New Super Stardust HD DLC: Impact Mode

We’d like players around the world to know that we’ve created a new game mode for Super Stardust HD that’ll be out on PSN at the end of the month – it’s called the “Impact” mode.


We want to thank all the fans around the world for your continued support – it has made Super Stardust HD a top selling PSN exclusive and enabled us to keep creating new content for the game even now over three years after its release.

2008 saw the release of the “Solo Pack”, offering new game modes such as Endless, Survival, Bomber, and Time Attack. That was followed by the multiplayer “Team Pack” featuring split-screen co-op and deathmatch modes for up to 4 players.

Additionally, the game then broke new ground by becoming the first ever PlayStation 3 game to feature Trophies.


In 2010 we gave players the exciting option to experience the game in real 3D, one of the few of its kind as it creates 120 unique frames per second.

Now in 2011 with the new Impact mode add-on, Super Stardust HD continues to be the most comprehensive shooter experience available.

The Impact mode plays on and twists the game rules – in place of the weapon system your ship is now fitted with an experimental new matter-to-energy boost engine technology, which means once you activate the boost, you can stay in boost as long as you can hit meteors and enemies with it!


This mode also features much higher score multipliers – as long as you boost the multiplier keeps growing and growing! This is the most fast-paced and adrenaline inducing add-on to the game yet.

Look out for the Impact mode on the PlayStation Store on March 30th for €1.99/£1.59 and, if you’ve never tried Super Stardust HD before, there has never been a better time to join the action!

Stardust pilots, start boosting your way to the top of the worldwide leaderboards!

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wow that was unexpected lol.

oh and will their be trophies?



Still waiting for an Online co-op/Versus patch though, so I’ll pass.



Great news about the new mode… I’ve been waiting for some more DLC for ages to my fave PSN game…Please keep it coming!!

AllytheBruce 22 March, 2011 @ 17:23

I don’t really get it, is this new boost feature the only new thing? guess I’ll have to wait and see


Looking forward to this. Will the Impact Mode in Super Stardust HD differ from the Impact Mode in Super Stardust Portable?

Are you working on Dead Nation DLC too? :)

SleepMachine 22 March, 2011 @ 17:29

Holy s**t, awesome! Did NOT see this coming. Well, seeing as you are STILL supporting this game…. PLEASE, oh PLEASE add online co-op! Just last week, me and my go-to SSDHD co-pilot got a new high score in splitscreen co-op. Made it into the monthly TOP10. *GLEE* =)
Let me say that one more time…

Looking forward to it ;)

Not a new planet or something?
It doesn´t sound like much (fun).

almighty-slayer 22 March, 2011 @ 17:56

New DLC after this long? Cool


I liked the Impact mode from SSHD Portable.

One question – does it have trophies?


Definitely unexpected!
Great news though!
SSHD is STILL an addictive game to this day.

Keep the DLC coming!
More levels/weapons Etc :D

cool to see developers still suppot their games

I think I just ****ed my pants!

This is the best gaming news this year in my opinion… SSD HD has a permanent place on my hard drive, always!

Unexpected! I’m always eager for more SSHD, but this is just an improvement on Bomber mode – which it replaced in SS portable’s Solo pack. Doesn’t seem like something to charge for on its own.


Would it be so bad if it doesnt got any trophies,, i mean most Hardcore Fans Have this game even before Trophies was part of Games. I will get it no matter what .


wow still supporting a game i bought back in 2008

YEEESSS!! Love SSHD to death. Always want more! Any chance of more updates on the way after this?

I remember reading something aaaaages about a Wipeout like Zone Mode which used music on your HDD. Would love that.


I played the game again recently, it is just brilliant still, one of the best games on the PS3, not just PSN


Too little, too expensive.

Definitely one of my favourite PS3 titles for three years, and counting! Doesn’t hurt that it’s of Finnish origin :]

Have to say that I also enjoyed some other Housemarque titles:
The Reap (great looking Zaxxon-style shooter), 1997
Transworld Snowboarding (great soundtrack feat. Apulanta), 2002



yeah does it have trophies & is there DEAD NATION dlc in the works i would like to see some kind of wave survival or something in DEAD NATION or maybe the edition of some melle weapons would be cool e.g cricket bat and [DELETED] with red on anybody????? heck just get simon peg and nick frost to do a new story version dlc who wouldn’t want to play a zombie game featuring those funny as hell guys from shawn of the dead

Unexpected but nice.
But will we ever see a fix for the swedish translation on the trophies?

I just love when developers do things like this! Good games shouldnät been forgotten as long people enjoy playing it. Criterion Games made this very good with Burnout Paradise.

I wish what more PS3 games from the first year could get updates like this. Trophies to MotorStorm ftw! :D

Aaahahaa. Jätkät näyttää missä kaappi seisoo :D

Thanks for not inflating the price, I’ll definitely look into this update!

I did NOT see this coming!

Sounds cool. Nice price, great to see Super stardust still getting some love.


Nice. I still play the game every once in a while.

Carnivius_Prime 22 March, 2011 @ 22:55

still love this game. one of the best psn titles ever and i still love the amiga original


Please keep supporting this game! SSHD is still the best game on the store (Imo of course)

a dynamic theme would also be very very welcomed ;) (hint hint)


When will we get a demo for Dead Nation?

almighty-slayer 23 March, 2011 @ 02:18

Really excellent to see you still supporting this after so long, by the way! If only more games would use DLC like this, instead of having DLC out before the actual game is.

Love this game so appreciate any excuse to get more out of it. Any chance the DLC will be discounted or even free to PS+ users?! :D


Sound amazing. Still one of the best downloadable games on any gaming system, this just adds a new level of craziness to it. Bring it!

Good News! :]

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