarez – Ajax to Liverpool (€26m) – Uruguayan striker whose goals and assists have made him an instant hit with the fans at Anfield.
  • Patrick Helmes – Bayer Leverkusen to Wolfsburg (€8m) – Striker signed to replace Edin Dzeko. If he can stay injury free he could prove crucial in the Bundesliga relegation battle.
  • Luis Gustavo – Hoffenheim to Bayern Munich (€15m) – 23 year old combative Brazilian midfield player who will more than fill the gap left by Mark Van Bommel.
  • Steven Pienaar – Everton to Tottenham (€3m) – Attacking midfielder signed towards the end of his contract at Everton, his eligibility for the Champions League makes him an even more important signing for Spurs.


Some of you may disagree with our top five deals, we’ll be happy to stand corrected or proved wrong because that’s the beauty of football – it’s all about opinions. Either way, all the activity meant a very busy month for us as we prepared our first ‘Transfer Window Pack’ DLC, which we are delighted to announce is now available to download from the PlayStation Store. Despite the millions spent by Clubs on acquiring new talent, you can get your hands on all the latest data for the game for just £1.59/€1.99.

The update includes all of the permanent transfers from around Europe up to the end of January, as well as changes to many player ratings based on their form in the first part of the season. We’ve also included some logical changes to the transfer system and match engine to make the game even more realistic and enjoyable. If all that isn’t enough and to prove that football management isn’t all about multi-million pound transfer deals, we’ve also added the English Conference as a manageable league.

Of course to take advantage of the brand new update, you’ll need to own the full version of the game. If you don’t already, it’s currently available for just £7.00/€9.00 for PlayStation Plus subscribers until the end of March so it’s a great time to get your hands on the PS3‘s only dedicated Management Game.

Enjoy the rest of the season; I hope it’s a successful one for your team!

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Really! Am I suddenly reading Nuts! Lets not reinforce the stereotype of gamers hey.


We also have a traditional Premier Manager theme on the store which is free to download, just offering an alternative with the Soccer Babes

Im not intrested in this one bit i bought the game and there is no way im paying for a update when the same said update will be FREE on Fifa 11


the fact you are charging for a transfers update just shows how greedy you guy are , will not be buying anything you make from now on and before you reply trying to justify a price please dont waste your breath and go look at fifa transfers price please ……. FREE

your jokin right lets start with price off fifa for game that is litreally a transfer update for full retail every year with slight changes no wonder they over for free least can do wen rip customers off 7 pound plus 1.59 not bad deal less 9 quid for game plus updates an if dont support smaller companys you just allowing likes of ea an fifa francises amongst others rip you off year on year

Keep the game send the ladies over.. :p

James Gallagher 17 March, 2011 @ 15:16

As a Kidderminster Harriers supporter, I’ll be checking this out this weekend. Here’s hoping our current financial plight hasn’t been included!

VictorAnalogy 17 March, 2011 @ 15:59

Totally agree with Nosbod. Stay classy.

Wow, really Sony? Tasteful. Sheesh. :(

James Gallagher 18 March, 2011 @ 16:26

Points taken, post edited.


I feel a PS+ DLC offer coming to tie in with the PS+ price reduction…hopefully…!

I would happily pay £7 if I was getting an up to date version of the game.


I take the 1 on the left (i wanted to play footie) :P


good looking girrrrls. but kinda disrespectful


Sexist, anyone?

Oh come on guys.. have never seen girls before.. they are covered up not revealing intimate parts.. get over it!!!


I agree with MrLopes. I don’t see the problem. You see women in less by taking a walk on the beach a summer day.

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