The House Of The Dead: OVERKILL Extended Cut Box Art Revealed, New Poster Artworks And Screenshots

Today, SEGA and Headstrong Games are proud to reveal The House of the Dead: OVERKILL Extended Cut box art. The game will be releasing only on PlayStation 3 across PAL regions from 28 October.


We announced the Extended Cut of the House of the Dead: OVERKILL just before E3 this year. It was quite an exciting moment for us as this is the first time we will have released a House of the Dead game on an HD console and the PS3 is the perfect home for an arcade shooter like OVERKILL. With the Move Motion Controller support and the 3D TV mode, we’re really making this the best in the series so far.



These posters and our box art pay homage to our signature retro b-movie look and hopefully you would have recognized the legendary Agent G and Detective Washington. This time around we also wanted to give Varla Gunns higher billing to the point where she became the headline character on the box art. This is no fluke; she plays a bigger part in this Extended Cut and we’ll have more details on this soon.

Exclusively for you PlayStation.Blog followers, we are also releasing some fresh screenshots and the fact sheet detailing all the new features of the OVERKILL Extended Cut.




Here is the complete list of exclusive features, only for PS3 owners:

  • PlayStation Move and Sharp Shooter compatible
  • OVERKILL fully remastered – available in high definition graphics and stereoscopic 3D for the first time ever
  • Extended with two additional levels not in the original game
  • Exclusive crossbow weapon
  • New baby mutant type
  • New Hardcore mode – mutants can only be killed with headshots
  • New Classic mode – play through the entire game using only the AMS Magnum
  • Exclusive missing reel – an extended boss fight with “Mother” in “OVERKILL”, the game’s final level
  • Online leaderboards to track high scores and stats
  • Collectibles to grab throughout all levels to unlock bonus materials; comic pages, music tracks, 3D models and 2D artwork
  • New PlayStation trophies to unlock
  • Improved boss fights in all levels
  • New and improved cut-scenes using motion capture

We’ll keep revealing more details in the near future so keep it tuned to the PlayStation blog and our official game page.

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Shou_Kobayashi 14 July, 2011 @ 15:11

Nice to see, that it’s not a simple port… I might get a Move with all the ORShooter (I like them from time to time) now.

Ah … Mike, could you do all us a favor and give Ross a little smack to not forget about us ;).


The team have been working tirelessly to offer a really premium experience for our awesome friends at PlayStation, and we’re very confident you’ll all love it :)

As for Ross, play nice, he loves you all nearly as much as I do.

GripFast_DiD 14 July, 2011 @ 15:12

Looks good, may be the game that i get the move for…

AaronSOLDIER 14 July, 2011 @ 15:14

Now make MadWorld for PS3!

That is some NICE box art :D


It IS rather nice isn’t it ;)

looks like it’s worth a buy


I am of course bias, but I concur…definitely worth a buy :P

Pacman_Ownage 14 July, 2011 @ 15:18

Extended with ‘two’* additional levels I think

*crawls back into hole*

James Gallagher 14 July, 2011 @ 15:26

Goos eyes. I have a blind spot for W.

Shou_Kobayashi 14 July, 2011 @ 15:29


… GooD eyes … no ;)?

James Gallagher 14 July, 2011 @ 15:39

And d.

Mike, do you fancy answering some comments in the ‘Heads-Up’ post. Ross is being a bit tardy again ;-)

James, read my comment about the LBP DLC description on p2 of the Heads up thread, there’s an error in Ross’s post

Oh yeah, forgot to say…

Crackin’ box art Kebby


The box art is rather special isn’t it ;)


The gal got 2 big guns, and the guy look like he shot her up the Bum no wonder she looks in pain with the Runs lol :D

@mike any more info about the RPG with trophies i said before you know shining in the series & landstalker for us plus member Free.


Shou_Kobayashi 14 July, 2011 @ 15:40

Oh and Mike … can you bring Shenmue 1+2 to the PlayStation world?

I remember visiting a friend in austria, were we held a Shenmue 1+2 Marathon (on DREAMCAST). We played until either we had fallen asleep or our eyes had been bleeding…

SpeedyRyan-_- 14 July, 2011 @ 15:41

Looking forward to this love my ps move, getting a 3d tv very soon too. Hopefully there will be more hardcore games with ps move support in 2012. Resistance 3 is my game of the year.

RedeyedRonin 14 July, 2011 @ 15:47

oh yes already bought!



From the comfort of your sofa you will be able to experience the story mode in two player, as well as the mini-games. For your online functionality needs you will have ledaderboard support.

DigitalEnemy 14 July, 2011 @ 16:04


Surely this must have online and offline co-op?!?

Please let us know!!!



The game features offline co-op only.

ligtningrod1 14 July, 2011 @ 16:08

Well what can i say…

It’s about darned time.

I cannot begin to tell you how happy the announcement of this game has made my wife. She asks that you move the release date forward to the beginning of October for her birthday.

Lookin good… Always liked the arcade series, nice to see a proper version coming to PlayStation.

I will probley get this too…. if price right.


I used to pump a lot of coins into HotD arcade machines in my misspent youth. Those were the days :)


@ Mike

I know tis is off topic but is there any chance we could have a Shemnue collection in Hd with trophy support please? LOL


* Shenmue……DOH! :)

Shou_Kobayashi 14 July, 2011 @ 16:31


I compliment you on your great taste.

Hiya Kebster,

Good to see you back with a fine addition to the SEGA roster.

Now go working on my Streets of Rage 4!

This might be the game that will get me to buy PS Move


Will there be support for the DualShock as I only have one Move controller!


You can indeed play the game on your dualshock and it works very well, though it’s much better using Move ;)

almighty-slayer 14 July, 2011 @ 16:52

Holy sh…. SOLD :D


Holy f…that’s good news! :P


How are the remastered graphics?
Should I really get this if I already have it on the Wii?

Anyone who hasn’t got this on the wii, GET IT NOW!


this looks sik. I remember playing house of the dead on holiday with my m8s wen i was small used to get 10 pounds a night and just spend it all on house of the dead going to final boss battle LOL nice art work game looks epic DEFO BUY for me :D bring bk the memorys :) GREAT JOB


Look forward to your announcement of Yakuza: The Dead soon, Mike!


House of the Dead 2 is one of my favourite games of all time, I played a lot of III at the arcade in the local bowling place too, lol. It’s awesome to see Overkill on PS3 :D

i have this game on the wii, i was just going to ask you what is extended in this version but you have already answered that question, thanks.

i may buy this at discount price, there is so many games coming out this year i can’t afford them all unfortunately.

oh btw does that black guy swear just as much in the ps3 version? that got on my nerves after a while.


I understand what you mean, there are a lot of great quality games coming out later this year, but surely HotD: Overkill tops them all? ;)

@CassyChan i still have my copy of house of the dead 2 but i can’t play it because the older dreamcast lightguns don’t work on the lcd screen fortunate for me i have the wii version so i still can still play this classic, i prefer house of the dead 4 that is the only game in the series that never made it to consoles, maybe in the future it will one day.


Virtua Cop next please Mike!

A remake of the Sega Saturn games would do.

Random80media 14 July, 2011 @ 19:12

This is gonna be great. I have sill got the original Collector’s Edition on the Wii and still play it even tho I have completed it :) I will getting this when it’s relesed… Keep up the good work SEGA…

Oh just a fought how about doing something in Playstation Home to tie in with the game release date??


I like games with zombies are so scary


You’ll enjoy the awesome zombie designs in this game then, suitably bonkers and scary at the same time!


great great game. some seriously funny one liners in the game.

might just get me to shell out on a ps3 motion controller. was going to sly collection but never bothered, but light gun games are a different beast.


Looking forward to this. I have been thinking of getting the sharpshooter gun. Will there be a House of the Dead Bundle (with sharpshooter)?

Also what are the chances of us ever seeing House of the Dead 1,2,3 and the arcade versions remaster and brought to the PS3? I loved House of the Dead 1 on the Sega Saturn years ago and loved House of the Dead 2 on DreamCast.


I have the sharpshooter gun myself and it works brilliantly…it’s helping me keep those arm muscles toned up too ;)

I think this game will definitely be best played using the Sharpshooter.


O and when I meant arcade versions I mean the other House of the Dead games that never came to consoles.

mr00droidman 15 July, 2011 @ 00:59

i have 2 questions. first will it be available in a special edition or a sharpshooter bundle and what would be the estimate price for australia


I have no details to share at present I’m afraid. Sorry.

mr00droidman 15 July, 2011 @ 01:03

also any chance they would remaster the old house of the dead games or possibly the time crisis series. maybe the ps2 classic vampire night??


yay !!!! at least i’ll save money everytime i go somewhere where theres an arcade. HotD is a great franchise and sorely underated. glad to see SEGA (kebby’s the brain behind the operation) start to do HD remakes. Can i suggest Shenmue, Powerstone,Jet Set radio and space channel 5. OOOOh and have a word about getting that Rez HD remake from XBLA onto PSN. Sega’s quirky past franchises still have a special place in a gamers heart. lol


You can certainly suggest, and I will always do what I can to support such suggestions internally when applicable, I won’t make any promises though ;)

I’m only one (small) man in a large company after all :D

Sweet! Been waiting so long for a zombie slice and dice game, especially since L4D2 got banned here :( finally got one!
Awwwwwwwwwwww, why October? Any chance a fairy can get this to me earlier, im going to be in QLD for the EB games conference till november. Oh well, have to wait till next year to get my zombie slicing fix.

I wish publishers would get themselves more organized, we always have a few months chokers then a few months deserted.
Jan, Feb and March are always quite full, then April is normally empty, then May is always quite full, then we have nothing till September, then it does not stop till November. How about spreading it out a little to the deserted months of the year?
This month for example best game to come out by the looks of it will be the Captain America game, and, well, that’s not exactly looking like GOTY!

O, sorry one more question. Mike any chance of the Sonic Generations demo making another appearance? Was having so much fun with the demo, then it ended. :(
Anyhow, SO happy to have my childhood hero back! Been a long, long wait, but hes finally back in style!

put my name down for a bit of that !!!!

can i play house of dead overkill with my g con 3 ?

Oha super bi oyun

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