Resistance 3 Multiplayer Demo Coming To PlayStation Plus; Get In The Game Winners

Get ready to load up your Bullseye, and clean out your Marksman – the Resistance 3 multiplayer demo is coming exclusively to PlayStation Plus.

If you’ve checked out the US Blog, you will see that the R3 multiplayer demo will be accessible to SOCOM: Special Forces (aka SOCOM 4) purchasers in North America.

In PAL, this demo will be opened up to PlayStation Plus subscribers at the exactly the same time – additional info (such as how and when) will be unveiled in due course.

Also, we’re delighted to announce the two winners for the Resistance 3 ‘Get in the Game’ competition – Hal Dimond and Martyna Porożyńska!

Hal Dimond UK

Martyna Porozynska Poland

Insomniac were extremely impressed with the quality of entries and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that took the time to create such amazing (and indeed epic) images.

Resistance 3 is coming exclusively to PS3 later this year. Check out for more information.

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I was aware of this.

So the R3 beta won’t be included with Socom 4 for us? Ugh!

Nice! :)
Anyway my question for Insomniac, is the demo with 3D and Move support? :)

almighty-slayer 08 April, 2011 @ 16:15

Not planning on getting SOCOM 4, so yay. Thanks


Great!! now all we need is the Uncharted 3 beta :)

Great news – loving plus at the moment.

The gameplay videos for this look superb.

Killzone 3, SOCOM 4, inFamous 2 and now… Resistance 3 betas!? PSN+ ftw.


And Uncharted 3 beta will come with Resistance 3. Mark my words.
Well atleast for usa, EU will get it trough plus


it didn’t say beta at the top although it did say beta over at SCEA blog i‘m really glad this is not limited beta draw lots lotto other devs should take note of this dev & zipper to do Full access to plus members. :)


Where’s the renew button?


Awesome news:

Beserker35: If you mean renew subscription button, just buy a new under PS+ and it will stack with your current.

JamieeJoness 08 April, 2011 @ 18:17

i love being a PSN+ subscriber and we get things like this but i know the following is of topic but where is Doom, Duke Nukem 3D total meltdown, Duke Nukem time to kill, Duke Nukem land of the babes, Dino crisis 1 and 2. Tomb Raider 2, Fade to black ( respectable for europe’s store ). I miss the good old days, nostalgia is a wonderful experience and i want more. Thats why i fell in love with playstation back in 1996. i had crash the first ond and tomb raider. Please bring back more. p.s sorry i went off topics guys. Cheers :)

gratuluje martyna! :)


Nice one SCEE. We love you looking after the EU people.

Looking forward to it :D

Is Europe getting the Socom Full Deployment bundle? I will probably import it because I hate the red version of the Sharpshooter but would prefer I didn’t have to.


Martyna FTW! :P

Well this sucks. It’s a demo, not a beta, and it’s not extra content for Plus members – it’s simply content everyone should have but that is now limited to Plus subscribers only. And this is coming from a Plus subcriber (see the plus next to my avatar?).


OMG OMG OMG woo cant wait :O


im glad its a demo so we shouldn’t have to many issues with it, what does concern me is the “how and when”.

is this going to be another “you must have the resistance 2 platinum and have played it online for 10000 hours and have a i heart insomniac tattoo on ya bum”? i hope you are just giving it out to all plus members.

Pro_espace72 09 April, 2011 @ 10:53

This is so unfair. When this comes to PSN-?


If you read the article above, it says the same time as US users, jeezus

@StevenHibs: I believe you didn’t read carefully enough what the person above you said… Minus != plus.


Will the U.S. plus members get this offer also, or do we need to buy Socom 4 in order to get the demo?


Hope it lives up to my expectations and goes back to its roots a little….R1 > R2!!!


I noticed today after i bought a new plus subscription, it didn’t add the 90 days to my remaineder 9 days,only after i redownloaded a single game ( Mini ) it said 99 days. so i redownloaded all of it.

For the record everything i downloaded from Plus ( not themes and avatars ofcourse ) had 9 days eft, even after i bought the subscription.

” LoL it prolly would have been added to the content after those 9 days were passed ” Yeah right, and wht if it didn’t, i know people who have lost content in this way and never got their shit back. why isn’t it updated the moment you extend your sub, and why not a renew button or feature w/e ?

chrisandsheva 10 April, 2011 @ 15:10

another nice exclusive 4 our measly 40 quid .. ye i reckon this is way underpriced ‘my opinion’ obviously each territory has there own methods but any chance of keeping the game trials onstore like US have done i know i could just add each 1 to my download list to keep option open etc but since i’m here singing ur praises [again] just thought i’d mention it .. keep up the good work all

I’d like to see Move and 3D support for this game.



it already has move and 3d support, or was you asking for it in the demo because i totally agree.

Elliott Linger you said this about infamous 2 but its the 13th but no info if you say your gonna tell us you should do it before or on the day

tynkomarcepanka6 13 April, 2011 @ 11:48

Hi,I’m Martyna and I’m in this photo. Thank you for your congratulations:) I just want to say to all my countrymen, that I couldn’t fly to the U.S. because I didn’t receive visa on time. Unfortunately, I’m a big winner and big loser of this contest.:)
ps.(sorry for any mistakes)

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