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It’s no secret that Avalanche have been busy working on their very first digital title, and us folks here at SEGA are incredibly pleased to be publishing this fantastic game. I’m here today to give you the low-down on the game, introduce the team that you’ll becoming familiar with, and basically let you know just how damn awesome the whole thing is!

Before I get into the narrative meat, I’ll run you through the core of the game; it’s a top-down twin-stick shooter, which sees you take control of one of four character specific vehicles. Each vehicle comes with its own set of attributes and specific play-style, all of which hinges around the special ability of each character. This is all focused around one thrilling campaign that can be tackled in single-player, two-player split-screen, and four player co-operative/competitive (co-opertition as we like to call it) modes. You’ll be working on levelling up your character of choice, unlocking various upgrades, and ultimately hitting the highest rank and ensure your place at the top of the online leader boards.

With the world cowering to the tyrannical madman that is Inferno, and with his impending global dominance on the horizon, it’s through a self-imposed purpose to rid the globe of this menace that we join the Renegades. As ever, when the safety of the world hangs in the balance you have to apply the best political minds and spend many intense moments in negotiation…unless you’re General Bryant that is, and in that case you assemble the best team possible and deal with the problem yourself, in true Renegade style – you’re going to be dealing out some good old-fashioned ass-whuppings.

As for the team in charge of metering out this corrective behaviour, allow me to introduce the team you’ll be taking charge of:



The Fearless Warrior
Nationality: Benin, Africa
Background: Armand is the definition of larger than life; his stature alone is enough to intimidate an entire room of hardened criminals. He’s an ex bodyguard for hire making himself available to crime lords in Benin, who lost his family at the hands of Inferno loyalists and is now hell-bent on getting revenge for the deaths of his loved ones. He’s in the best place possible to exact this revenge; he’s riding with the Renegade Ops team.


Vehicle: AFV (Armoured Fighting Vehicle)
Ability: Armadillo Plating



The Cheeky Egotist
Nationality: USA
Background: Don’t let her appearance deceive you; Roxy is the daughter of a hard-nosed US Navy major and therefore spent her entire life living on various ships and military facilitites. Aged 16 she had acquired the equivalent training and skills of a Navy Seal. Aged 19 she joined the Renegades in search of purpose and adventure.


Vehicle: Buggy
Ability: Rocket Strike



The Methodical One
Nationality: Spanish
Background: Diz is a science prodigy, who was recruited into CERN at a young age. Her taste for extreme sports, and all things with wheels and souped-up engines created concerns for her superiors. Mistakenly thinking a stint with General Bryant and the Renegades would satisfy her, they didn’t anticipate that she would jump ship and sign up full-time with the team.


Vehicle: Utility Truck
Ability: EMP



The Big Game Hunter
Nationality: Swedish
Background: Professional mercenary for hire, who bonded with Bryant over a shared passion – hunting. It didn’t take too many hunting expeditions and campfire conversations for Bryant to lure Gunnar over to the Renegades. The attraction of taking on the biggest terrorist target in the form of Inferno was too much to resist for this big game hunter.


Vehicle: S.A.A.D. (Special Assault Artillery Destroyer)
Ability: Heavy Cannon

This crack team is led by the fantastically moustachioed General Bryant, and together they will stop at nothing to ensure Inferno is stopped for good. You’re going to be commandeering your character of choice (my preference by the way is with Roxy, she has an incredibly nimble vehicle, and her rocket strike is explosively effective) through nine luscious levels, each one completely different from the next, with the aim of stopping all of Inferno’s minions and ultimately ridding the world of this menace once and for all!


Finally, before I head off, I’m pleased to be able to confirm that we are proudly taking part in the PSN PLAY promotion, and the game will be available to download and play from the 14th of September. Also, don’t forget from the 10th of August you’ll be able to pre-order the game from the comfort of your sofa/chair/preferred method of sitting directly from PlayStation Store.

I’ll be back soon to take you through the full range of vehicle upgrades available, and confirm some cool details about Renegade Ops and Gamescom.

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nice! good job man :)


Cheers. The team have been working extremely hard on this title, and I’m really pleased to have been able to work on it too. This game is immense fun, and I can’t wait to see what you all think of it once it’s released.

Wow thanks for posting the video, the game looks pretty damn cool. Definitely interested in this!


Glad to hear it. We have more videos and blog posts to come; I have lots more information to share with you in due course :P

After seeing the vid, I never did like Top down view in games i like my games Up close, in your Face i hope there be a demo for this Mikeface.

even better Free for plus members & I‘m sure ppl likes Top down.

i like dead nation but to hard ,hard to see & like other co-op games i have lara-croft GoL gunstar heros, the Online part is dead No-one ever goes online. :|


Of course there’s a trial, how could I be involved and there not be an awesome trial experience!

In all seriousness though, the trial will really give you a feel for the great driving mechanics and shooting awesomeness ;)

The game is available in PSN PLAY, and will have a 20% discount for Plus members.

Top down shooters are becoming too familiar, this don’t look too different?


We’ll let the trial win you over then, I’d be interested to hear what you think after getting your hands on it. I would say that there are very few digital titles that look as good as Renegade Ops, the Avalanche team have built a fantastic engine, and it looks fantastic.

The whole co-op aspect to the game also makes for many, many hours of fun…I really don’t think you’ll be disappointed. :D

Nice a Swedish character :D.

3# It’s 20% cheaper for plus members not FREE.


Well with Avalanche involved there had to be a Swedish character in the game :P

Looking good. Even if it wasn’t part of the PLAY promo I was gonna get this. Can’t wait! :D


Glad to hear it! There’s another blog post next week to look forward to as well :D

hi Mike! :)

Thanks Mikeface er i mean Sir kebby there nothing wrong with top down shooters there even a top down 3D kind in landstalker.

i dont mind Top down RPG‘s lunar 1 & 2 is 1 example I‘m just glad we get trail but in the end i bet i end up buying it. lol :D


Nice, looking great! Gotta love Avalanche and their explosions :)

Wait, Mike?! What, get back here! ;)


I’ll say this know, the explosions look mighty impressive…and there’s lot of them to boot too! :D

Cannon Fodder with cars ;-) Cant wait!


You don’t half spoil us Mike.

I’ve seen you raving about this on twitter for a while, but haven’t followed any of the coverage. May have to give the trial a go though as it looks good.



I know people will expect me to rave about it seeing as it’s a title I’m involved with, but I really think this will be one of the best digital games out there. It’s such good fun, I think you’ll be hooked from the trial onwards ;)

Looks awesome! Will buy, even if it plays only half as good as it looks :)

if you like shooting things why not goto airsoft? you get 5000 bbs for a tenner and you get to shoot people without killing em to find out locations n stuff you can goto

Looking good.

Love the art style on the characters – especially the Tank Girl vibe on Roxy. The game itself looks like great fun, and as part of the Play offer, it seems like a big win to me. You have my pre-order…


Glad to hear it nedubis!

Roxy is personally my favourite character, she has a great special ability and her buggy is really fun to drive.

Hell-Raiser-85 08 August, 2011 @ 14:04

Will be getting this with PLAY.

Mike on a side note “SEGA” avatars that the US have but we dont. Will we ever get them? Thanks


So how will the pre-order process work on these titles? Do we pay for them in full up front or what? Could someone please shed some light on this issue please!!!


so shoot move, shoot move great… revolutionary


Nobody has claimed it’s revolutionary RedeyeCult – but it is incredibly good fun, looks fantastic and plays very well in single-player, or multi-player co-op modes…I don’t think you can complain about that ;)

Whilst there are some great revolutionary games, some of the best gaming experiences are based on tried and tested genres. Nothing wrong with that.


i just accidentally reported te 4th comment for abuse, sorry I was just scrolling down on my iPod and it clicked itself


Good to hear it, Mike, us men love our explosions!


:D Nothing wrong with enjoying a good explosion (as long as nobody was harmed in the making of it)!

i hope this is better than gatling gears (which btw got old after the turtorial…..) , anyways… i like both mike and Avalanche and i love sega so i will buy it even without trying out the trial.

Mike, please ask the guys in Avalanche to get the license to that old UDS game called IGNITION and ask them to remake it in HD as a psn download :)


That’s what I like to hear! Dedication to Avalanche, Sega and of course me :D

is there more than thos 4 characters in the game ?

Oh this actually looks like fun. Guess I have to go with all four games in the PSN Play campaign.

Hilarious. “Gunnar”. I’m Swedish and only people above the age of 50 is named Gunnar. Anyways, i’m kinda excited about this game. Saw some helicopter footage and that basically sold me on the game. Lycka till Avalanche!

Congratulations on having Armand from Benin as a character as opposed to the usual nonsense like the rasta rhino in Beyond Good and Evil HD.

Renegade OPS looks like it will get my money, BG&E HD never will. :p


looks decent but september is my battlefield 3 beta time no other game that will take my time away from that :D


maybe they’re using actual dev team names as reference? ;)
anyways, Gunnar is an normal name in Norway too, for people over 50 :p

I think the link to Avalanche Studios is wrong.

It should be:

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