GT Academy Winner Gains Podium Finish At Le Mans


I am delighted to bring you news of the continued exploits of a PlayStation gamer who some of you may have heard of – a young chap from Spain called Lucas Ordoñez.

Those of you who are Gran Turismo or GT Academy fans may recall the story of Lucas – the winner of the inaugural GT Academy back in 2008. Following successful campaigns in the European GT4 Cup driving a Nissan 370Z, this year Lucas stepped up to race a Nissan-powered LMP2 car in the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup. With his Signatech Nissan team-mates, Franck Mailleux and Soheil Ayari, Lucas fulfilled a lifelong ambition by competing in one of the greatest races in the world – the Le Mans 24 Hours.


Following an epic LMP2 battle at the legendary Circuit de la Sarthe, the Signatech Nissan team suffered two punctures, before fighting their way back through the field to earn an extraordinary 2nd in class finish. The result saw Lucas, who in 2008 was MBA student playing Gran Turismo at home, celebrating a podium finish at the end of the action packed Le Mans 24 Hours race.


Here’s what a very jubilant Lucas had to say:

“It was a day when all of my dreams came true. Three years ago I won an amazing prize but never in my wildest dreams did I think that it would take me all the way to the Le Mans podium. I have been on the biggest adventure you could ever imagine and I must thank Nissan and PlayStation for creating GT Academy! I also have to thank my two teachers, Franck and Soheil, from whom I have learnt so much, and of course the Signatech Nissan boss, Philippe Sinault. Finally I must thank my family and friends for putting up with me while I pursue my dream. It will take a while for this to sink in for me but so far it is the most amazing feeling.”


Among those watching Lucas’ spectacular achievement was the new 2011 crop of GT Academy hopefuls. The 12 competitors – representing France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the UK – were chosen from the fastest GT5 gamers. They started this year’s GT Academy Race Camp, with their own endurance race at the Alain Prost Karting Circuit at Le Mans.

From Le Mans, the potential racing drivers drove a convoy of red and white GT Academy Nissan 370Zs to Silverstone Circuit. They now face a testing four-day schedule consisting of fitness, mental and driving challenges. You can see each contestant profile and follow their progress on

GT Academy Race Camp 2011 culminates in a Grande Finale on Thursday where we will be crowning the 2011 GT Academy winner. Following the astonishing achievements of Lucas, has given this year’s GT Academy contestants all the inspiration they need in their quest to become a real racing driver.

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good for him

sp33dking89 14 June, 2011 @ 16:05

Nice one :D now time for him to do it all again on GT5! But one his own.

the_badger73 14 June, 2011 @ 16:11

well done,sure is a tough race..

Penrose Tackie 14 June, 2011 @ 17:10

Hello the_badger73 it certainly was a tough race, it’s a great achievement just to complete a race of this nature but to get a podium at the first attempt is even better.


good job Lucas!

obiadekanobi1980 14 June, 2011 @ 16:22

dont care what i care about is new cars for the game how bout adding the nissan to a new car pack for free i dont care about helmets or new overals i want new cars to tune and then race for a game about cars theres some utter [Deleted] cars that are a waste of hdd/bray space i mean come on sports cars ppl and not more news about something i honestly dont care about someones good times no disrespect well done to the chap but i want updates for the game give us car packs, new tuning stuff some more alloy wheels and tidy vinyls some racing team liveries some extra content for the track editor [Deleted] modnation racers has a better track editor than the(supposedly)editor in gt5 all that time the game was in dev it seems like more effort was put into the menus than the game itself


Congratulations Lucas! :D

Great…now how about patching in time/weather settings for offline :)


Is this for real? By simply winning a GT5 contest you get to drive in actual races? Sounds like a bad idea to me. I’m glad that this kid didn’t suffer any injuries.



Yeah, sure man it’s really that easy. Just fire up GT5 and away we go.


The3DGalaxian 14 June, 2011 @ 17:17

It just goes to show how GT5 really is the real driving simulator and that you can really learn how to drive the cars and the tracks to a large extent by playing the game.

It’s an amazing achievement by him and the team to get a podium at Le Mans.

Penrose Tackie 14 June, 2011 @ 18:45

Hello The3DGalaxian many thanks for the positive comments and I’m sure Lucas is very grateful for the support from the GT community!

Amazing what playing a video game can lead to! Well done him, definitely a story for the grand kids, eh? ;)

crockiller7 14 June, 2011 @ 19:24

well done ! you are amazing from game to le mans in three years ? and you got 2 place wow as a mark of respect make the car he used to win buyable on gt5 polyphony digital



CoolRichy008UK 15 June, 2011 @ 00:16

dont care what anyone says top gear the tv shop in the uk started GT games end of :D UK RULESSSSS

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