Medieval Moves Coming To PlayStation Move Later This Year

Medieval Moves Deadmunds Quest ogre_00

Jeremy here live from E3. Last night at our press conference in LA, we revealed Medieval Moves, a brand new game title for PlayStation Move from Zindagi Games and San Diego Studio, the same team that brought you the best selling Move title, Sports Champions. So you know you can expect best in breed motion controls with an emphasis on fun gameplay. Medieval Moves is the first action adventure game that uses a unique set of motion controls to seamlessly transition between throwing stars, sword fighting and archery for an intuitive and immersive gameplay experience.

The story behind Medieval Moves involves the evil Sorcerer Morgrimm who has invaded Prince Edmund’s Castle and plots to take over the kingdom, raising an army of skeletons from beyond. While trying to stop Morgrimm, our hero, Prince Edmund is also turned into a skeleton! Now named “Deadmund”, he must fight to save his homeland and defeat Morgrimm and his minions to restore order to the kingdom.

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You control your character’s actions with the Move controller with a slash of the sword, shooting an arrow, or flinging throwing stars and much more. There is no cumbersome inventory system or weapon selection screen, you do the action and it just works. For example with an enemy in your face, the sword and shield are perfect. Swing your arms to swing the sword and hold the Move button to position your shield. If you see a distant enemy, reach back for an arrow from your quiver for pinpoint accuracy. Sometimes quantity counts, so grab a throwing star or three with the T button and let them fly as fast as you can throw.

This is only the start, there is so much more to be found in Medieval Moves! This Fall you will be able to face off against a relentless army of skeletons and experience an all new action adventure with your PlayStation Move! Stay tuned for more information in the weeks and months ahead.

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Couldn’t see it properly in the stream, but awesome art style.

I bet this game goes the way of Sorcery i.e. vanishes without a trace…

kool-chris93 07 June, 2011 @ 05:02

Cannot wait!


I know the graphics are better, bet sort of reminds me of the PlayStation Eye game Hero

What the hell happend to Sorcery?????

Very nice, but when a serius game with this gameplay?

How did you walk on this game? All he used was a move.

Why not just “resurrect” the MediEvil license for this game? It’s the same story practically. This would have been a a perfect vehicle for Sir Dan.

Carnivius_Prime 07 June, 2011 @ 10:54

Good. A proper Move game with a sword-wielding character, not like the godawful Wii-port controls in No More Heroes.

Reminds me somewhat of the excellent and underrated Maximo games on PS2 (can we get HD remixes of those two PLEASE?)

Why isn’t this Medi-evil Moves?


Please say that there will also come a Sports Champions 2 this year”!!! SC was one of the best games in 2010!!!.

other than that ill buy this too :=)


I hope this not replaced Sorcery.

It at least looks like a proper Move game. It´s on rails and it´s for kids but it needs skills that I often mis in this kind of games and that is very positive!

Wraith_Bringer 07 June, 2011 @ 16:37

Why did they cancel Sorcery for this [DELETED]? I mean, thats obviously what has happened isn’t it? Sorcery looked amazing and this looks boring, really it does.

Were the hell is socery that looks amazing and it has no update :( well cheesed off

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