E3 Replay: The Indescribable PixelJunk lifelike

While still recovering from last weeks E3, the PlayStation.Blog team wanted to share some of their favorite interviews with everyone who didn’t catch them when they aired live. Dylan Cuthbert, Ariel Angelotti and Baiyon (!) flew over from Kyoto, Japan to show us the latest titles in the PixelJunk series.

Here we have the interview in which Baiyon does a live performance of his new collaborative title: PixelJunk lifelike! This title garnered a lot of buzz during the show. It’s nearly impossible to explain what it is, so Baiyon and Dylan decided to show us what PixelJunk lifelike is all about. While it may not be a game, per se, it definitely is a game changer! Hope you enjoy the video and Baiyon’s performance.

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Since the “problem” happened, and even after i’ve taken advantage (or so i thought) of the plus program… Downloads and Upgrades (Escalation for Black Ops example) are veeery slow.

I own over 1k€ of ps3 games, and have been an informed follower of the tech, but this is getting too strectchy


Looks amazing and the priciple of being able to create your own sets on the fly with move and broadcast them out to the PSN is an amazing idea. I know the video wont seem interesting to alot of people because they wont see what its doing mainly cause its a hands on thing to get the idea of it. But the concept should appeal to alot on people. Awesome way to bring back the music making genre in such a user freindly way with neat concepts of live sets and brodcasting live. Pixel Junk always amaze me that why they don’t go and spend $60 million dollars building a game they can still make and create new experience and great games that true are ground breaking. keep it up guys.

As for the ps store, hurry up with Auditorium HD release in SCEE regions so it’ll cure my music making itch till Lifelike come along

Can the visuals be made to react (in a Milkdrop/G-Force kinda way) to the music only?

Looks very cool but not sure if i’d rather just have/buy and updated selection of visualises for the xmb to play in the background rather than relying on me and move.
Still it looks original and thats always nice to see.


Really can’t wait for this title.
Go Q-Games! :-)

have been looking forward to this for awhile – hurry up and release please

Mr-DeAdJoKeR- 18 June, 2011 @ 16:18

I understand the whole update on PSN but I want to get on my MAIN user it a problem that mostly everyone cant get on their user. SONY try your best to fixed this i been off for 58 days it killing me and sadness. You would help us if we was your biggest fan..


I am sorry, doesnt appeal to me, i would also like less shooters like the last 3 games (including the new one)

And a new pixel junk monsters, i crave for another tower defence game that had the huge quality your ame had Q-Games.

I keep hoping.

I will buy anything from Baiyon and Q-games since PixelJunk Eden. But I am pretty disappointed with the latest PJ games, I liked that each of their games belonged to a different genre. Now 3 shooters in a row, and lifelike looks like an ‘experience’ not a ‘real game’.

Painting with sounds. I like that. That sounds cool. I want that.


Looks fairly interesting, more Q-Games magic… but speaking as a fellow non-Move supporter I’d rather they hurry up and get this out of the way so we can get more real games from them :) Looking forward to that Shooter spin-off they got coming!


Totally unimpressive really. I do like most of the other Pixeljunk releases, but in that video, it looks like it’s doing nothing.

Check it out from around the 1 minute mark, and then again at about 6:30. To say the guy has been waving his Move about for over 5 minutes, it looks pretty much the same at the end as it did at the beginning (and all the way through for that matter).

I certainly hope the other visualisers are more impressive than that one, which would be nothing more than average if it was a Winamp plugin.

Oh be nice to the spinning sunflower. It was infected with tiptomactic juice when it stood on an amazonian frog on it’s transit thru a hippy commune. After it escaped from all of those groping hippy hands, Pixeljunk found it tossed and unrooted in a local European trash can (along with the swarthy greek salad it was shying away from)and kindly crucified it into their latest “game”. At least it looks happy now, poor thing

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