EyePet Is Back, And This Time He’s Bringing A Friend…

Attention all Pet lovers, EyePet™ & Friends is coming to your homes later this year!

I’m excited to announce the return of EyePet later this year and this time he’s got company. Be prepared for living rooms across the country to be turned upside-down, as not just one but two cheeky EyePets arrive on the scene. And they’re eager to be welcomed into your family!


Raise two on your own or together with a friend, let them hatch together or see first how you can handle one of the mischievous fur balls first – the choice is yours, but don’t forget that two EyePets born together may form a stronger bond with each other.

Being a pet owner comes with responsibilities and so each EyePet requires care and interaction. Use your PlayStation Move controller to nurture, train and play with your playmates to keep them happy and healthy.


Of course, creativity in play is also important. In the new EyePet, there’s a whole new world of customisable fun to be had: Need a new toy to keep your furry friend entertained or a new outfit for a special occasion? No problem! Head over to the Creativity Centre where you’ll be able to expand the world you and your EyePets live in as you use your PlayStation Move controller to create and customise your very own content.


Whatever you get up to, your efforts will be rewarded. Every moment spend nurturing, playing or completing challenges will earn you EyePet Tokens which can be spend in the in-game Pet Store to unlock exciting additional content!


And that’s not everything: After a day filled with playtime and caring for your furry friends, you can show off your pet’s adventures and achievements online or lean back and relax as you connect with other EyePet owners to swap tips and tricks on how to get the best out of your cheeky new family members.

Look out for EyePet™ & Friends, out later this year!

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Confused_Dude 08 April, 2011 @ 15:04

I shouldn’t look forward to this, but I can’t deny that my Move wrist is limp.

Bring it on!

Any word on a date?


Is this London studio working on this again?
If so, please just continue development with team Soho and their new getaway game.

Surly the first Eyepet didn’t sell THAT well?

Rebecca Maschke 08 April, 2011 @ 15:46

Antikewl, this is a brand-new game. If you want more information, follow the link below to the game record page of EyePet & Friends!


Is this a patch, DLC, a new game?

So.. is this EyePet 2 or a huge expansion to the existing game?

Confused_Dude 08 April, 2011 @ 15:14

In the first picture, why’s the little boy pulling a face like his eyepet?

If you bought a DLC from the first Eye Pet game,can you use them in this game?

Pacman_Ownage 08 April, 2011 @ 15:52

They have a messy room…not ideal for Eyepetting in :|

As for another Eyepet game… I still need to find time to play with my original Eyepet, infact… I’m wearing my Eyepet T-shirt as i type this.

It’s a omen? D=


Is it Possible To Release The Game on PSN?

Carnivius_Prime 08 April, 2011 @ 17:31

I bought the first one mainly as I was interested in the technology (and already owned the camera so the game only cost £15 at the time) but I actually got quite attached to my little Gizmo and was a bit down that he died along with my original PS3. I was so close to getting the platinum trophy too. Anyways my niece too has enjoyed this and I’ve often recommended it to PS3 owning parents who need something to keep the kids occupied or something for the whole family to enjoy (LittleBigPlanet being another good example) and always got good feedback about it. Looking forward to seeing what else this one offers.

Hope they make this a bit more usable than the original (which my son and I loved btw). But it was a bit buggy and in some ways not child friendly.

Oh yeah and how about a decent priced PSN download for this on release. I would appreciate not having to swop out my disc to play with the kids :)

EyePet (original release) was one of my guilty pleasures, some of the mini games were fairly challenging to gold. I’d like to see shorter loadtimes, good menu design for PS Move and an appealing game-only price again along with lots of new activities!

You guys should stop making games suitable for poeple still in nappies and bring the amazing looking Getaway 3 and Eight Days back to life, who really cares and wants Kinect type games on PS3?

It´s a shame that you are doing a second Eyepet. The first one needs a lot of updating to have the interaction more fluid and adding stuff to do.
As a buyer I feel kind of cheated. I won´t buy the second one.

I liked the first one quite a bit, but it was clear to me that it was going to be much better with Move support.

One of the biggest gripes I’ve had now with that however is having to Move the camera from the top of the TV to below the TV to give it a good coverage of the floor. I’m hearing this from most people that try the game, that EyePet is the only game that requires you to move the camera like that. Will this new game solve that issue?

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