Brand New Ratchet And Clank: All 4 One Story Trailer

Over the last six months we’ve taken Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One to London, San Francisco, Seattle and Austin. Everywhere we go, people love playing in the Ratchet & Clank universe with three of their friends. The co-operative gameplay, combined with a dash of competition, has really resonated with players.

One thing we’ve heard a lot of our hardcore Ratchet & Clank fans and journalists (which is a group that intersects a lot!) is “this is awesome, but does it have a story?” Our answer: absolutely! All 4 One is a full Ratchet & Clank game with everything you know and love: story, cutscenes, humor, and weapons!

We’re excited to give you the first glimpse of that story, with our first big trailer for the game.

Please let us know what you think in the comments! I’m probably sleeping as this is posted in the middle of the night, but I will answer your questions in the morning (California time) when we get into the office. For more Ratchet & Clank information please keep an eye on

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somethingatt 22 March, 2011 @ 09:16

Unfortunately the demo was a pretty poor presentation of the game (as in, just a collection of mini-games).
Glad to see it has a real structure. Pretty interested in this now.

PS: Might be worth sticking the MOVE logo somewhere in the next trailer :p

There’s a demo on PSN? Since when? Didn’t you confused RnC-A4O with PlayStation Move Heroes?

The trailer itself looks great. Glad the game style hasn’t changed.

@1: You’re confusing it with Playstation Move Heroes (as #2 said).

The game (RnC-A4O) looks like tons of fun :D Can’t wait to try it.

This introduction movie of the game looks wonderfull (as any r & c game does) but I just don´t like the move or co op games so I won´t buy this one :-(

somethingatt 22 March, 2011 @ 09:45

My bad! :D
Thanks for the correction.

Carnivius_Prime 22 March, 2011 @ 10:43

@OttoT How can you not like co op games? Are you a loner? I wish more games had co op modes. Sure beats sitting by and watching your friend hogging the machine.

Anyways this looks great and I had fun with the Move Heroes demo too (finally something this year that’s worth having the Move for) so I got me two R&C games I wanna purchase this year.

It looks like a Pixar film! ;P I can’t wait to buy it ;P

After the main story is done in Co-op will there be elements like time trials on previous levels and will each individual have specific abilities and weapons?

Also will we have any references to resistance 3 in this? Sounds stupid but isn’t the plot about some aliens collecting different species? So it’d be cool to have a litte chimera reference in there, like getting ratchets wrench in multiplayer in the first resistance.

I agree with #6 here. There should be way more coop games, 2-4 players is great fun. I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t buy a game because it has the possibilities to play co-op up to 4 players… You can still play alone if you really want to.

XxKillerxX869 22 March, 2011 @ 13:21


I love Insomniac games! I have being a fan since the First spyro! let me tell you this,you guys are amazing.All your games are full of quality and worth 40/35+ pounds

i will UNDOUBTBLY buy A40 and Resistance 3!

XxKillerxX869 22 March, 2011 @ 13:24

oh yes,will there be any unlockable skins for this game? im sure there will :D…rite?

I like the direction they are taking i with this game.If you look at the latest Ratchet And Clank games sales,they are just getting worse and worse so a change is a good thing and who doesn’t like Co-op?

obiadekanobi1980 22 March, 2011 @ 13:47

looking good whens it out and is it just a network game or avalable on bluray as well?

makesure this 1 has trophies as QFB was not appealing without trophies and it made it less forfilling to work through

@1: Euhm, Playstation Move Heroes IS a collection of minigames. And in my opinion, not a very good one to say the least.

I’m getting quite psyched for All 4 One though. Looks hilarious. So is it a PSN title? Or a full boxed game?


@14 I`m wondering the same thing. the video kinda says it`s a PSN title with the logo at the end. Can we get clarification on this?

13# It’s a full Retail game.

Wow! I’m blown away by those graphics. That’s Pixar like quality right there. I hope there’ll be a demo soon.

I’ll probably be buying it but how long is the game and will there be dlc?

mmm not sold on this, i’m all for a co-op game but the story doesn’t seem very strong. I was hoping that with a new trailer it might swing me to buy it but if anything the more I see the less I like. Each new game has less and less content with ratchet. ACIT was psn store worthy, it was very short compared to any of the previous games and it seems to be a trend to make the games shorter.

I hope to see a full fledged long Ratchet game in the future with a good amount of content without gimmicky crap like move or 4 player co-op where they toss in a random evil character to fill in the spaces and try to make it work. I’m sure it will give me a laugh but ultimately i’m disappointed at the experience ACIT gave me with all the hype it was given and story length it was promoting

I hope things change in the future for the series, away from gimmicky things and back to the core story even if its just to finish the series.

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