PlayStation Home: Take A New Look At The Sodium Hub

This week, Lockwood has updated the Sodium Hub and they sent over the following introduction to the changes:

It’s time for a brand new look at the Sodium Hub. While the Test Pilots have been hard at work getting Project Velocity compliant with Transonic Racing regulations, a separate team has been preparing the Sodium Hub for the next Reality Shift.

With the growing popularity of trans-dimensional extreme sports, and real-time multiplayer action coming to Home in Project Velocity, Scorpios has been expanded with all new seating and a dedicated Teleportal, giving pilots the opportunity to socialise before a race, or to throw down a challenge to anyone who thinks their reflexes are fast enough.

Access to the Salt Shooter training facility has also been made easier for those of you who feel you need a little seasoning before taking on the challenges of Salt Shooter or Project Velocity.

With Easter around the corner, Lockwood is also gearing up for some egg-shaped fun and they sent over the following to whet your appetite:


Villainy is afoot in PlayStation Home this week! Poor Lucy the Goose has been robbed and she needs your help and the thief is still at large. Baron von Eggenschtealer, the wily lop eared villain has made off will Lucy’s eggs, the Blaggard!

But hope remains, dear friend, if you will come to dear Lucy’s aid. The butter-pawed fiend in his rush to make off with the goods is carelessly dropping eggs everywhere he goes.


To help bring the cad to justice and rescue Lucy the Goose’s eggs get the Baron’s Eggcellent Plan Active Object and let the egg hunt begin.

For the keen eyed among you there is a rumour that some friendly swans have been answering Lucy’s call with a couple of items to help would-be egg-rescuers in their quest.

And just in case all that egg and rabbit mayhem isn’t quite enough to put you in a bright Spring mood, some brilliant sunny yellow raingear will be hitting the Lockwood Catalogue this week, just in time for any April Showers.

Tomorrow also sees the launch of the brand new multiplayer Audi Sledge. Up to 6 people can now race against each other at any one time down a new course with a new leader board. Oh, and we’ve thrown in a free brand new apartment for everyone.


Just pick up the free Audi Sled apartment from Home Square, Audi Home Terminal or Audi Alpine Lodge, invite your mates to the apartment for a race, and off you go.

Bronze, silver and the ultimate gold race suit rewards are there to be be won by the best of the best.


Let the (all new multi-player) games begin!

Elsewhere, you can now buy a chess table to lock intellects with your friends in your personal space and there’s a set of Futuristic Soldier costumes available in Alter Ego These include the R.E.B.E.L. freedom fighter, the heavy-handed D.E.M.O. trooper and the ubiquitous G.R.U.N.T. soldier.


We also have six Home front full-body suits as well as Conner, Hopper, Boone, KPA, and Rianna full body costumes.

Home will update at the regular time on Thursday.

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AaronSOLDIER 06 April, 2011 @ 18:02

1.50 news?

DANTHEMAN121 06 April, 2011 @ 18:06

kl update 1.50 think someone did say april sumtime hope thats true and/or still on track for april.

Sweet update once again SCEE team


AaronSOLDIER 06 April, 2011 @ 18:09

Ok thanks ^^

So will there be a Easter egg hunt around home ?

Im confused abit with that

DANTHEMAN121 06 April, 2011 @ 18:29

For the easter hunt this is from the forum post – get the Baron’s Eggcellent Plan Active Object and let the egg hunt begin.

so u gonna have to buy that active item to go hunting

Death_Seaker3000 06 April, 2011 @ 18:31

Lets the hunt begins… :)


ps home iz FAB!
but it could potentially do SOOO MUCH BETTER! xO

@7 I second that.

nice update, lets hope they keep the psn up, dont worry bout anonymous, we’ve got your back sony, ps+ ftw.

Death_Seaker3000 06 April, 2011 @ 23:23

Agree with @9

Anonymous Group, asked for my details earlier i didn’t give them my details n given me fake websites to go to.
Lets just hope all of u guys at Sony are sorting them out as quickly as possible. :)


back on topic *ignores all anoymous references* Bravo to Audi and Vehee for the content coming tomorrow. FREE MULTI-PLAYER. WIN WIN. Kinda makes loggin onto home have a purpose and may even drum up somethingthat has been sorely lacking of late, a sense of COMMUNITY. This is what home needs, and more of. Not over priced crap thats seems to be the norm these days. Lockwood, n-dreams are you listening? Or maybe too busy looking at your profits and developing yet more generic gaudi crap for suckers, er I mean home users to buy…..


So home 1.50 is coming i take it if we getting sodium 2 must mean that we are yet you did not say in your post so is the new sodium not the full upgrade and is a pre set up for when 1.50 comes out oh and more games please keep it up also in sodium theres this vent that won’t open can you explain what its for


Mooooooooo (i‘m the home cash-cow please buy my wonderful wares help me to get Fat with profits) :D


yeah i dont think they understand if the hunt was free it might bring more people to home but, thats just what i think, jp.


i refuse too pay 2 pounds for this event after all it will only be here during easter why is it not free like the christmas event also how they miss that spelling mistake wily lop eared villain has made of will lucy’s eggs that should be with not will lol


So Sodium 2 teleport has arrived but it not yet open from what i can tell will it open next week also i think they going to be at least 4 sodium games to play

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