ICO & Shadow Of The Colossus Classics HD Coming 28 September

Hi guys, I’m delighted to be able to share with you our release date and pack art for ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Classics HD.


Widely considered two of the best games ever made, these multiple award-winning and well loved PS2 titles will be fully remastered in 1080p, with trophy and 3D support to boot.

We will be releasing these on a single Blu-ray disc across PAL on 28th September 2011.

Also, for the purists among you (I know I’m one), we’ve placed the original PS2 artwork from both titles on the reverse of the paper inlay, so you can swap them around and have the classic look for your collection


I’ll share more with you after E3, so keep an eye on the blog. Thanks for your time and I hope you all are as excited about reliving these masterpieces on PS3 as I am.

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Missed them on ps2 so i will be sure to pick them up this time :). Oh and the big question: Price?


Hey kivi95,

Sorry it’s taken so long to reply, E3 was pretty hectic, glad to hear you’ll be picking this up. The pricing will be in line with all the previous classics HD pricing.

RawNinjaKid 07 June, 2011 @ 16:05

Any Special Editions planned? I was one of the very few people that appreciated SCEE original release of ICO on day one – which has turned out to be the best Special Edition I ever bought! Even though it was only the cover artwork and postcards!


We’re still looking at sku options RawNinjaKid, good to have your feedback though.

so why was it delayed until 2012 in Japan???

& we are getting both games on 1 Disc???? Because in Japan they are released seperatly & a Collectors Edition combines both…

I´m alittle confused now, because i thought the announcement was worldwide


Hey Samarotu,

Our version and the US version will have both titles on one disc.

“Also, for the purists among you (I know I’m one), we’ve placed the original PS2 artwork from both titles on the reverse of the paper inlay, so you can swap them around and have the classic look for your collection”.

Amazing, great work guys!


Hi Bau,

Again, apologies for my late response. I’m delighted about the reaction to the original artwork. It’s not well known, but the original Japanese & Euro art for ICO was hand drawn by Fumito Ueda himself.


Nice touch with the paper inlay :)


Cheers noruraeus! Much appreciated!


great news, looking forward to picking these up :)


I appreciate the options with the covers, that’s a really cool idea!


Glad you like them whoismilan!

A great idea with the reversible covers! The only thing we now need to know is the pricing?


Hi varsas,

Glad you like the reversible inlay. The pricing will be in line with all of our other Classics HD titles.

This is the news I’ve been waiting for so long!!! :D


Also, for the purists among you (I know I’m one), we’ve placed the original PS2 artwork from both titles on the reverse of the paper inlay, so you can swap them around and have the classic look for your collection

I hope you realize how awesome this is! Thank you!



Thanks Andrefpvs, judging by the reaction, where appropriate, I’ll try to do this for other games that I’m managing (especially if they are HD Classics).

Phil, you promise that there’s going to be no purple lozenge sticker anywhere in sight? :P


We should be losenge free lcmnick :D


More reversible covers. Rubbish focus-grouped ones on one side, and classy art filled no-logo ones on the other.


Fantastic! That box art is horrible though.

Cyberendpunk 07 June, 2011 @ 16:20

Loved those games back in the day, the kinda titles that makes me proud to be a gamer. Nothing can keep me away from purchasing this collection!

I’m another one who missed these first time round. So I’m definitely going to pick these up and see what the fuss is all about :D


Glad to hear it Phil_E,

So is this a bundle or are the games sold separate? Just a little confused aabout that sorry.


Hi Agriel,

Our BD will have both titles on it both here and in America. Japan are opting to separate them out.

CodeMonkey_UK 07 June, 2011 @ 16:22

Was one of the few PS2 i missed out on before moving on to PS3. With no backwards compatibility on my version i’m very keen to get this.

That said i’m annoyed i couldn’t play the originals so i really don’t want to “feel” robbed when it comes to pricing.

I get the HD / remastering but i for one will not stump up £40 for them. At £30 i’d feel happier. Goes without saying £20 price tag i’d have one on pre-order as soon as i saw the price.

So, what’s the price?


Missed out on these first time around also so well excited.

This was announced at e3 at same time as god of war origins – will that trophy as well as 3d support?

almighty-slayer 07 June, 2011 @ 16:23

THANK YOU for including the original boxart too :D Great idea!

Day one, for sure. SoTC is one of my favourite games ever BUT i never got the chance to play ICO. Cannot WAIT to give it a go :)


Hi almighty-slayer,

Glad to hear it, if you like Shadow, then you’ll love ICO. Although a totally different game, the art style and immersive gameplay is unmistakeably Ueda-san.

Thanks for the alternate boxarts, because the normal boxart is HIDEOUS. Even the NA one is much better.


Hi RAD27-D,

Sorry you think so about the box art, it is difficult as this is the first Classics HD where the titles weren’t sequels of the same game. For God of War & Sly for example you could design the whole box using only one title’s branding. We wrestled with it for a long time, trying to give equal weight to both ICO & Shadow or the Colossus.

This was part of the reason I wanted to do the alternative box art on the reverse.

I have these on PS2, but I’ve been wanting to play them again for some time… and I think playing in HD would be nice… :)

@13: Yeah, could have used so more work, or a more “ICO-like” cover-style, but then again they have to sell so it must be visually striking, I guess. :)


What a great idea to have the original artwork on the reverse of the inlay, kudos! Will pre-order later now that there is a solid release date. Only wish it was here sooner!


Go raibh maith agat GothPunk.

Glad you like it

To those with questions about the two games together, both games are going to be on the one, single, Blu-Ray disc.

Will definitely be picking this up as soon as is humanly possible… late September seems sooooo far off though… :P

almighty-slayer 07 June, 2011 @ 16:27

HD collections are usually £25 or so, aren’t they?

Awesome – single disc and reversible cover. Now all that’s needed is a cardboard sleeve with the gorgeous artwork from the Japanese special edition.


i gotta start keeping up with these hd classsics as i only have the god of war collection =S, never really understood the hype around ico or shadow of the colossus, but could be interesting to play something more surreal & extra-ordinary =]

EXCELLENT News! ! ! :P DAY 1;)

Dracia_Anderson 07 June, 2011 @ 16:46

What about the Collector’s Edition?
I love this box art and I’d like to have something similiar to that~


Hey Dracia_Anderson,

We’re still looking at sku (product versions) options and will let you guys know.

Yeah must buy!!!! When the others has same and the same games, :P Sony make always the difference with games like this and more others…

hana_fubuki 07 June, 2011 @ 16:49

Killer news! I’ve been dying to play both games again, but the PS2 versions look too muddy on HD TVs to be fully appreciated. If there’s one “franchise” that ever deserved the HD treatment, ICO/SotC is it.

Putting the original artwork on the reverse is an absolutely brilliant idea which will please many fans, I’m sure. It looks much better than the “HD Classics” regular cover.


Hi hana_fubuki,

Glad you’re excited and delighted you like the reverse inlay!

I’m glad that we can get both of these masterpieces out again in HD both to fans and to a whole new group of gamers who may have missed it (or been too young) the first time around

Takehaniyasubiko 07 June, 2011 @ 16:52


Too bad I won’t be able to afford it in September… :<

“Also, for the purists among you (I know I’m one), we’ve placed the original PS2 artwork from both titles on the reverse of the paper inlay, so you can swap them around and have the classic look for your collection”



You’re very welcome :D


thank you


Thank You! good job!

Amazon UK have it listed for £28


Great. Have both on PS2 already, but will buy them again now. And cool you have that swap cover policy going on at Sony these days. ratchet All 4 One and Resistance do it too. Great!

I read the textures aren´t updated. I think that´s a missed opportunity. I´ll eventualy will try it but not full price.


Great! will it be available on ps store?


We’re still looking at PS Store options, will update you guys when I can about this.

Brilliant package, the release date can’t come soon enough.

@ chaos3two, post 27

Both get tonnes of hype, don’t they? I liked ICO, but genuinely SoTC is one of my all-time favourite games. I bought it after getting my 60GB PS3 and played in on HDTV. It was one of the best looking games on PS2, but looked awful on HDTV and after a few months of PS3, so I can’t wait for this HD spruce up!!

Defo day 1 purchase.

iceslayer66 07 June, 2011 @ 17:46

Got half way through, then felt like this:



Brilliant! I genuinely lol’d :D

I’m a bit disappointed the box art won’t be like the Japanese version: it seems to have a much more artistic style, like a painting. But I suppose this will have to do.


I hope it won’t be 50 Hz !
Original voices would be great too.


Phew, I was all set to rant about the box art, but then I scrolled a bit further to see that it was all going to be fine. Very relieved now.

DeltaCactuar 07 June, 2011 @ 18:21

“Got half way through, then felt like this:


That. :D

randomthings 07 June, 2011 @ 18:23

If I buy only one more PS3 game this year, then this’ll be it.


james where were you at e3? it looks amazing on the screen but u were actually there it musta been a great experience for you to be there in person and the weather difference between uk n us must’ve been a welcome change…although the weather here isnt as bad as it was a few years back

Excellent job with the reversible cover!


Thanks Shin-Ra,

Our designers will appreciate the shout out

DeltaCactuar 07 June, 2011 @ 18:55

Oh, yeah, almost forgot.
Could the next Classics HD -bundle be Ōkami and God Hand?
I love those two games to death, and they’re both from Clover Studios. Please, consider it, I’m sure lots of other people would appreciate it. :)

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