Alien Zombie Mega Death Coming To PSN This July

Tis a joyous time. Summer is here. The birds are singing. The Bees are buzzing. Flowers flowering. However… we don’t care about that nonsense. Oh no. What we say is: Draw your curtains. Turn on your PS3. Grab a pair of super friction thumb protectors… and a spare joypad… or four. Make sure you have 5 quid / 6 Euros in your store account come July 6th… and prepare yourself for one of the most ridiculously intense shoot-em-ups ever… or at least since PomPom made their last Playstation game.

But first, a dash of history. Last year PomPom made Alien Zombie Death on PSP minis. Heralded as “pacy, mean-spirited, and delightful.” By EDGE magazine. It was a simple, extremely focused platform shooter. We loved making it. Anybody with the required skill set loved playing it. Those who didn’t clearly play too much backgammon.


Now, on PS3, we have the official sequel to Alien Zombie Death! We’ve taken the original game, pulled out a big jar of MEGA, and gratuitously poured it all over. The result? Alien Zombie Mega Death!

List of loveliness:

  • Levels? … 70 of them!
  • It’s a platform game, with a lot of shooting and explode-y stuff… and we mean, A LOT!
  • Multiplayer? … Oh yes!
  • Game types? … Survival levels. One-shot levels. Decoy pods. Jetpacks. Bomb disposal. Space baby rescue.
  • Beasties? … A whole menagerie of cute yet ugly little blighters to feed with laser death!
  • Fancy a new space suit? Plain white doesn’t do it for you? We have a catalogue of snazzy threads available as well as some fancy suits tucked away, waiting to be unlocked.
  • A medal award system with over 280 unique medals to earn spread over all the levels.
  • Weapon power-ups, for those sticky moments.
  • Online leaderboards.
  • Guaranteed thumb blisters.
  • All wrapped up in our Super PomTech Mega X Engine of Doom.


… and finally, It’s made by proper, salt of the earth, independent game developers. In other words,
just two dudes sitting in dark caves somewhere in the UK. All by ourselves. No help from no one… apart from a sound engineer we keep locked in the shed.

Buy it! Its cheap! It’s mad! It’ll make your fingers fall off.


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1st :D

Hamusuta_SWE 20 June, 2011 @ 17:41

Why is there only generic PSN titles? I would love to see games as super meat boy on Playsation store or other indie games instead of these garbages.

ALI-ALI-1991 20 June, 2011 @ 18:22


Carnivius_Prime 20 June, 2011 @ 18:27

Quite a good little timewaster on PSP. Might check out this PS3 one when it’s done. Multiplayer’s always appealing.

TRIPLE_THREAT_28 20 June, 2011 @ 18:33

Hi Michael, i have a few questions:

Is the game a Mini again?
If not is the game going to have Trophies?
And is there online co-op?

I loved the first one! cant wait for this! Great price to! Keep up the good work guys!!! :-D


Hi, only one question. Are there any plans for plus members to get a Day 1 discount on this? If yes, it will definitely be a purchase for me.

Michael Michael 20 June, 2011 @ 18:42

Hello all

The game is a full PS3 PSN store title. It has trophies. There is online co-op. It is a much juicier game then the original mini.

In the EU, the game will be available to Playstation Plus members at half price for the first month!

Ravenblade86 20 June, 2011 @ 18:47

What great news to see on the PlayStation Blog today! :) Alien Zombie Death is in my opinion one of the very best PS Minis you can get, and this just looks even better.

Keep up the great work Michael, I have really enjoyed all the PomPom games that have been on PSN :)


suits you sir, lol.

The music makes me wanna bang my head against a brick wall. If this is as good as Astro Tripper, I’m in.

AllytheBruce 20 June, 2011 @ 19:29

I have to say that the mini of this has been one of my favourite mini’s of all time and I started watching the video thinking it was an exact port but really nice to see so many new features. If this is decently priced I think I’ll have to add it to my collection

young_hastings 20 June, 2011 @ 19:39

looks quite good now but i think id try the demo before i pay for it cos 6euro seems quite steep


Alien Zombie Death is A_W_E_S_O_M_E

Will be buying this PS3 version ASAP.

K40T1C-_-SN1P3ZZ 21 June, 2011 @ 21:44

Definitely going to buy this game :)

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