inFAMOUS 2: The Quest for Power

Today I’m here to talk about everyone’s favorite topic: powers! More specifically, how does Cole manage to improve on is already impressive set of electrical abilities?

For those of you who don’t know the original inFAMOUS story, Cole’s electrical powers appear when he’s caught in the blast of a mysterious device called the Ray Sphere. Cole gains more and more abilities, becomes more and more powerful, and survives the gauntlet of Empire City… but he also is given a glimpse into his future. He realizes that even at the height of his powers, he is no match for the challenge that awaits. A battle with a great Beast looms, and Cole isn’t ready to face it.

So in inFAMOUS 2, Cole travels South to New Marais to trace a path to the man behind the Ray Sphere technology, Dr. Sebastian Wolfe. With buddy Zeke riding shotgun, they set off to find the key to the next step in Cole’s evolution and a new level of power– powers that will be necessary if Cole hopes to survive the upcoming battle.

When Cole and Zeke eventually track down Dr. Wolfe, he explains that over years of experimenting, he had isolated the specific type of energy responsible for all genetic mutations. Dr. Wolfe’s technology—like the Ray Sphere—was all created to concentrate and manipulate this energy. To most people a dose of this mutative energy is fatal—but for a small fraction, the energy unlocks their untapped potential. These rare individuals are called Conduits, and of course Cole is one of them.

Wolfe has also developed a device—called a Blast Core—which can store this type of energy safely for an extended period of time… Over the years, he’s built and charged six of these Blast Cores. So to continue his evolution, Cole will need to locate these all-important Blast Cores, and absorb their energy into his body. But Wolfe fears the Blast Cores will fall into the wrong hands, so he has moved them to safe locations around the city — and Cole will have to hunt them all down.

Of course our story will take some important twists and turns along the way, we’ll meet other Conduits, and as in the original inFAMOUS game, your choices about what kind of person you are. But no matter which path Cole follows, one thing remains the same: without the Blast Cores he won’t survive.

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Im really looking forward to this game. Loved the first one.

About the newely announced BETA in a few weeks? do you need to of earn the platinum trophy to be elegible to enter?

Any idea when the Hero edition will be avaliable for pre-order in the UK? Great video, looks VERY promising

Sweeet! Any update/news on the UK Hero Edition? =(

anyone know what the music is the latter part of the trailer? sounds amazing


This game is looking fantastic!
You’ve improved on almost everything for the original.

Keep up the good work Sucker punch!

Looking forward to trying the BETA! (If I get selected)

Gibbon_Elite 07 April, 2011 @ 21:09

Really loved the first infamous and in my top 3 games this generation But I have to give big props to Sucker Punch for all the improvements they have made to Infamous 2.

Want to get the Hero Edition in the UK anyone know where it can be pre-ordered from?

Would also love to be picked for the BETA!

I signed up to PS Plus just yesterday to try my luck at the beta. Do I still have a chance to get picked or am I too late? I’m really anxious to know as I can’t wait for this game!

Cyberendpunk 07 April, 2011 @ 21:28

This game is looking unreal, seriously it’s a major improvement over inFAMOUS from what Ive seen


Looking better everytime i see it. Love the cinematic feel it has now. Oh, i’d like to be in the beta too, please. I platinum’ed the first game XD

Looks amazing, I want! Did I hear beta soon too? :O

jose_pestana 07 April, 2011 @ 22:37

First Sly Cooper them inFamous i think sucker punch has a future in the videogame industry.
Keep up the good work.

im playing through the first one now and i love it but having already played the second one at an event i really want the cool sticks cole has in that one :(

anyway all is looking great cant wait for the beta and then the full game :)

This game looks awesome!
Can´t wait to play it.


I’m ridiculously over-excited about this game. Bring it on Sucker Punch!!!

“Half as long, twice as bright”…. what movie qoute is that from again?


Could any of you tell me when this game will be in stores? Thank you!

cakeforme288 08 April, 2011 @ 10:59

Has the plat for infamous, but I have a crapton of exams, so I may need to pass on the BETA code to somebody else.

Please give us a release for the eu PLEASE?

obiadekanobi1980 08 April, 2011 @ 11:36

ive got those shards and those annoying special moves but i got me plat for it and hope i get selected for the beta cant wait for this hope they havent gone over the top too much as the first 1 was class as it was but this is looking awsome so far…..

now give us the beta early well all be very good until then honestly

but im worried about there being trophies like LBP “play 100 community levels, get hearted a million times.. bla bla bla dont want none of these and will spoil the game IMO so heres hoping

okay so i wont watch the video since i’m allergic to spoilers,

any idea where i can get the Hero Edition? yes i wanna ask it too, other companies can get info out about games to stores months before the release but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

KAP wrote: “Half as long, twice as bright”…. what movie qoute is that from again?

That is from my favourite movie of all time, Bladerunner, When Dr Eldon Tyrell tells his short lived yet extraordinary human replicant/robot that a candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long.


I loved the first game but this is exceeding all my expectations. They are really knocking it out of the park, it’s a generational leap over the prequel.

great blog tghanks

This is my most anticipated title of the year. Really looking forward to it.
Once this is done – you guys will be doing Sly 4?? Right??


Please James could you help me with a question I have ? I saw that the criteria to select winners for the inFAMOUS 2 Beta is based on getting some specific trophies…I have only subscribed to Plus 2 days ago (Just to get a shot at the Beta), but I have the Platinum Trophy for a long time now. Do I still get the chance to be selected, or is the selection process over, as of now ? Thanks ! :)

(I think I might cry if I don’t get in xD)

That’s exactly what I did and I’m asking the same question. I sorry if I’m being a bother but I’m so darn excited that my patience just disintegrated. Please tell me because I’m SO anxious, do I still have a chance?

This and Portal 2; this will be awesome.

Seriously playstation plus! where is the beta for this you said that you would update closer to the 12th of april and i havent heard anyone who has had the code and no updates on the site!

CombustionManX 17 April, 2011 @ 04:20

Any word on where the Hero edition will be sold? I’ve been looking all over and I can’t find it anywhere

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