Splinter Cell HD Trilogy Sneaks Into PlayStation Store Tomorrow

It’s nice to be able to sit and talk to you all after months of work. As you may have heard, tomorrow we are releasing a trilogy compilation of our very first Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell games on the PlayStation Store. It includes Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow and Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, and you will also be able to buy it on Blu-ray Disc at a later date.

Splinter Cell Trilogy: Knife Stab HD

As well as being able to buy all three games as a bundle, you can also purchase them separately as single games. The bundle costs €29.99/£23.99 and each individual title is €9.99/£7.99.

Each and every one of them has been highly acclaimed, each exceeding a 90% metacritic rating and bringing the stealth action genre to new heights. I am sure many of you are thrilled at the idea of embodying the cold and calculating Sam Fisher again. You’ll be able to relive this epic series in high definition with enhanced graphics fully remastered in 1080p HD. To top it off, owners of 3DTVs will be able to experience Sam Fisher’s adventures in stereoscopic 3D. And finally, we added trophies for a more rewarding experience. I shall congratulate in advance those of you who get the platinum. Believe me, it won’t be an easy task!

Splinter Cell Trilogy: Hanging HD

And just because we love PlayStation Plus users, they will enjoy a special treat:

  • 20% Discount on Splinter Cell
  • 10 % Discount on Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
  • Splinter Cell Theory comes with an exclusive theme featuring Sam Fisher

See you with goggles on.

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Hold on a second, it’s cheaper to buy individually ???

2 pence cheaper, but still ???

National clowns

is that the new limbo minigame in the first pic? ^_^

Will there be demos?


Hey Hasquarl

No demos buddy.

Hm what a suprise! But the price is a bit steep! BUT i’ll still buy this ;-) Will keep me going until Deus Ex and Driver comes out!

Even cheaper to buy seperatley with the plus discount, still who cares about the bundle price, you’ve actually got the digital price right for once, its below RRP, not as far below as it will be at retail, but its available weeks before retail so that makes up for that, thank god it seems that you guys are actually starting to listen.

Well done,
I will be buying.

Sounds awesome! I hope North America gets it soon as well! I know the blu-ray version is supposed to come out next month but it will be cool to get the downloadable version early as well.

over £2 saved for ps+ users to buy them individually then, taking into account our discount.

no discount on the bundle? :(

So how much is the bundle with the plus discount?

Amherst_Wind_4 09 August, 2011 @ 14:12

@vicheous what the hell are you talking about steep price!? This is probably the best retail-game-on-psn price there has ever been!!

This is a great move with the price, I’m very tempted but how big are the downloads Akshay? Chances are that my hard drive is more likely to stop a purchase than my wallet is right now…


Hey Amherst_Wind_4

Well altogether its bout 10 GB but here’s a breakdown of each title size:

SC : 2.5 GB
SCPT : 2.9 GB
SCCT : 4.8 GB

What system are they ported from.


Hey vonhammer

They’re PC Ports

OMG A classic game. A deffo must have for me and a PS+ discount tops it off just nicely

This is how Digital Content should be done, Without over charging a left ear for it. The Bundle should still be a few quid cheaper than buying seperately :)

woohoo splinter cell :)

Oh and…No discount on the bundle for PS+ subbers?


Splinter cell is great, the to expansions not so great. No discount for buying the bundle?

like to point out that the games are actually in the 80% region not 90% on metacritic

kinda misleading isn’t it?


Hey Roxas598

Besides SCPT bot SC and SCCT have a game rating of above 90.
No intent to mislead anybody, i assure you :)


Will be picking up bundle……just need to find psn card,most stores are out of them

Does a person who came up with these prices and plus discounts have brain? Bundle should be 25 euros with additional plus 20% discount.


Individually: 29.97€
Bundle: 29.99€

Wow! Buying the bundle saves you so much!

OMG!!!!!!!! had no idea when theese games were out tomorrow GUTTED i would buy all 3 , but thanks to riots my car was blown up & place i worked in basically gone to , i love theese games anyone who hasnt played em they are superb , everyone who gets them you are in for a treat ! GUTTED 8(

JordanBlack68 09 August, 2011 @ 14:31

Good price too, its £23.86 on shopto, but if you are plus, you get a discount, so its cheaper.

What’s the size of the downloads?! Us with the 60GB’s don’t have too much space…so might have to wait for the disc release…


Hey Coheno

SC : 2.5 GB
SCPT : 2.9 GB
SCCT : 4.8 GB

Hey you feeling okay Ubisoft these prices are the same as retailers and a month ahead of them. Quick Question does Pandora have the multiplayer with it?


Hey Wraxend

No multiplayer.

Sweet! That’s great value and I welcome the fact that you can buy them separately. Nice.

Something that I’m not buying then.

H_U_2_4_1_F_A 09 August, 2011 @ 14:38

WOWEEEE. I was getting bored with all the good games coming out from next month. Still, I may decide to buy it in Game, so that I can trade it in after.


How about the file sizes?



SC : 2.5 GB
SCPT : 2.9 GB
SCCT : 4.8 GB

Nice, but kinda sucks that you must wait extra month for Disc version what i prefer more, it will be hard to choose with this and resident evil 4 HD :(

i must say, the ps blog has such a loyal comunaty, i always see same people comment! i mean look at most of the posts, around 30 comments! not that big but hey the people who comment on the blog are always commenting! atleast we all know each other :)

I would like to know which versions these are ported from. Xbox versions were far superior to the PS2 ones.


PC Ports which is the XBox games :D


will get all 3 tomorrow then this is a great surprise will cancel my preorder.

I’m still hoping convictions gonna be put on PS3


each game will have a platinum? hope so


Yep :D
Each game has its own platinum trophy, so if u buy the bundle you get 3 trophies to unlock.

I dont think I can believe it!? It’s actually cheaper on the store than retail HOLY S*** That must be a first! Well done on the awesome price guys!


No thx, I’ll get this on Blu Ray so I have them all on one disc instead of having to download them all seperately and taking up space..

And it’s not cheaper than retail out here, the same..


@11 PC.

That bundle price really made me laugh.

Hmmm why not to give 20% discount for bundle?? (PS+ users)

Agreed, a discount on the Bundle for Plus people would have been… smart.


Good price for HD remakes, hopefully others will do them for the same price.

@37 The RRP here in england is £30 but you can find it mostly at £25 and a few places at £20 so it’s still pretty awesome.


can’t wait. defo getting which means might have to wait on the psn play offer. can you clairfy if ps plus will get a discount on the whole bundle or just two of the 3 games. thanks in advance.


if the big company’s weren’t so money hungry, we where still be able to play the ps2 version on our ps3. The whole reason sony removed the backwards game compatibility, So they can overcharge us with these ports that are hardly even HD

No buy for me. I already own these games, so why pay for them again.


yeah give us a bundle plus discount please your not seriously gonna charge more for the bundle are you big mistake on a otherwise good deal oh and i see not further developments on putting in multiplayer in chaos theroy oh did i say putting in sorry i meant putting back in as your scrapping it right? in this oh so better version not happy at all we all thought the extra time was you realiseing your mistake remember your last post when the question was posed may people were walking away at that point and rightly so you cant take away a good co-op mode and call it a better version so well? it in or what? no yeah thought so… complete rip off to not include something like that might just get the other 2 an advantage you dont have with the retail disc eh?



£23.86 @ Shopto for retail disc!!

I think i would buy the each title why when you buy a bundle you get 3 files to download if the bundle was cheaper i & others will get the bundle.

i always thought if you buy bulk goods you get things cheapers development costs etc most bundles you see live the avatars are cheap & certain games.

but kudos UBISoft for a realistic price cheaper then the RRP & same amount as assassin creed brotherhood. :)

ps when was sam fisher when the UK-Roits?


this does have analog stick aiming right? not some sort of auto-aim


No auto-aim system

Picking up the bundle tomorrow, awesome news

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