DC Universe Online: Heads Or Tails?

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Heads or Tails? The choice is yours in DC Universe Online‘s next update!

We’re adding another free batch of new DLC that will introduce you to former Gotham City District Attorney-turned crime boss Harvey Dent/Two-Face. Follow Dent into The Penguin’s hideout to take out his smuggling operation… but will he help or hinder your mission?


Also included in this update is the final part to the Batcave raid where you level 30 players will be face-to-face with the caped crusader and you’ll even see a guest appearance from sneaky trickster Mister Mxyzptlk. Were bringing content for players of all types here so if you’re a solo player, duo champion or veteran raider, get involved.


The Heads or Tails content update for DCUO includes:


  • Two-Face Instance: Following Harvey Dent/Two-Face on a mission into The Penguin’s hideout, players will aim to take out his latest smuggling operation. The kicker? You don’t know if he will help or hinder your efforts – the chances are 50/50 and everything depends on the flip of a coin!
  • Legends PvP: Harvey Dent/Two-Face will be added as a playable character in Legends “Play as Iconic” Player vs Player mode.
  • New Attacks: Call in your own mob of goons to keep your opponent occupied as you unleash a suppressive bullet spray, oil drum trap or grenade launcher.
  • Flip-of-the-Coin Abilities: Switch powers based on which side the coin lands: the Two-Face side deals more damage and DoT attacks and the Harvey Dent side gives more control, knockdowns and stuns.


  • Mister Mxyzptlk: Experience Metropolis transformed by the presence of Mister Mxyzptlk and his fellow 5th dimensional supervillain tricksters.
  • Multi Player Race: Players can assume the guise of a 5th Dimensional Denizen and play tricks on fellow races over the skies of Metropolis.
  • New Gold Collections: New encounters with 5th Dimensional Denizens dressed as Leprechauns guarding a Pot Of Gold that players will need to find and collect coins from while the leprechauns try to stop them in various amusing ways.


  • Batcave 3 Raid: Level 30 players are brought face-to-face with The Dark Knight himself. Unfortunately, he’s been infected with a virus and has teamed up with the all-powerful Brainiac’s Avatar of Technology.

This update will go live in DC Universe Online today, so flip a coin and let us know are you more Harvey Dent or Two-Face inside DCUO?

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Nice work, keep it up :).

Heads all day! *chuckle*


Europe actually getting it the same time as America – these updates?

James Gallagher 05 April, 2011 @ 23:06

I’m hearing that the update will go live at 02:00 BST. I’ll update if I hear any different.


Is this true?? RadarX on dcuo does not know when we are getting it!!!

Please be true if so what time please.

Still waiting on this update =\

still sitting on the fence getting splinter up my you know where.

nice update though off-topic i‘m glad sony fix things now yesterday PSN was DDOS Attack today & yesterday i couldn’t log on to the blog. :o

OMG how could chris point a gun at jill.V…….

happy 15th anniversary resident evil of a great series :)



what time today? its twenty to nine now!


misleading customers is bad service remember sega

Hmmm, just read on the dcuo forums that the EU servers are going offline/are currently offline for patch implementation ^_^


Shou_Kobayashi 06 April, 2011 @ 10:57


I want to try before buy. The lack of a Demo (for PS3) and with me unable to download and play a possible PC Demo I’m not going to invest my gaming bucks on something I can’t simply trade in or sth. else.

Does anyone actually still play this? Last time I was on it was a ghost town. It doesn’t help that the DLC can be finished in under 3 hours either…and that’s supposed to last everyone a month? I’m sorry the way DCUO has turned out. Great idea, technically good (albeit for several early problems), great gameplay…..but a terrible financial model.

Bite the bullet now. Either go FTP or lower the subscription fee and you could save DCUO. Wait much longer and even those with a 12 month subscription will stop playing as the servers will be empty.

The gaming community did warn you guys about this…


Nice news about two face coming on the scene can’t wait to take that two face down :-)

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