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Showcasing the best in digital design, The Studio brings to PlayStation a collection of Static and Dynamic Themes for PS3 and PSP.

We have partnered with Studio Output, one of the world’s most tuned-in creative design and production companies, to help us curate The Studio collection and ensure only the finest offerings in everything from urban street art to illustration are included.

Since The Studio lunched in April we have released over 40 Themes from some of the most coveted and cutting edge graphic and digital artists, illustrators and graphic designers around the world. The Studio collection on PlayStation Store is now one of the greatest showcases of digital art anywhere in the world and they are all available for you to download.

Take a look at some of the amazing Themes that have launched on The Studio in the last month.

Today, we are launching 6 new Themes on PlayStation Store for PS3 ranging from 3D animation, street art to illustration. First up here are a few of my favourites from those launching this week:

Dazzle Eye Dynamic Theme by MVM
“Dazzle” refers to the graphic pattern. It was originally developed for the navy during World War 1 to bewilder the enemy and make it hard for the enemy to recognize ships by “erasing” the contours and the shapes. The whole Dazzle Eye concept is to mildly confuse the spectator.

Gimp Galaxy Dynamic Theme by Bob London
Bob London draws pictures for editorial, advertising and clothing clients on the Earth. He lives and works in a black hole. And this Theme is a view of a galaxy far, far away, where a field of living Gimp asteroids moves through the Universe, to boldly go where no field of living Gimp asteroids has gone before’

Big Bang P1 Static Theme by Mr Jago & Andrew McAttee P1
We asked 2 artists with alternative styles to liven up our office canteen wall. The result is a fantastic mash up of styles that we liked so much we turned it into a Theme. This is Part 1, with more to come. Take a look at the video to see how it was created.

Plus, we have 3 other great Themes available

Mobile Dynamic Theme by Sonbr

Beyond Reality Static Theme by Sicksystems

Eye See You Static Theme by Mago

In a world where art and gaming continue to converge, the digital creations on offer at The Studio are the ultimate design accessories for your PS3 or PSP. Available to download from just €0.99 to €2.99* each, you can choose from a wide range of Static and Dynamic themes for the XMB.

And don’t forget Subscribers to PlayStation Plus will be able to take advantage of a number of exclusive deals and offers, including six free themes a year and a 20% discount on all Themes in The Studio collection.

With more Themes being added each month The Studio is an ever expanding collection of the world’s most cutting-edge art allowing you to turn your PS3 or PSP into a personalised digital gallery.

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not to sound rood but why pay? i would like you to check out this website

The Studio has some amazing dynamic themes, I have most of them. Very cutting edge designs that look great. What about the world’s first 3D dynamic theme? That would be awesome. Also must put videos in store, a few dynamic themes lack videos.

What happened to the free HOME T-Shirt we were supposed to receive for purchasing a Studio theme when they launched? We’re still waiting… :(

I love the studio themes, got a couple of them thanks to the plus discount.

Also agree with spydude in that it would be great to have 3D dynamic themes and is a missed opportunity atm


The main issue I have with themes is them not being updated like the Air Paint one. It’s annoying when there’s a new or redesigned icon and the theme is just outdated and doesn’t have it. Maybe I’m just too picky… The Sackboy on the Run theme was so amazing but now it’s missing all the new icons. :\

It’d also be cool if you could mix ‘n’ match them, like use the icons from one theme with the background of another.


what would be even better if we could create our own themes (icons+backround)

@Dark-Twisted: Mixing icons, themes and backgrounds would be the best. Some backgrounds are awesome but the icons are to bright or just to god damn ugly.

My favorite The Studio-dynamic theme is the one with the skateboard dog :)

brucewillis215 10 August, 2011 @ 17:09

@davie222 we can i have a software for that it’s pretty easy and i mean themes. just google it and you find it. and i think that sony gave it out soo it’s not ilegal.

PS3/PSP/Vita music visualisation, now there’s area that could/would benefit from The Studio’s output.

@ brucewillis215

yeah on a pc, but im talking about on a ps3 because some people like me dont have a pc!

@taurus82 and @ brucewillis215

Themes and Music Visualisation are not the same thing

I’m in the hall already
On the wall already
I am work of art
I am Warhol already
(c) Jay-Z

It’s all about TV with The Studio theme.

Please keep support these talented masters!

The Studio’s themes are really great. Though some of them feel a little too busy and make it hard to read the XMB.

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