PlayStation Home: Sodium2 Soars Close To The Sun

A big announcement from Sodium this week: Yesterday Sodium2 saw its 3 millionth race, meaning players have now collectively travelled more than 75% of the way from the earth to the Sun!

In recognition of this awesome achievement, Lockwood Publishing are unlocking new Reverse-Mode tracks for players of Sodium2. So head to the launch grid now and tear it up on your new tracks!


Days may be blazing in the Sodium Desert, but nights can be cold. Endless salt flats reflecting the harsh light of the moon – brrrrrrr! The latest range of Sodium Track Gear addresses the problem of what to wear to Scorpio’s after the sun goes down.

Future-blasted utility wear with next level fur lining for men, and an irresistibly chic combination of knee-detailed skinny jeans, high-cut jacket, and unique rolled hairstyle for women! All outfits available now from the Lockwood Store or Sodium Spaces.


Last week Lockwood made sure you had the perfect outfits for the sunshine, this time they’ve got the sky and sea covered!

Sailing in from distant climes are Fool Throttle newcomers Sailor Saintly and Cadet Cadence. Saintly is just that – a good-hearted gentleman whose behaviour is as pristine as his glowing white naval uniform. Cadence is a little ditsy and she’s more interested in fashion than fathoms, but her heart is in the right place! Both uniforms are available as value packs.


Soaring across the skies are Iron Fusion’s latest incredible creations – the Mechjets! These Mk2 Mechs are fully transformable and are capable of becoming fully operational jets to zoom around at high speed. Male Mechjets Acer, Flourish and Vandal can suspend themselves in shimmering force fields, perform incredible sonic leaps and employ their jet engines to hover above the ground while retaining their Mech form. Female Mechjets Nema, Quartz and Plasmaya also have force field generating capabilities, along with a ninja battle program and the ability to create and levitate a light orb. Fashion or Fusion? The choice is yours.

We are delighted to announce new content live in the Access All Areas Store in the PlayStation Home Shopping Centre. The AAA store now offers the finest Star In The Hood clothing collection including a wide range of fresh women’s garments. Also bound to be making a huge impact on PlayStation Home in bite sized form is the new Devil Robots companion doll. Get one before they get you!


Stay cool this summer with the latest release of Billabong’s gorgeous dresses. Hot off the high street with the latest trends such as the classy asymmetrical look with the floral “Langdon” or go for the classical sweetheart neckline with the Black “Rio Mio”. Available now in the Billabong store.


This week sees the release of three PixelJunk Monsters bundles, each brimming with lots of exciting content from the game. Start honing your tower-defending skills and deck out your apartment with towers, monsters, trees (including traditional Japanese cherry blossom), and much more. Available to buy in the PixelJunk and Furniture store from this Thursday.

Jurassic Pets are the cutest and funniest companions for your PlayStation Home avatar! And you don’t have to be afraid of them, because their teeth are so small they can’t hurt you at all! You can find them in Stuff or the Cardboard Cartel store now!


Lastly this week, the PlayStation Home Welcome Back programme comes to an end. You only have until Thursday’s maintenance window to snap up your free items through the teddy bear in Home Square. All of the items will still be available at full price in the Shopping Centre, where you will still be able to find the free-to-play fishing game ‘Go Fish’.

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loonytoon1982 27 July, 2011 @ 17:02

What about the Konami stuff from last week that wasn’t added?


Can you go and smack Ross and tell him to start replying to the posts? Just ignoring the posters makes SCEE look bad in the eyes of the customers. Just apologizing that he’s busy with work or that he’s having some sort of vacation would be fine by me.

Pay some attention to the store post. Its the most important post of the week on this blog and it’s treatment is pathetic

almighty-slayer 27 July, 2011 @ 17:24

I’d love to go on Home but every time i try and boot it up lately i get constantly kicked out with errors. Tried deleting and reinstalling and nothing seems to fix it

Sad panda

James Gallagher 27 July, 2011 @ 18:12

I asked the Home team and they suggested it might be a reward bug that some users were having problems with. Try this forum thread and hope it helps:

AaronSOLDIER 27 July, 2011 @ 17:44

More spaces, less clothes.

trutenprower 27 July, 2011 @ 17:45

James can everyone please look at the Store posts every week because we are either getting very little or no responses at all. People are getting really impatient and angry with no getting any answers. A very good idea would be to hire someone or a bunch of people to specifically answer users posts.



Those Mech Suits look amazing, just like when the other ones were released a while back. Cant wait for more animations like these in future clothes and outfits.

James Gallagher 27 July, 2011 @ 18:07

The Home team is always looking to get more custom animations with new costumes – glad you like it.

Wraith_Bringer 27 July, 2011 @ 17:50

Sorry where the hell is this teddy bear in Home? I’m looking for it to claim this package and I don’t it anywhere. I’ll have you know I’m a valued customer of Playstation Home, owning over 50 items and 3 apartments and I’ve been a good Playstation customer since 1996! I wouldn’t be being unfair if I do demand some assistance!

James Gallagher 27 July, 2011 @ 18:06

It’s in Home Square – turn left as soon as you spawn and it’s right there, beneath the big screen and the ticker. Alternatively, you can get the content from the ‘new and featured’ commerce point in the navigator.


The Teddy Bear is in HOME Square, my man – you can’t miss it!

There was a announcement about dead island invading home, When is this gonna happen?

James Gallagher 27 July, 2011 @ 18:13

We are getting some Dead Island content coming and keep an eye on the Home blog updates in the coming few weeks…

whiteboy38rams 27 July, 2011 @ 18:13

a while back we was told we would be getting the hollywood hillside apartment ….. any news on that yet mate

you gotta love SCEE policy only asskissers get replies


I guess this means the EU Home wont be getting a live stream of EVO 2011? Was hoping for a reason to start it again.Must of been a good 6-7 months since I was last on it.

DARREN200COOK 27 July, 2011 @ 18:18

When is this maintenance, so I can get it before hamd?

whiteboy38rams 27 July, 2011 @ 18:29

Also will the bugs be sorted out on the UFC space and apartment , there been a thread on the home tech help forum but no official reply which has angered alot of home members including me , hope u can look into this please

thunderking1981 27 July, 2011 @ 19:28

hi sony thank you for the welcome back package. but what is happening on september 1 please tell me thanks

RatchetBoy10 27 July, 2011 @ 20:36

Guys release to the public


Any word on the silent hill 2 outfits that usa got months ago,
and the konami penthouse space

i know it’s a wrong topic but please respond. will be available for europe?

Immortal-Wolf- 28 July, 2011 @ 02:52

hello again this week i see the prices go up & up on your playstation home stores those new suits gonna cost about £4,35p each i recon as playstation home get stupid with there prices OTT prices PSH still useless rubbish this week wheres the new playstation home playstation 2 HD space as november all playstation 2 Games are remade HD playstation 3

Haha, 4 replies on this post and 300 users waiting for a reply on a much bigger post( store update) pfttttt


Since this is posted by the blog manager, i think you could answer a tiny, little question: How come our questions are ignored in the heads-up update section of the blog? Nobody answered to nothing for ages there…

Carnivius_Prime 28 July, 2011 @ 12:57

Nice but I was really disappointed we didn’t get any Transformers costumes when the recent movie came out. I was hoping to be able to walk about as Bumblebee or Optimus Prime (PSN avatars would have been very welcome too). I’m kinda bored with the current costumes.


can anyone tell me whats happened to first play please

N1nJa-H3LLKn1GhT 28 July, 2011 @ 16:00

This stuff is cool an all but I still would like to know if Playstation Home in the Uk/EU are going to be getting Scribble Shooter like what the USA/Canada have because i really enjoyed playing that at the E3 Booth an i feel like this is really unfair if we don’t get this also as we got to play at the E3 Booth an it said coming soon after playing it because i would buy a scribble shooter game unit & i expect many other would want this also.

Dark-Twisted 29 July, 2011 @ 00:43

Those mechjets are cool and all but you can’t expect them to sell at $13.50. That’s insane, I’d buy it for $3.99 and no more.

As I’ve said before, the reason why I think Billabong’s clothing items look amongst the best in Home is because they are modeled and made fromreal available to buy items. I actually went to Billabong’s shop here in Queen street Auckland to have a look and they look as good in real life as in Home. I would like to see more Scotty Lago pants please Sony.
A good update this week, but I think what alot of users want is access to items that are available in other areas of SCE. Like the Santorini/Thera perspace and the Waterfall Terrace perspace which should be available for use as a clubhouse as well.What bugs alot of users is the lackadaisical release of content here in SCEE. Like the picture frames in the welcome back package that are useless as what they are intended for ie to house pictures. What gives?

Also L would LOVE to see a Little Britain perspace and costumes be made available in Home. As Little Britain is so popular even in Germany and even more so in the USA where they seem to get the british humour, I’d particularly love to see a unisexual Bubbles Devere “Hello Darling” flabatar be made featuring a sensual slip-off-the-gown emote with accompanying lycra rip sound. Yes please darlings…


Jesus Christ That mech costume cost £5.49!!!! And that’s just for one of them! Guys sort this out there is no way someones gonna pay that much money on a bloody costume

N1nJa-H3LLKn1GhT 31 July, 2011 @ 00:31

@30 yeah i went to buy one of those until i saw that £5.49 price tag no way im paying that for a costume when i can buy myself a whole new outfit for just under £5

the music in sodium 2 is savage


I now the worst hypocrite ever I bought the costume lol @ 31

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