PlayStation Home: Baseline Battle, White Knight Chronicles And More

We’re pleased to announce that the PlayStation Store is now back up and running, so without further ado, let’s get onto the PlayStation Home update!

First of all, if you’ve been enjoying the trial of the Sodium TankTop shooter in Home Square, head on over to the Estates or the Lockwood store to pick up the Blaster’s Paradise apartment which includes the full game nestled amidst a tropical retreat.

New this week, SEGA Europe Ltd has provided a Virtua Tennis 4 minigame, available exclusively in PlayStation Home from 2nd June 2011. Baseline Battle is a free-to-play minigame in Home Square where you take to the court to beat the robots and increase your score to win unique reward items with some frenetic arcade action. Can you score high enough to earn the ultimate reward in July – a Baseline Battle Personal Space?


Today also sees the launch of the White Knight Chronicles event space, the ultimate hub for the WKC fan.

You can learn all about the two upcoming new games, White Knight Chronicles II (PS3) and White Knight Chronicles: Origins (PSP), and even take a look back at the game that started it all – the original White Knight Chronicles. There’s artwork and info on all three WKC games, and you can watch the launch trailers for the two new WKC titles.


But even better than that, complete the White Knight Chronicles quiz in the event space and you can win your very own Dragon Knight costume to wear in PlayStation Home.

To coincide with the PSN launch of Space Ace this week, Digital Leisure has created some fun and unique items for PlayStation Home. You can transform yourself to Ace, Kimberly and even Borf with full outfits ready for your wardrobe. They’ve also created a bunch of fun furniture items including Ace’s Spaceship, a full sized Infanto Ray and even the original Dedicated Space Ace arcade machine. Any of these would be a fun addition to your apartment, so check out the Shopping Centre today.

Heavy Water brings a new collection of tattoos to PlayStation Home under the Heavy Inked brand. Visit Threads in the Shopping Centre where you can purchase these items and show off your Heavy Ink style. There are seven different tribal designs to choose from for both male and female characters. All of the tattoos cover the back, chest arms and legs for maximum inkage! Three of the tattoos have striking designs with glowing accents: Demon’s Rage, Hell Hound and Hydra’s Hex. Check out the designs on

New tattoos will be made available in the near future – stay in the loop by going to to see what’s in development or follow them on Twitter @heavyh2o. Comments, ideas, or requests? Drop an email to

Konami have a double update this week, with items from Saw II: Flesh & Blood and DanceDanceRevolution.


Dress up as Billy the Puppet and scare your buddies. To tie in with the release of Saw II: Flesh & Blood, you can now transform yourself into everyone’s favourite horror puppet. Either go solo with the available single items – the Billy the Puppet Mask, Gloves, Tux Jacket, Tux Pants and the Red Shoes – or go all in with the Billy the Puppet Costume set to bring a little fun to the party! Available in Alter Ego.

To celebrate the release of DanceDanceRevolution on PlayStation 3, Konami has created some fun and unique items for PlayStation Home. The DanceDanceRevolution Animated T-Shirt, Animated Long Sleeve Shirt, Animated Bell Bottom Pants and the Animated Hat are all available as single items or as a package bundle. Head over to Threads, Upgrade your style and dance on!

Finally this week, show William and Kate how it’s really done with the Royal King and Queen Bundles. Head over to Alter Ego to check out these costumes that are epitome of regal.

Head into PlayStation Home as all of this is available now.

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I’m hoping you can help, I’ve asked this on every other WKC2 post without an answer

I live in Israel, but from the US, so when the first WKC came out I got the PAL version since that’s what imports here. But I used a US PSN account to play the game.

I’m not asking about game save transfer, I want to know whether or not the Online Pass for WKC will be usable on the US Playstation Store

If it’s not, would I be able to use the save file from WKC on a different PSN profile(for UK PSN) to transfer the save so I don’t lose the character data that I’ve been working on for over a year(I know trophies would not carry over to the EU account but at least I’d keep character data).

I only get PAL games here so these are my only 2 options

SGTSTEELFACE 03 June, 2011 @ 13:32

looking good i might actually use Home out of curosity but where is welcome back package we would like it now as store is pretty much secure and operational

Pacman_Ownage 03 June, 2011 @ 13:44

Old news is old ¬_¬


ShInMeSsAtSu101 03 June, 2011 @ 20:20

im getting an error on home ” network error D35 ” the connection to the server was lost please help

Show some patience. The Welcome Back program just launched – servers are overloaded.


cant see any comments on blog screen, anyone know whats going on? please message me if you have any clue.

Will Europe PS Home users also get the E3 space and live stream of the Sony E3 Press Conference like the US users?

“But even better than that, complete the White Knight Chronicles quiz in the event space and you can win your very own Dragon Knight costume to wear in PlayStation Home.”

Great, but why isn’t there a female version? I done the quiz only to find out my outfit only comes in Male. I know there’s only one female character there, so couldn’t we have had that, or at least made the prize unisex?


no female armore :(


almost full day i can note enter home
= stupid stupid stupid .

darkz19840505 05 June, 2011 @ 20:15

no, its just u.s home i believe. also question to the mods. playstation home america got 100 free items etc.. is the eu home still getting this too ?

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