Killzone 3 From The Ashes Pack And Map Pack Bundle Coming Tomorrow

On Friday and Monday we posted preview videos of ‘From The Ashes’, the third DLC map pack for Killzone 3. Consisting of two new maps and two re-imagined Killzone 2 ‘retro’ maps, “From The Ashes” will hit the PlayStation Store tomorrow for just €4.99\£3.99.

If you’re still on the fence about ‘From The Ashes’, check out this ass-kicking montage that shows all four maps in glorious action:

But that’s not all! Newcomers to Killzone 3 will be interested to learn that we’re also releasing a DLC Bundle Pack including the Retro Pack, the Steel Rain Pack and the From The Ashes Pack – eight maps total – for just €9.99\£7.99. There’s never been a better time to join Killzone 3’s online multiplayer arena, so grab a map pack and jump in!

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k1ll1ng5pr33-NL 21 June, 2011 @ 18:06

Lente looks awesome :D


any plus discount? please!

2# The price is already great!!!

And to OP when are you going to answear are questions? Like why can’t Guerilla warfare be on every map? same with Warfare. It’s just stupid!!


Will the bundle stay at £7.99 or is it a time limited thing ???

Any Chance to take the 3rd dlc map pack for free on plus? :D
I Mean its nice when the second map pack its free :D :D

geddesmond2 21 June, 2011 @ 19:33

Yeah why can’t warfare and guerila warfare be played on every map. I mean Warfare could be played on Tharsis depot in Killzone 2 but the re imagined version for Killzone 3 only supports Guerila warfare. Also can yous get rid of the map voting system and have maps change in order. I’m really getting sick of playing the same 3 maps all the time


Brill, my fav online game & this bundle just makes it better :)


No thanks, BF1943 pawns this.

Wow, amazing value for money, can’t wait for the EU store to update tomorrow, maps look incredible! :)

CoolRichy008UK 21 June, 2011 @ 23:14

kayne and lynch 3 soon its gonna be called kayne and pinch lol


Did the free + dl,but doubt i’ll bother with these.I was turned of by KZ3 DLC when there were day 1 map packs.
Unless there are stats showing how many have purchased them,the % of active DLC maps/players playing them every 24 hours.I’d find it hard to purchase any similar DLC again.


All maps for all modes or no buy. Your way of adding maps is awful. IN fact I probably wouldn’t buy anyway since the balance of the game is crap and Warzone is a campfest because kills are too rewarding in points vs objectives.

Adam_Grinder 22 June, 2011 @ 07:23

10 Ł, you can have the DLC pack on the USA for 10 $, ridicolous. Can someone explain why are there these huge differences?

massive-swell 22 June, 2011 @ 08:38

“But if you’re a 30 day Welcome Back Plus subscriber, don’t fret – we do have some more free and discounted content for you guys coming 22nd June.”

More Free Stuff Today !!! Hurry I Want More :)

ZzStalkerzZ 22 June, 2011 @ 09:22

what time does the store update? im wanting to pick up old world blues if its released today

aKa-DrunkBrit 22 June, 2011 @ 09:23

I’ll be getting this dlc as killzone is by far one of the best games this year. BUT why do we not get the killzone 3 avatars that are available in the US? Also more operations maps are badly needed. As for GW mode, they should have kept kz2’s ranked custom match system so no need for a seperate GW mode and concentrated on more operations maps.

whereismax123 22 June, 2011 @ 10:49

but one of the map packs is free for ps plus users and considering that pretty much everyone is a ps plus member at the moment…how is the bundle a good deal

Once_Were_winka 22 June, 2011 @ 11:01

What time will the maps be out. Thanks.

I’m really looking forward to them, I got the retro with my copy of KZ3 and the Steel Rain ones were free, so just buying the ashes, don’t mind paying 3.99 as I love the game anyway. I only play GW and Warzone so that’s a bonous for me, probably wouldn’t have gotten them if they had been operations maps so I’m happy. Guess you can’t please all the people all the time as they say.

lionelbodestrung 22 June, 2011 @ 11:58

Any news as to what time this will be avalible in UK please? Can’t wait go back to Radec Academy!!!

sniperhobbit 22 June, 2011 @ 22:35

Just got the maps today insane deal!!!! And all the maps are amazing, Best money Iv ever spent on the psn thanks GG keep up the good work :D But ov cource you give us a map pack we buy 1 back ;)


GG dlc not working when searching any maps. and log in killzone web not working NICE.

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