VidZone Update: We Have So Much To Welcome You Back!!

So… It’s felt like forever heh? Welcome back! And as we had some time while the PSN was down we planned a HUGE comeback! We just have tons of amazing stuff for you including 1 AMAZING exclusive, loads of brand spanking new videos, Artists of the week voted by you and all new and updated TV channels and playlists… and a very special something else … Wow, this is gonna be a long blog… Also, just a note to say that because of some technical troubles over the last few weeks you might find a few videos missing so please bear with us and we will be back to full strength very soon.


Firstly… Who wants to see Chase and Status Live at HMV Forum before anyone else? Thought So. Head on over to watch them perform their massive “End Credits” exclusively!

Secondly… Who wants to see new videos from 30 Seconds To Mars, Jennifer Lopez, Jessie J, Owl City and much much more!


Thirdly… As way of an extra apology we will be featuring an artist next week as voted for by YOU! Just head over to our Facebook page and vote for your favourite artist which will be on our homepage next week! And whilst you’re there enter our competition to win a Move controller which has been extended to 31st May!

Fourthly…We have updated almost all of our TV channels and playlists so they are all as fresh as the day they were born as well as adding a load more so you can get busy watching great videos once again.

Fifthly… Just a heads up to something very special we have planned soon… Keep locked to the blog, Twitter and Facebook for details… clue? Take… Me… To… The… Milton Keynes Bowl.

And that’s just the start!! Read on for everything else!


The VidZone Chart


As always, watch the most popular videos in your country here! Updated every week, this channel is based on what you’ve been downloading and includes videos from Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga and David Guetta


Artists Of The Week – Beastie Boys (All)


We have been waiting to shout about this one for ages now! Featuring new video ‘Make Some Noise’ and trailer for the new ‘Fight For Your Right’ Revisited video featuring Elijah Wood, Danny McBride and Seth Rogen.

Greatest Hits – The Lonely Island (UK, Ireland)


All the ridiculous and hilarious videos including ‘We’re Back’ ‘I’m On A Boat’ and ‘Lazy Sunday’

Greatest Hits – Katerine (France)


Enter the weird and kooky world of Katerine with all his videos including ‘Vieille Chaine’ ‘Liberté’ ‘Des Bisoux’ and ‘La Musique’

Greatest Hits – Gentleman (Germany, Austria)


Watch all the videos from Germany by way of Jamaican Reggae star here including ‘To The Top’ ‘I Got To Go (Live)’ and ‘It No Pretty’

Alice Gold Celebrity Playlist (UK. Ireland)


Self penned “Guitar wielding girl” shares her favourite videos with us. Featuring videos from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, PJ Harvey and David Bowie

One To Watch – Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi (All ex. NL NO)


After 5 years of hard work, Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi release their highly anticipated album featuring Jack White and Norah Jones, catch previews of the album here

One To Watch – Julian Perretta (Netherlands)


Already huge in France, Julian Perretta releases his videos ‘Wonder Why’ and ‘Stitch Me Up’

One To Watch – Jamie Woon (Norway)


This super talented UK artist is making waves in Norway, featuring videos ‘Lady Luck’ and ‘Night Air’

Down The Front presents The Maccabees (UK IE)


Continuing our Down the Front series after a forced break ๐Ÿ˜‰ Featuring up-close & personal performances of tracks such as ‘Love You Better’ and ‘Can You Give It’


Artist of The Week – Swedish House Mafia
The nicer side of organised crime featuring new video ‘Save The World’

Far East Movement Celebrity Playlist
F.E.M pick their fave videos including Kanye West, Radiohead and Tinie Tempah… Unfortunately none of them are like a G6.

Official Playstation Magazine
As always… Expertly hand crafted by the guys at Official PlayStation Magazine

Greatest Hits – Take That (UK, Ireland)
Take That start their UK tour 27th May and to get you in the mood we have a Take That playlist for you to practise singing along to!

Depeche Mode – Revisited (UK IE)
Featuring newly made video for ‘Personal Jesus (The Stargate Mix)’ as well as ALL the classics

Artist Spotlight – ??

This spot is up to YOU – to vote head over to our facebook page now!!

Remember to check out our ever changing Video Of The Day which you will see as soon as you open VidZone and as ever, if you want to contact us about anything then use the following channels below:

I’m off to use VidZone again… Even we haven’t been able to use our own service!!

Did you enjoy this?


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Another “Poland, please” post ๐Ÿ˜‰

BTW: Awesome update.

F4C33oFF 20 May, 2011 @ 12:12 pm   2

In Poland there is no VidZone. Will there ever will be available for Poland?

devilwithoutfear 20 May, 2011 @ 12:13 pm   3

Good to see you back in action Ben!
As you might recall I asked several months ago about Lena – Touch A another day, I’d like to ask if ”Taken by a stranger” will be comming to Vidzone?

    Ben Creasey 20 May, 2011 @ 12:24 pm    

    Hi DWF

    You really do love Lena don’t you ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t blame you to be honest… We are having trouble chasing down the label that she is on in Netherlands… It’s really frustrating as we have all her videos for other territories from Universal but they seem not to have Dutch rights.

    We will keep investigating though.

monty_sharma708 20 May, 2011 @ 12:15 pm   4

is it all free?

    Ben Creasey 20 May, 2011 @ 12:31 pm    

    Hi Monty_Sharma708

    Completely free!!! if you don’t have it already… and once the store is back up… download the application from the store and then immerse yourself in 10s of thousands of music videos!

    Happy VidZoning!


STUPID_DAD 20 May, 2011 @ 12:16 pm   5

Is vidzone a free service,never used it before but will check it out

    Ben Creasey 20 May, 2011 @ 12:26 pm    


    Completely free… if there is one thign you shoudl do this weekend it is check out VidZone… I would say that… but you really should!

Neonfast 20 May, 2011 @ 12:16 pm   6

Any chance you have ANY info if the rumours that ps store are back up on the 24?

deltaman-3 20 May, 2011 @ 12:17 pm   7

Going to have to get me some beastie boys tracks.

CloudStrief 20 May, 2011 @ 12:21 pm   8

When the Store will be back ?
I wanna buy expantion for MGO -.-
This is taking forever like the PSN

andyjalinn 20 May, 2011 @ 12:22 pm   9

Hi Ben,

Great update to VidZone and thanks for taking the time on that long post.

Sorry, but I’ve got to ask…do you know if the PSN Store is looking good for today so we can download and play our games over the weekend?

Thanks again for the post

deltaman-3 20 May, 2011 @ 12:25 pm   10

if u read the title ben creasey is head of production for VIDZONE not the ps store.

Ben Creasey 20 May, 2011 @ 12:29 pm   11

Hey All

For all of you asking about the store… I would tell you anything I knew.. but unfortunately as deltaman-3 rightly pointed out, I work for VidZone and not SCEE so haven’t been told anything as yet. If I do get any word I will let you all know. Hope its soon though!


sully1311 20 May, 2011 @ 12:30 pm   12

People asking about the Store: VidZone is not part of SCE so they will have minimal information about the Store Re-opening. Rumours are that it is the 24th!

@monty_sharma708 and STUPID_DAD YES ITS COMPLETELY FREE! But sorry monty its only available in Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, New Zealand, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia and Ireland. You’ll have to wait until the Store is back open to download the application though!

Hope this helps!

    Ben Creasey 20 May, 2011 @ 12:33 pm    

    Hi Sully

    You completely right, Sorry Monty, you can’t access VidZone unless you are in the above territories. really sorry to get your hopes up.

MK24ever 20 May, 2011 @ 12:30 pm   13

My PS3 broke 2 months ago… and I miss Vidzone so much ๐Ÿ™ and gaming…and blurays… etc ๐Ÿ™

sully1311 20 May, 2011 @ 12:32 pm   14

Ben, any more news when Sony videos will start back up?

    Ben Creasey 20 May, 2011 @ 12:34 pm    

    Hey Sully

    We are working on getting everything back up and running… We will let you know when we have exact dates and times.

Shadow_Dancer 20 May, 2011 @ 12:32 pm   15

Any chance you could add some Public Enemy videos?

    Ben Creasey 20 May, 2011 @ 12:37 pm    

    Hey Shadow Dancer

    We will definitely look into it, I seem to remember them being pretty hard to get hold of when we looked before… will try though!

AzzKiKr1979 20 May, 2011 @ 12:37 pm   16

“Takeโ€ฆ Meโ€ฆ Toโ€ฆ Theโ€ฆ Milton Keynes Bowl.”

Classic concert from gun n roses then at the milton keynes bowl it is. ๐Ÿ™‚

AzzKiKr1979 20 May, 2011 @ 12:37 pm   17

Well maybe lol

    Ben Creasey 20 May, 2011 @ 12:41 pm    

    Hey AzzKiKr 1979

    OOOOOOHHHHHH…. Good Guess!!!…. Wrong… but a good guess… Keep trying ๐Ÿ˜‰

devilwithoutfear 20 May, 2011 @ 12:39 pm   18

I just have a hugh crush on her ๐Ÿ™‚

ritty1301 20 May, 2011 @ 12:43 pm   19

i did a big mistake by reseting the ps3 on the day it got shut down
as i thought it was the problem of just my ps3.
once it is on can i use the same code of fifa 11 on the back of the case to sign in again or do i need to buy a new code to sign in

    Ben Creasey 20 May, 2011 @ 12:49 pm    

    Hi Ritty1301

    You will be able to download VidZone for free once the store is back up and running. If you had any playlists saved though, these will be lost. but apart from that, everything should work perfectly and free as before.

    Hope that helps



thought she was much better just being quirky – trying to turn her into something like Cheryl Cole was a bit wrong

speaking of Eurovision people any chance of bring ZBOB SI ZBUB vids? – they were robbed

what about other eastern european bands like Vuneny to UK vid zone?

or Aussie bands like TISM?

JolipinatorJG 20 May, 2011 @ 12:48 pm   21

Great. Lots of bands I don’t know of. Just bring the store back online, and update it real quick.

PHILYPOT08 20 May, 2011 @ 12:50 pm   22

i love vidzone one of the best things on ps3 love banging out da tunez when i have a free house & mates round ๐Ÿ™‚ but its understandable that people are asking about the PS STORE cumming bk up i have herd a lot of rumours tht its going to be up on MAY 24th hope it is got loads of redeem codes & online passes to do cant wait ๐Ÿ™‚ & if u haven’t downloaded vidzone i say download it once store bk up u will enjoy it ๐Ÿ˜€

dredd01 20 May, 2011 @ 12:50 pm   23

In June it will be probably two years since its release. And I still have not seen this app on my eyes. Great job!

any idea on when we’re gonna be able to access ps store?

aViciousStapler 20 May, 2011 @ 1:09 pm   25

Good job Sony, nice to see you are putting up the services no one cares about when the Playstation Store is STILL down.

Get your priorities straight.

    Ben Creasey 20 May, 2011 @ 1:30 pm    

    Hi aViciousStapler

    SCEE are making sure all the services that require your credit card details are totally safe before re-opening all other services that don’t require these are back up and running. I’m sure you would rather your details are safe and waiting an extra few days to make sure of this rather than risking it. I know it is frustrating but bear with SCEE and everythign will be back to normal soon.

    I’m sorry we are a service you don’t care about, I reckon you would like the service if you tried it…

kool-chris93 20 May, 2011 @ 1:14 pm   26

LOVE VidZone, keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

MaxiM_82 20 May, 2011 @ 1:20 pm   27

VidZone in POLAND anytime soon, please?

leon200079 20 May, 2011 @ 1:27 pm   28

Welcome back Vidzone


stelek 20 May, 2011 @ 1:34 pm   29

When Poland?

jhnny12 20 May, 2011 @ 1:34 pm   30

I got a party 2nite so im glad Vidzone is back ๐Ÿ™‚

obiadekanobi1980 20 May, 2011 @ 1:34 pm   31

hi ben i have sent an email with some requests so i hope you read and consider them as the vidzone is missing uk hardcore theres loads of vids of westfest, hardcore till i die aka HTID also creamfields loads of gig vids you guys could get thanks also try to get some uk dubstep as its awsome.

love the service and awsome its back up missed it loads the last 4 weeks hope dre’s tracks are still up as i need a doctor is ace try and get some more of his new stuff.

    Ben Creasey 20 May, 2011 @ 2:10 pm    

    Hi obiadekanobi1980

    We will look into all of this. You should keep a lookout on the UK DubStep front as we might have something coming up that you will really like.

    Keep requesting, we can’t always get things people want but we do always try.

frazertweezer 20 May, 2011 @ 1:41 pm   32

The Prodigy? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Samarotu 20 May, 2011 @ 1:45 pm   33

So we can expect more Videos from Daft Punk???

As they are in your Spotlight Picture… ๐Ÿ˜€

If Yes i only can say….


MaxiM_82 20 May, 2011 @ 1:48 pm   34

I wonder if anyone will respond to our plea. Otherwise we’ll have all the reason to think that we’re treated like 2nd rate customers by Sony.

GarryKE 20 May, 2011 @ 1:54 pm   35

How come I’ve never heard of this service!? It seems quite good. I think after reading through your comments, Ben Creasy (seems rude to say first name without last :/), I’ll give it a try.

From where do I get VidZone from? Playstation Store or is there an external link I can use to shove it on a USB pen-drive an install from there?

    Ben Creasey 20 May, 2011 @ 2:01 pm    

    Hi GarryKE

    Quite good!! now that’s rude!! Its amazing! I’m joking… but I am sure you will really like it.

    Once the store is back up, if you go on over and download the VidZone Application for free, then start watching from thousands and thousands of music videos!! also completely for free!

    Sorry we can’t get it to you sooner…

coomoo 20 May, 2011 @ 1:59 pm   36

Thank you for ignoring every “When Poland?” post. Come on… it is almost 2 years already since the VidZone’s start and since then every reply to our questions is like “Sorry, we can’t say anything about VidZone in your country”. Please, stop ignoring our queries and just say “Yes, you will get VidZone, Poland” or “No, sorry, but your country will never get VidZone”. Giving evasive answers is just the worst.

    Ben Creasey 20 May, 2011 @ 2:08 pm    

    Hi Coomoo

    The reason I very rarely give an answer to you “When Polanders” is that I have no answer for you and I do hate giving you vague answers because we would love to bring VidZone to Poland. We love that you are all so passionate about it on the blog, more passionate then any other country. The truth is, we have not ruled out Poland as a territory for Vidzone and if we were to add more countries Poland would be near the top of the list, but we need to be sure that we can make money from VidZone in Poland and this takes a long time especially with all the other exciting things we have planned. I know it has been almost 2 years since you started asking for VidZone and I would plead you to keep asking but I still can’t give you a definitive answer.

    I can’t wait for the day that I can say “Now Poland” but until then keep up the “When Poland”


GarryKE 20 May, 2011 @ 2:08 pm   37

haha. That’s quite alright. Giving the lady friend some attention lately rather than the PS3 for once anyway. ๐Ÿ˜€

Thanks for getting back. I’ll get it when I can! ๐Ÿ™‚

Catkiller1 20 May, 2011 @ 2:14 pm   38

Posted on 20 May, 2011 at 12:26 pm by Ben Creasey

Completely freeโ€ฆ if there is one thign you shoudl do this weekend it is check out VidZoneโ€ฆ I would say thatโ€ฆ but you really should!

HMMMMMM!! Did you just let slip then??? How can we check it out this weekend if we can’t get the App from the Store??? Does that mean the Store is up over the weekend? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ben Creasey 20 May, 2011 @ 2:27 pm    

    Hi Catkiller1

    No slip, just me forgetting the store was down… Hopefully it will be up but I know as much as you!

    Have a good weekend either way!

Soma_Kitsune 20 May, 2011 @ 2:14 pm   39

Hmm. None of this concerns me. Any news on the Store? Anything?

nextbigthing91 20 May, 2011 @ 2:17 pm   40

Fantastic update! New Owl City and Chase and Status live will be my first picks, then I will just let it play through some stuff in the background so I can do this coursework.
Oh yeah and while I am here, is there a way to suggest artists you want to see added to VidZone? Or even to suggest videos from artists that are there but have videos missing?

    Ben Creasey 20 May, 2011 @ 2:29 pm    

    Hey nextbigthing91

    Glad you like it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Of course there is a way to suggest videos, makes our lives easier getting our users to suggest new stuff! Email and we will try our best to get whatever you request.

Carl-G 20 May, 2011 @ 2:22 pm   41

Stop moaning some of you lot. Other people have ‘VidZone’ on their PS3’s now[i.e me and loads of other people who did it before PSN went down] I want ‘VidZone’ news on this if that is ok with you ๐Ÿ˜€

spikkle 20 May, 2011 @ 2:23 pm   42

Cool, VidZone ๐Ÿ˜›

Now all we need is the Store now ๐Ÿ™‚

almighty-slayer 20 May, 2011 @ 2:26 pm   43

Good to see you, Ben ๐Ÿ˜‰

Will check out the update when it is live, sounds like a great one!

Catkiller1 20 May, 2011 @ 2:34 pm   44

Posted on 20 May, 2011 at 2:22 pm by Carl-G

Stop moaning some of you lot. Other people have โ€˜VidZoneโ€™ on their PS3โ€ฒs now[i.e me and loads of other people who did it before PSN went down] I want โ€˜VidZoneโ€™ news on this if that is ok with you

If you read all of the above posts again, not one person has moaned!

Members have asked when the Store is back up, which isn’t moaning. Members are just interested in a date by asking a simple question!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

BumFromHellPR 20 May, 2011 @ 2:52 pm   45

What is Vidzone, like youtube?

    Ben Creasey 20 May, 2011 @ 2:58 pm    

    VidZone is a free music video service allowing you to discover, search queue and save playlists of 10’s of thousands of music videos.

    Unfortunately it is not live in the US as yet but hopefully it will be soon so you can experience the full wonder of VidZone.

    Thanks for your interest ๐Ÿ™‚

taurus82 20 May, 2011 @ 2:53 pm   46

Please can we have some JUNO REACTOR, and more HYBRID (including the longer Break My Soul video).

sazzrah 20 May, 2011 @ 2:58 pm   47

Hi Ben, thanks for the massive update!

I saw in a few of your replies that you lovely people at VidZone are open to requests for new artists, and I wondered if there was any chance you might get a bit of Muse on VidZone?

I know Muse are with Warner Music… not sure if that’s a good thing or not! But hey, no harm in asking, right?

Have a good weekend. ๐Ÿ˜‰

BumFromHellPR 20 May, 2011 @ 3:02 pm   48

I haven’t heard from that program before, I might get it when the store is back

R3IIIIISPEED 20 May, 2011 @ 3:03 pm   49

Hi Ben.

I was wondering if there is some way that sony could take customer suggestion about improving psn/playstation services.

For example, upgrading sub-account to master-account or getting access to “adult games” when the account’s holder turns 18. Then there would be no need to create new account to access to the pegi 18 when you’re grown up.

Just mentioning this cos’ I’ll turn 18 next month ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ben Creasey 20 May, 2011 @ 3:08 pm    


    You are talking to the wrong people i’m afraid. We can only change things on the VidZone service. You will have to ask someone at SCEE for those things. Sorry ๐Ÿ™‚

jafomont 20 May, 2011 @ 3:11 pm   50

I don’t know if it was ever mentioned, but the blog’s banner at the bottom of vidzone’s screen for the spanish version is a TERRIBLE straight translation from the english one. It makes no sense at all. Please get a better translator or leave it in english…


    Ben Creasey 20 May, 2011 @ 3:16 pm    

    Hey jafomont

    we will look straight into this. Sorry, we try our best to translate everything correctly but with 18 territories and 6 different languages sometimes things slip through.

    Thanks for the heads up

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