Operation Flashpoint: Red River – Trophies, Let’s Get Some!

In just a few short weeks you can finally get your hands on top quality Marine Corps action. With Red River coming out on the 21st April (EU & AU) we thought it’d be about time to reveal what glorious trophies that will be yours for the taking.

Whether you’re a casual FPS player, or an unstoppable M4 wielding killing machine, we all love those trophies. Let’s get some! Ooh-rah!

Operation Flashpoint: Red River - Trophies, Let's Get Some!


  • Welcome To Gissar – Complete Welcome To Tajikistan
  • Protection Detail – Complete Meet The Neighbors
  • Venomous Bite – Complete The Human Terrain
  • Doing It The Hard Way – Complete Almost Too Easy
  • Work Your Bolt – Complete The Wrong Way
  • Devils At The Crossroad – Complete Careful What You Wish For…
  • The Alamo, Vahdat – Complete Line In The Sand
  • Keeping It Simple – Complete 1st & 10, Let’s Do It Again
  • Freeing The Eagles – Complete Vantage Point
  • Shock And Ore – Complete End Of The Beginning
  • Sweeper – Complete one of the Combat Sweep FTE maps
  • Defender – Complete one of the Last Stand FTE maps
  • Rescuer – Complete one of the CSAR FTE maps
  • Protector – Complete one of the Rolling Thunder FTE maps
  • Peacekeeper – Complete and survive a Combat Sweep mission having killed all enemies and destroyed all caches
  • Get To The Chopper! – Complete a Last Stand mission to stage 4, wave 4 and escape alive
  • Package Delivered – Complete and survive a CSAR mission, rescuing both pilots
  • Thunder Run – Complete and survive a Rolling Thunder mission with the entire convoy surviving
  • Operation Enduring Shield – Complete Act 1 of the campaign
  • Hardened – Max out one core soldier skill
  • Outlaw 2’s Brave – Obtain the highest level for one character class
  • With A Little Help – Play Red River with three other friends
  • Catch This! – Destroy an enemy vehicle with the FGM-148 Anti Tank Weapon
  • Buzz Kill – Destroy an enemy vehicle with the FIM-92 Anti Aircraft Weapon
  • Driver’s Ed – Drive a humvee
  • Danger Close – Call in Combat Support and be within 300m of it when it lands
  • Pride Of Balletto – Complete a mission as the Auto Rifleman
  • Pride Of Kirby – Complete a mission as the Rifleman
  • Pride Of Soto – Complete a mission as the Scout
  • Pride Of Taylor – Complete a mission as the Grenadier
  • Weaponsmith – Customize a weapon
  • Of The People, For The People – Pick up an enemy AK
  • Old Enemies Die Hard – Kill your first PLA soldier in the Red River campaign
  • Hidden Trophies (10)


  • Operation Unbroken Resistance – Complete Act 2 of the campaign
  • Veteran – Max out three core soldier skills
  • Outlaw 2’s Finest – Obtain the highest level for two character classes


  • Operation Dragon Slayer – Complete Act 3 of the campaign
  • Lifer – Max out all core soldier skills
  • Outlaw 2’s Hero – Obtain the highest level for all character classes


  • Obtain all Trophies in OF: Red River
2 Author replies

Will the UK PS+ peeps be getting this free like our American friends?

@gazo69 how do you mean free? the whole game for free..?

@1 America are grtting it for free? O_O


OneManTagTeam 24 March, 2011 @ 12:58

A new LMA manager please Codies! Thanks :-)

Benjamin Bateman 24 March, 2011 @ 12:59

As a mini-game in Red River? That’d be crazy! ;)

War game overload!! Socom? Flashpoint? Battlefield 3? I know which one I will be signing up for!

@6. Easy, Battlefield 3. Flashpoint isn’t even near the excellence of the Battlefield-series. The last game was jampacked with bugs and glitches, i bet this game will be unpolished and broken too.


wow, some lovely looking trophies there, looks like itll be fun trying to go for them 8)

though i have the silliest question ever: why doesnt the platinum trophy have a name too?

C_L_O_U_D_M_A_N 24 March, 2011 @ 18:36

‘Buzz Kill’ won the Trophy name contest? Lame!

Does this game even have grass? The first one couldn’t even render out a field of grass it was terrible.

Benjamin Bateman 25 March, 2011 @ 09:02

The draw distance is much better in Red River. The Ego engine has to show you vast differences, but it’s been improved to handle this.

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