PlayStation Home: Version 1.50 Is Here

PlayStation Home is proud to announce a brand new client update to the platform this week. Version 1.50 is available to download now and it gives our developers a suite of exciting new technology that enables them to create more sophisticated and realistic multiplayer gaming experiences for you. The technology updates include:

  • Real-time Multiplayer: Improved networking allows fast-action online multiplayer games to be created, such as first-person shooters and online racing games.
  • Physics: Developers now have improved access to the core elements of the Havok physics engine, resulting in more sophisticated and realistic gameplay.
  • Animation & Graphics: More control over animation and graphic settings means developers can create better looking games than ever before.

For your first taste of what 1.50 offers, head to the Audi Hub for a free apartment where you can play a new multiplayer game: the Audi S1 Sledge Multiplayer Game.

Moving on to this week’s content update, which is also available now, Lockwood has sent over the following to get us started:

Sodium’s robot tanks have invaded Home Square this week. Head straight over to play the TankTop 1.0 demo and quell the robotic uprising. Defeat waves of enemies with an array of explosive weaponry. If this whets your appetite, then you can grab hold of TankTop 1.0 as part of Sodium’s brand new Blaster’s Paradise personal space – available from the Lockwood Store.

Blaster’s Paradise is an ideal retreat for keen SodiumOne pilots, this sub-tropical island hideaway provides a training area away from the hustle and bustle of the Salt Shooter. After a hard day at the Hub, point your hovertank across the water and spend your downtime in this stunningly idyllic setting. Relax on your private beach, daydream beside the gently flowing waterfall, or enjoy the expansive mountain views from the comfort of the space’s open jetties. But don’t rest on your laurels too long – you might lose those carefully honed reflexes. Keep your skills sharp with the TankTop arena.


A little competition always helps you bring out your A-game, so invite your friends over for a tank blasting party. You can review your scores on the handy TankTop leaderboard and show them how it’s done. Fight to keep your top spot and all the bragging rights. Once you’re done, you can all laze beneath the waterfall or dance and chat at a beach barbecue. It would be a shame to keep all that beauty to yourself.



Once you’ve bought that big, luxurious space, it’s time to unleash the interior designer within. An incredible new range of ornate furniture is on its way. Cucumber’s signature style – classic historical designs made modern and versatile with eye-popping colours and carefully crafted details – is evident in every piece. A wide array of items in a variety of shades leaves you with a huge amount of scope to create an apartment that is personal, comfortable and sumptuously decorated. Value packs make it even easier to create the look you desire without spending hours trawling the mall.

Meanwhile, nDreams has details of an exciting trans-Atlantic competition:

From 17th April to 1st May, nDreams will be running ‘Battle of the Atlantic’ – a competition that pits the mighty behemoth of North America against the powerful colossus of Europe. Which territory has the best PlayStation Home gamers?

We will also be looking at smaller skirmishes over the two weeks. Are Canadian gamers better than those in the USA? Which countries around the world will come out on top? All this, and more, will be revealed over the two week period.

So how will it work? Every day from 17th April to 1st May, we’ll take the average from the top 50% of Orb Runner and Aurora Defence scores from each territory. Every day, the running total will increase as we add the scores from the previous day. Because we’re taking the average, no country or territory will be penalised for having smaller numbers of players.

We’ll keep running totals on both the Aurora ticker and on a special website, – the website will be updated every 5 minutes throughout the 2 weeks.


Elsewhere, we have a selection of free SOCOM: Special Forces t-shirts and posters, plus a paid-for Bomb Technician outfit. Items are in Threads, Furniture and Alter Ego respectively.

On 1st May, we’ll announce the final results. We’ll also announce the best player over the two weeks from both North America and Europe, who will both be inducted as the first two ‘Generals of Aurora’.

There you have it. We hope you’re as excited as us to see what new gameplay possibilities Version 1.50 opens in PlayStation Home and you’ll hear about them first here on PlayStation.Blog.

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TheKillerSnowman 20 April, 2011 @ 18:06

don´t like home

Carnivius_Prime 20 April, 2011 @ 18:09

@1 So don’t click on topics about Home then, fool.

Anyways it looks good. I haven’t been on it for a while as it can be a bit of a distraction but I’ll have a look.

Hmmm.. the sledge game was out before the update wasnt it?!

AaronSOLDIER 20 April, 2011 @ 18:59

@1 you failed more than anything that has failed before

As great an update as this sounds this doesn’t do anything for other problems such as no regional areas to meet. Such as I’m an Australian yet there’s no way to meet other australians in home. No way to interact with our music or videos, let alone interact with it with other people. We need things to help the social experience. Help organise clubs better. We needed this update but I don’t see any movement in other areas which is needed too.

Great work though, don’t mean to come off too negative.

@1 What an idiot.
@3 Yes it was out before the update.

I think a pretty decent update not too much nor too little to do.



HUGE Update, liking it alot :)

It’s not really an update for us though.. not until developers come out with some new Home stuff at least. I was hoping that my Home character would get a skin update, skins look so god damn horrible.. and the eyes look too plastic.

Sadly 1.50 still doesen’t mean any improvement in the horrible service we been getting for years. it just mean the U.S and Jap look awesome and ours look even more horrible

kool-chris93 21 April, 2011 @ 02:08

I’m really impressed with the sodium 2 racer! You guys are making home better and better! :D


Will other parts of Home be getting a makeover, or is it just the games?

it’s just a shame the entire psn appears to be down right now.
strangely though the update downloaded just fine.

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