PlayStation Home: Sodium 2 Project Velocity Is Here


There is some very exciting news this week for PlayStation Home users. Lockwood Publishing are proud to announce that Sodium2 – Project Velocity, the sequel to the immensely popular SodiumOne Salt Shooter, is now here. This free-to-play, futuristic racer makes full use of PlayStation Home’s true potential as a gaming platform and players can expect the following awesome features:

  • A free to access gaming experience – Get straight to the grid and out on the track, anyone can play for free right from the get-go.
  • Real-time multiplayer Action – Challenge your friends to exhilarating supersonic showdowns to see who has what it takes to cross the finish line ahead of the rest.
  • Customisable Racers – The game’s XP and Sodium Credit systems allow you to continually modify and adjust your craft with new upgrades. Head over to the Sodium Garage and tweak your craft to pick up the pace and stay in the competition.
  • Explosive Soundtrack – A relentless track listing from CoLD SToRAGE, Future Funk Squad and Subjex increase the immersion and further add to the sense of power and speed.
  • Following a hugely successful closed beta period, during which the game was tweaked and tuned in response to the feedback of brave test-pilots, the game is available now to all PlayStation Home users.


Head over to the teleportal in the Sodium Hub or your Blaster’s Paradise apartment now to jump right into your Velocity Racer and get ready to feel those Gs!

The velvet glove to Sodium’s iron fist sees Lockwood indulging their softer side with the release of the Stitchkin range of companions. After the huge success of the Lockwood kittens there’s been a push to get even cuter. So Grandma Lockwood’s been knitting this week and the results are magical.

So check out this collection of crocheted cuties. These knitted Bulldogs, St Bernards, Bunnies and Monkeys now all have little woolly lives of their own! Mischievous and cute, the Stitchkins have escaped the knitting basket to roam about in Playstation Home and into the snuggliest part of your heart!

If all that wasn’t enough, these friendly little creatures have inspired Lockwood’s designers and artists to create a set of clothing and wall art as well.

Sweeter than a sweet shop, you’ll find a range of long-sleeved layered tees are available for you to wear around Home. Each and every Stitchkin has a top and a piece of amazing wall art so you can show your love for these cuddly companions.


Pick up a value pack to create a woolly wonderland in your apartment. All Stitchkin tops are available in male and female variations.

Also in the Lockwood store this week – new casual-wear and a variety of animated clothing for both male and female avatars. You can also show off your angelic side with the Angel and Fallen Angel Packs.

You asked for it. No, you really did. After the people’s poll in the Audi Home Terminal on what questions to ask the men behind the machines we sent our man Ralf in to find the answers. Ralf will be joined on stage and by satellite (sort of) by Audi representatives starting on 16th June 2011. Come and see the show in the Audi Home Terminal.


Audi 1936 Auto Union Type C e-tron – Unveiled by Audi at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg in February 2011, this innovative and exclusive toy car is powered by an electric motor and lithium-ion battery. It is a half scale model based on the Thirties Grand Prix racing classic. It can be recharged in around 2 hours, can reach a top speed of 30 km/h and even has a reverse gear. It is suitable for children and adults of up to 1.8m in height and has a range of about 25km. The hand-finished body is made of aluminium and carbon-effect material. It is not yet in production, so once again you can admire your own Audi in PlayStation Home while you wait.

Following the announcement of Hitman: Absolution you can now wear Agent 47’s iconic suit, complete with barcode tattoo. The suit is available in both male and female variations from Alter Ego, with 47’s sleek sniper rifle case also available in the Furniture store.


Last up this week, we asked ourselves, ‘What’s the coolest thing ever?’ Answer: Dinosaurs!!! So, the LOOT wranglers have brought you our fiercest, deadliest and oh-so-cutest companion – The Lootosaurus. But beware, while all six styles are adorable, they’re clever girls. Raaaawr!

All of this and more will be available in PlayStation Home from Thursday 16th June.

For those wondering about the Welcome Home Pack, details are being finalised and we’ll post more information about this in the coming days.

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great to see sodium 2 reelased shoud be great fun

James, just want to say thanks for keeping us upto date with everything during E3 and the psn outage, thanks again!

James Gallagher 16 June, 2011 @ 10:20

Aww, bless you! It’s kinda my job but thanks!


This could well be the best Update ever in PS Home, I have been here since the start but the anticipation of this is amazing, great job and I hope to see the amazing Content :D

The Welcome back pack shoulda been ready before we came back -.-

And what were werent kept up to date during the outage, or even E3.


‘Reward Bug’ fix tomorrow – YES or NO? It’s pretty pointless releasing all this good stuff when HOME’s totally broken for so many people…

James Gallagher 16 June, 2011 @ 10:22

Yes – I’ve just been told that a client update is being applied right now and it will be fixed when by the time all of this content goes live.


You haven’t seen SCEA home post yet i remember asking alex the old HCL when the avtar with guns game the SCEA had months ago he said it begin localise well a other SCEE Big FAT lie.

here we are 2.50 and this new game out before the suppose localise game that Home-team was suppose to do.

and we still waiting for a New HML but same lackless home content.

DANTHEMAN121 15 June, 2011 @ 18:24

this all looks good HitMan was wondering if n when that comes to Home thanks for that.

Sodium 2 played it in the open beta can’t wait for multiplayer


Will playstation Home come to Playstation vita to preform a cross platform service. as we can talk to playstation vita users and they can talk to us by using playstation home. i known that playstation network party, friends list is coming to ps vita but i also think ps home should as well. and also have some Excluvise spaces between both platforms and let some spaces for both ps vita and ps3 users to meet up. and have new features like pool to have the same kind a feature game play as hustle king. I hope you pass this on to Playstation Home developers to make this happen.

almighty-slayer 15 June, 2011 @ 19:03

Awesome stuff :D Will definitely check it out.

Will be sure to check this out :)

whatever happend 2 the free home stuff that america got right away but here at SCEE it fades away in the background

James Gallagher 16 June, 2011 @ 10:23

I’ve been asking about this and have just been told that we will be releasing the Welcome Back content ‘soon’.


Judging from the screenshots Sodium 2 looks like a copy of WipEout.


Pretty fun! “For those wondering about the Welcome Home Pack, details are being finalised and we’ll post more information about this in the coming days.” I sure as well hope so. ;)

Connor_mufc_1985 15 June, 2011 @ 19:45

I know iv asked before i dont want to sound like a prat but any news on eu ps home welcome back package it is pretty lame how scea got theirs right away and we haven’t even had any anouncement yet

James Gallagher 16 June, 2011 @ 10:24

I know it’s frustrating – I’ve been asking and it is coming, and I’ve been told that it will include brand new items, not previously released.

I was in the Beta. This is awesome. Can’t wait to try the Multi Player. Quick tip. You earn more credits on Salt shooter. Earn them there then spend them upgrading your ship on Sodium2.

Is Europe not getting 100 free Home items?


ooooo Sodium 2 *Logs onto Home*

While You All enjoing your PSN & PLUS & STORE , people from countries without The store cant change their STUPID PASSWORD AND THIS IS THE 3TH WEEK …. I wont buy anything until this will be sorted AND there is no info at ALL ! Sorry i cant by nice under this situation think about US friends !
Cipur from Slovakia

James info please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Gallagher 16 June, 2011 @ 10:29

I’m sorry, I do know about this but I have been trying to find the right person to find out more. It’s a known issue and I’m told that it is being worked on but I’m afraid to say nobody has given me an exact date for the fix.

Indentity theft program please, Sony?

I3loodthirsty 15 June, 2011 @ 22:44

will we get the 102 free items like the americans got or will we just get the drag ends as always.i pet we just get a couple of posters lol
still dont see why we dont have the photo frames on our home yet so we can display photos the americans have had them for aaaaages now

I3loodthirsty 15 June, 2011 @ 22:58

i just went on home to try the sodium 2 race game and the portal thing still says beta so its not “now here”

The Sodium 2 goes live after the THursday update.

nightmare9000 15 June, 2011 @ 23:20

Nice to see a good update coming to be the EU!


whens the 100 free EU items available


Thanks DReamEVILE


Thats what im wondering


anyone know when the 100 virtual items in EU be available




Here what james forgot to tell us the Ndreams new games space with orb-runner to get a major update v1.1 also download the latest core-client update v1.51 a bugs fixing patch.

while over in SCEA home more risky avatar with adult theme. check them out in video over at SCEA Blog.

can you see SCEE do that? :D

James Gallagher 16 June, 2011 @ 10:31

Yes, I just heard about the client update this morning – it fixes the rewards bug.

yay now I can decorate my Bunny Rabbit Warren club with the taxidermified freeze-dried corpses of my stitch Bunny set, all the while dressed in my favourite “The name’s Warren ah’rite” Bunny costume…siiiick. misbotism my Bunny pal, will be having kittens of joy at the thought of all these bunnies.
And whats it with males and bunny suits. Just because I’m wearing a bunny suit doesn’t entitle certain “members” to come up to me and try or ask to dry-hump me…& it always seems to happen in the shopping centre. I should set my neighbour’s sausage dog on them in revenge…

@2: But… we weren’t…

CoolRichy008UK 16 June, 2011 @ 15:54

well i hope we get the free home stuff next week 23rd june 2011 and i hope its brand new home stuff we dont own already and as long as its more then 102 items il be happy and @30 procion you dont like it dont go on home and seves u right for ppl humping u LMFAO

Sodium 2 very nice i like the first sodium and this looks better
More games like this in Home please!!!!

can you guys PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remove the limit on the amount of appliances we can use.
i use the boombox and the snooker table but then if i want to add anything else i cant.

whats the point spending money on big apartments if you can only place 2 appliances at a time.

intil then i refuse to buy anything else from home

Thanks James that was honest but i am disapointed that SONY created this situation :-(

And without any info …

solidmsnake 16 June, 2011 @ 23:32

been playing the multiplayer on sodium 2 and it is awful i was racing agaisnt a level 10 i im level 18 got the best upgrades and he beats me and other class 5 racers just go in the blink of an eye that is wrong so a bit of advice to everyone if your going to play multiplayer you better be ready.

now, if only trophies were incorporated into home :D


when is 100 free virtual items coming to EU

Please help

I love PS Home, but why is it so unstable at times, at the moment I can’t get in. It loads as far as the navigator, then tells me that connection to the server has been lost. This tends to happen after an update, and is so annoying. Anyone else have this trouble. Sony…please fix this.


@ pinkda
Yes I and alot other ppl having same problems.On my US account and here in EU.


PS When is the EU 100 free items coming,and will they have a kiosk in home square like Us central plaza,Thanks,Harry aka DReamEVILE

I agree with mdogg91. Having a max of 2 appliances in our appartments kinda sucks. It ain’t enough guys. Oh, and thanks Harry…glad I’m not the only one having trouble logging in to Home at times.

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