Resistance 3 Release Date, Pre-Order Bonuses & Special Editions Revealed

So, hot on the heels of our packshot unveil last week (included below for those of you that may have missed it) – we wanted to give you a peek at the Resistance 3 pre-order bonuses available across PAL – as well as a first look at our Special Edition and Survivor Edition game bundles!

R3 PS3 3D PackShot

However, before we go into the details, I wanted to give you a release date!

I’m very pleased to confirm that Resistance 3 will be launching across PAL on the following dates:

  • UK & Ireland: 9th September
  • Rest of PAL: 7th September

(now you know when you need to book off work!) ;)

So with that, we move onto the pre-order bonus items. Please note for all of the below content, availability will vary depending on your locale and retailer.


SRPA Black Ops skin

Once a common sight in the war against the Chimera, this special SRPA Black Ops multiplayer skin lets you return to the battlefield as one of the most mysterious and deadly soldiers from Resistance 2 and Resistance: Fall of Man.

R3 PreOrder A2 Poster_006-1

Infected Nathan Hale skin

By skipping his viral inhibitor treatment throughout Resistance 2, Nathan Hale fell victim to the deadly Chimera virus. Now you can resurrect the fallen hero with this special multiplayer character skin.

R3 PreOrder A2 Poster_006-2

Air Fuel grenade

Equip Joseph Capelli with an explosive advantage as he embarks on his journey across America. This exclusive grenade releases a cloud of highly flammable vapour, creating a huge blast when ignited – perfect for taking out hordes of Chimera in tight urban spaces.

R3 PreOrder A2 Poster_006-3

Special multiplayer title: “Sentinel”

Pledge your allegiance to the elite unit of the SRPA – the Sentinels – with this multiplayer title, exclusive to pre-order customers.

Multiplayer booster

Get an early advantage on the multiplayer battlefield by starting the fight at level 5 – and gain access to a range of character and weapon customisation options.

Chimera tooth necklace

Show your support for the resistance by wearing Joseph Capelli’s Chimera tooth necklace.

R3 PreOrder A2 Poster_006-4


Next up we have the Resistance 3 Special Edition. This version of the game comes in a stunning steelbook case – packed with a voucher code for all of the pre-order items listed above.

R3 steelbook contents

Not only will this look awesome on your shelf, (the array of logos are on a perspex o-ring which you can remove) but this version will also come complete with a very cool ‘vinyl effect’ blu-ray disc (complete with the ribbed vinyl effect on the surface).


Now last, but by no means least, we have the Resistance 3 Survivor Edition! This uber-bundle comes complete with the following content (as well as the Special Edition pack listed above):

Canvas satchel

Capelli’s rugged and reliable satchel, ideal for long journeys across the ravaged American landscape.

Chimera firing range target

Know your enemy; perfect your aim or take out your frustrations on this life-size Chimera target poster.

“Fight for Freedom” toy soldiers

Play out the battle on a small scale with these toy soldiers depicting Joseph Capelli and Chimera fighters.

Joseph Capelli’s Journal

Read Capelli’s notes on the journey ahead of him, the enemies he’ll face and the weapons he’ll use – and start writing your own story as you fight the Chimera.

SRPA hip flask

Keep the cold at bay or give yourself the courage to fight on with this standard issue SRPA soldier’s hip flask.

SRPA playing cards

Pass the time between battles with this deck of SRPA soldier’s playing cards.

Here’s a visual for you to check out.


We’ll update with new images of the Survivor Edition (and its content) in due course – my personal favorite are the scarily cute Chimera toy soldiers – in the mean time though, hit me up in the comments below if you have any questions.

Resistance 3 will be coming exclusively to PS3 on 7th/9th September.

EL :)

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9 Author replies

First, hehe :D

Elliott Linger 26 May, 2011 @ 17:32

Good work :)

Multiplayer skins are fine, but where’s the benefit of cutting out in-game items like Air-Fuel grenades as a preorder bonus?


Oh I want those pre-order bonuses!

CRASHBASHUK 26 May, 2011 @ 17:08


James, the WordPress login menu is showing at the top of the blog.

James Gallagher 26 May, 2011 @ 17:22

Yes, I saw that. It was a WordPress update that enabled that and we’ve just switched it off. Thanks for the heads-up!

almighty-slayer 26 May, 2011 @ 17:13

Air fuel grenades are preorder bonus? Ugh. I’m fine with all the others, but that one is a bit mad.

BalramRules 26 May, 2011 @ 17:14

sony’s on a pre-orderin hype maan!!
uncharted, R&C, and now diz??? ;DD
wotz next?!?! xDD

INFAMOUS 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >;DD


The Survivor Edition is really cool.

I want that!!!


wordpress is showing top of page…

James Gallagher 26 May, 2011 @ 17:22



Ok this is just same as Killzone 3 because it has 3D support as well as Move support. Although i love the Survivor edition it’s really cool. Hope this game hit’s the stores ;)

Wow! Steelbook case is awesome! So going to get the Survivor Edition. Great contents.


nice howe other games have faster release date .

but i gone skip part 3 .

my games = skyrim
infamous 2 got stil some reduction card 2 schop
assesin creed : revalations
dungeon siege 3
saint row 3

monster hunter 3rd hd
only very disepointed no tropies if i gone play only on ps3 .

so 2 many games

top 3 next jear
mass effect 3
hitman absolution

Show full comment

nice howe other games have faster release date .

but i gone skip part 3 .

my games = skyrim
infamous 2 got stil some reduction card 2 schop
assesin creed : revalations
dungeon siege 3
saint row 3

monster hunter 3rd hd
only very disepointed no tropies if i gone play only on ps3 .

so 2 many games

top 3 next jear
mass effect 3
hitman absolution

RESISTANCE 3 SPECIAL EDITION from me :D ‘vinyl effect’ blu-ray disc man this is definaly Special Edition :D

Elliott Linger 26 May, 2011 @ 17:33

Hey ABTR, the vinyl disc is awesome – you kind of need to see it in real life though to get the full effect :(

May i congratulate Insomniac on getting their release dates, and thank them for this awesome news! (You too Elliott!)

And may we all thank Halosian for letting us know he replied first.

Anyways, this look a great edition! I’ll more than likely be picking either the Special or Surrivor Editions up!

Elliott Linger 26 May, 2011 @ 17:32

Thanks for your comments CEK111
I’ll pass them back to Insomniac


i want them toys


nice editions chaps with one major problem.

why haven’t you included a poster of the exceptional cover art?

Elliott Linger 26 May, 2011 @ 17:35

There will be other ways for you to get the cover art ;)
Also – I know a lot of you wanted to be able to have the cover without all of the logos (PEGI, SCE, PSN lozenge etc) on it – so the reverse of the inlay will be a clean version that you can swap around :)

The special edition!!!! That’s the red colour you should have for the normal boxart(Looks som much better). The special Edtion will be mine :)


This special edition has gone from “Which game do I get the biggest edition of?” into “Which bag do I prefer?”
inFamous 2 comes with Cole’s bag, and R3 comes with Capelli’s satchel. When you put Catherine’s free boxers and pillow case into the mix, I’ll never have to go shopping anywhere but game stores ever again.



can’t wait, will ne looking for that special edition ;)


o forget 1 = uncharted 3


Hey Publishers,

have you ever thought about stopping this Pre-Order nonsense in order to give every single one of your customers the exact same content? What’s the reason that someone who buys the game on day 1 will not get the same content as some other person who buys it on the same day but pre-ordered it a while ago? You create these bonuses to please GameStop & partners but talk about how evil used game sales are when it’s exactly those places who make the majority of their money by selling used games. Who is the suffering one in both cases? The consumer. The consumer is always the one who gets screwed, always.

Questions :

Those pre-order items, can they be unlocked in game?

And are the tooth necklase, is that real of for your Multiplayer character?
I’d be brilliant if it was real!

Elliott Linger 26 May, 2011 @ 17:36

Hey CEK11
Tooth necklace is real
Content won’t be in game :)


Dang. I wish I was living in the UK. :P

CRASHBASHUK 26 May, 2011 @ 17:32

omg for once EU got better preorder stuff then USA

almighty-slayer 26 May, 2011 @ 17:32

James Stevenson just said on neogaf that air fuel grenades are only there as a preorder bonus :(


NA getting the Survivor Edition?

GarethUbuntu 26 May, 2011 @ 17:38

WOW! Very cool Mr. Linger.

The Survivor Edition is much better than infamous 2’s hero edition, and definitely try to save up for it.

Speaking of which, what are the prices for the Special and Survivor Editions?


james , come on man!!!! any hope of getting the ps store b4 another bank holiday …. just tell us please my pspgo is useless atm . so weekend yes or no please
thanks james


Will have to get Special Edition just to remove the logos to be honest :P

The design will look prettier then! Not to mention the vinyl disc.

this looks freaking awesome. but I’m kinda worried that the survivor edition could cost WAY too much for me (but I realy realy want some of those extra stuff)…..DAM YOU FOR MAKING SUCH AWESOME STUFF >.<

P.S. this is totaly not on topic but it is relevant to anyone within sony

chrisrules10 26 May, 2011 @ 17:39

looks great but the survivor edition will probably cost loads, does anyone know how much it costs? i want it!


Neither the artwork nor the Special Editions have done anything to increase my enthusiasm for the game.

Loved the first game, spent countless hours online with it. Hated the second game, have never played it through again and the online is pretty much untouched.

Plus, for me, Insomniac have been on a downward spiral since just after the first PS3 Ratchet & Clank game. I’ll be keeping an eye on reviews, but I’m not interested in pre-ordering this; may not even buy it at all.

Bring on Uncharted 3.

ZzStalkerzZ 26 May, 2011 @ 17:42

This looks…..BEAST im getting survivor edition defo


32 @ jack en daxter ?

CRASHBASHUK 26 May, 2011 @ 17:47

hay here a question is the bag bigger enourth to fit in a ps3 slim?


The necklace not in the survivor pack??

HMM survivor edition myself but air fuels as a pre order bonus. that’s naff on a Goliath scale!

Box art still not doing it for me but it’ll be in the satchel so I won’t see it much!! LOL

thepunisher4 26 May, 2011 @ 17:49

*Falls on my back with my eyes wide as saucers in a cartoony manner*
I gotta get that Survivor Edition!

ryan_gee-92 26 May, 2011 @ 17:50

Looks awesome. So do you get the Chimera tooth necklace with the special edition, or just the DLC?

I wonder if that ‘vinyl effect blu-ray disc’ will work on my old record player? :D


@34 – I would LOVE a new Jak & Daxter game from ND!


The Black Ops guys are so freakin bad@ss and underrated. I’d love to see a new Black Ops character as the lead in Resistance 4.

colmshan1990 26 May, 2011 @ 17:58

Any word on the RRP?
I want to give my money for the Survivor Pack, but how much will I need to come up with?


when will Sony allow people with sub accounts to upgrade to master accounts when they are 18 or above??

its a major problem o-Master/td-p/9659947/page/20

They look really really cool actually


And what shops are each of these available in?


You guys fixed the WordPress problem really fast ;)


Special Edition for me I cant afford the other one ¬_¬ Shame about the Air Fueled Grenades being pre order only… Thanks for the update Elliott!

Will the preorder bonuses be available at amazon UK ? Because, for some reason, they NEVER get those for all the SCEE games (and for a lot of other publishers as well).


Great you didn’t do another cover on the SE. Box art is the best so far for 2011 ^_^


I wish the Chimeran tooth necklace was a replica instead of digital item. Otherwise it’s a fantastic set, which I’ll definitely be picking up. The shooting range poster and journal both look brilliant.

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