Resistance 3 Multiplayer Reveal: Alice Springs

If you’ve been following Resistance 3 coverage over the last few months, one of the cool features of our game is that many of our main multiplayer maps take place outside of the United States (where the single-player campaign focuses on Joseph Capelli’s harrowing journey from Haven, Oklahoma to New York City). In the multiplayer beta, you will find the Trainyard map, set in sunny Bogota, Colombia, as well as the Seaside map set in Glamorgan, Wales, UK. Earlier this year, we revealed the Prison MP map, which is set in Fort Lamy, Republic of Chad in Africa.

Today we’re revealing the fourth of our major 16-player maps for Resistance 3. This map brings the fight to the Australian Outback, as the Main Street of Alice Springs, Australia is our latest MP map. Situated in the Northern Territory of Australia, Alice Springs is a sun-baked, dusty, desert town in Australia.



The land down under has always had an interesting place in the lore of Resistance, being the site of a gigantic refugee camp called Avalon One, and for years remaining a safe Haven even as Europe fell. Unfortunately, the enormous amount of refugees strained food supplies, and Civil War erupted in 1952. Eventually, as with everywhere else on the planet, the Chimera arrived. Now the remnants of civilization on the continent fight back in one of the most inhospitable climates to the Chimeran menace.

The Alice Springs map is one of my favorite maps for its small town feel, with many small interiors perfect for close-quarters combat. Want to see it in action? Check out the video below:

The Resistance is continuing worldwide, with humanity fighting back for survival on every continent. We’re looking forward to you getting to check out the Main Street, Alice Springs MP map in Resistance 3 when it launches in Australia and New Zealand on 8 September.

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Awesome finally a game with aussie states

SpeedyRyan-_- 09 August, 2011 @ 01:52

Will the beta have ps move support? If not will you be releasing a ps move video? Please answer I’ve asked this question on every resistance post, looking forward to the game.


Looks brilliant :)

Bloody_Marcel 09 August, 2011 @ 02:06


The Beta won’t support PlayStation Move but you can look at the one and only Resistance 3 PlayStation Move Analysis currently available right here (based on the single player campaign):

how are that some people able to see the video? I logged in with playstation id but still not able to see it.
What now? Sony wants us to pay in order to watch the video ?


Finally a US developer who doesn’t base the entire game in America! :D.

Awesome, would be nice to see a few extra touches added, like a handful of Inland Taipans slithering around to deal with campers for instance. :p

Am I the only one who reckons that diner ought to be a pub?

This game is looking fantastic, definately purchasing!

Looks great, shame about the drop in multiplayer numbers though.

That’s great! a game with Aussie multiplayer maps, it has to be a first I think.

off topic but I just wanted to ask. Will SCEE be introducing the PSN PLAY scheme or is it SCEA only?


yeah they are, go to the next blog page and in the playstation blog recap its the 10th link down

Run and gun, still.
Im buying for closure on awesome series/campaign, might try online for like 1h max, but simply not my cup of tea.

And players online move as rollerskaters on uppers, which looks as hilarious as its also annoying.
Cant wait for the campaign though..

Lol, i just read this on the U.S blog and i was like. WOW!!
You legends!

Cannot wait :)

The beta is meant to go up for Plus members tomorrow, though by the sound of it the servers are in no fit state…

The biggest thing stopping me from buying ressistance 3 is the TINY online! its 16 players only!!! im sorry but compared to ressistance 2, this game will be so duled down.

I got ressistance 2 from my x-friend about 2 weeks ago and even though the graphics are abit behind now, the game is so chaotic! ressistance 3 is defently a no buy for me as soon as i heard 16 players online, sorry :(

(not hating on the game)

…ressistance 2: 60 players online.

obiadekanobi1980 09 August, 2011 @ 11:35

wow talk about a no win gun theres loads the more i see of this the more i worry the characters look like there on rails when they run i think that the multiplayer was left behind to concentrate on the singleplayer…….


bring on the campaign i want closure but i bet there wont be and the end will be a precursor for another game……

and please its the west wales coast NOT the silly yankee name of seaside of glamorgan wales you guys should do your homework when including places we live.

bring on the beta just to show im wrong… god i hope im wrong….

Looks like a fun map. And I actually like that they toned down the numbers of online players. 60 was to much. To chaotic.


My Playsations got the Yellow Light of Death and just doesn’t want to work anymore. I looked around and all technical experts employed about this fault found it was the same problem; gas build up on the board causing cracks in the solder. It was even on watchdog. I still have months of PS+ and nothing to use it on, shame it broke before the Vita launched I would have prob bought one. Sony told me it was my fault for not venting it right, but it’s on a tv stand right next to my window. I’ve been with Sony since PS1 and I’m very dissapointed (Both my PS1 and PS2 still work….) First all my info’s hacked, the my console packs in all together. Poor show.


i know what you mean man, i got the YLOD mid way through 2009 and my life got so boaring (no joke) then i got a ps3 slim for xmas 2009 and still working to this verry day, same with my friends! you should buy a ps3 slim: p.s: i had 3 ps3s all together.

by the way please stop spamming what your saying, thanks! :D

Really getting hyped for this now :D


Looks stunning, the progress they made from Resistance 2, just graphically and technically, is unbelievable.. Did they have a talk with the guys from Guerilla maybe?

Why are they still uploading trailers from Resistance 2 oh wait…

Meh i’ve lost interest in the series they seem too far behind other AAA FPS.

quick knifing!? what is this 2008? Why didnt they make a nicer melee system like in killzone or battlefield :(

chrisredfield_97 09 August, 2011 @ 17:51

i can’t wait to play the R3 beta i’ve been waiting months for thios beta thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AProphetofFortun 09 August, 2011 @ 21:26

Awesome. Good to see some Aus references being made in games. I am a bit tired of US settings for everything.

@ #21

Your hardware problems have nothing to do with this game or its multiplayer. Take your issue up with Sony directly, not on a blog.

@ AProphetofFortun

i mean absouloutly no disrespect to sony but….

they will blame him for that hardware problem (YLOD) trust me ive had it 3 times.

It’s good that something is going in Australia for once because in every movie/game there is stuff said about ever other place on this earth but Australia/New Zealand.
Now I’ll be wait to see if NZ gets any maps

Hope I don’t meet that guy online *gulp*


Naughty Dog didn’t base either of their currently released games in America.
I’m looking forward to playing the beta when it is released for PS+ which I (think) is today.


beta is out aand guess what? matchmaking is offline only private server making is available oww joy

thats what you get if you dont test this game earlyer if the servers having problems on a beta ( when games almost comes out) then i dont see a glorious future when this game will be released official.

for all game developers these problems you can avoid if you start earlyer with beta/alpha testing.


Matchmaking still down… the game’s due for release soon and the multi-players going to be a glitch-packed mess.
Sorry but looking at the state that multi-player is in right now, I think I’l pick up the game pre-owned and give multi-player a miss.

hey TheDarkArk if u get it preowned then you’ll have to buy the online pass from store, it says so on ticker on ßeta main menu bit bummed about matchmaking though…. the 2.01 update due tonight according to .. anyone up for private game add me ….

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