Herculean Task: Remastering God Of War: Collection Volume II For PS3

Re-mastering both of the God of War PSP games in full HD for the PS3 God of War: Collection Volume II definitely had its share of challenges for us. The first goal we had was simply the daunting task of up-rezing the engine and content authored on a PSP running at 480 x 272 resolution and 30 frames per second to 1920 x 1080p at a steady 60 fps on the PS3. This required a custom PS3 version of our engine, coded in-house exclusively for Collection II, as well as a painstaking process by art team. We ended up going through every single character in the game and doubling or tripling polygon count by hand, as well as up-rezing and re-painting every texture across both games at 4x resolution on both characters and environments.

Being gluttons for punishment, we also decided from the beginning of the project that just re-mastering content from PSP resolution to 1080p wasn’t necessarily challenging enough (as a quick aside…we were wrong), so we also wanted to take advantage of our custom PS3 engine and try to implement full stereoscopic 3D support. After a first pass of 3D implementation and careful playthroughs of both games in 3D, we identified certain trouble areas with and addressed them with techniques such gas near-screen fading on certain particles and camera focal plane compensation for a smooth and enjoyable 3D experience. The quality of the final result of the 3D on Collection II so surprised us that it actually sold myself and a number of others on the team 3D TVs in general. Personally I wouldn’t want to play the games any other way after being able to experience it firsthand.

Besides adding up-scaling in-game content and 3D support, there was one other challenge that is worth noting (and elicited groans of despair from both artists and programmers alike). Between Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta we had over an hour of pre-rendered cinematics, and the gap in video resolution between our PSP source footage and full HD was so extreme that no matter how many custom video up-scale solutions we tried, there was just a glaring quality difference between the 1080P real-time gameplay and the video. It was pretty demoralizing for us to play the game in beautiful HD and hit a cinematic trigger where Kratos looked like he was rendered through a dirty sock, so we realized we would just have to bite the bullet and properly re-render all cinematics in full 1080p. To do this we ported all of our cinematic scenes to the PS3 and, months and terabytes of data later, had every single frame re-rendered in HD through the new Collection’s engine. From there we had to up-rez all of the post production effects and re-composite every single cinematic again in HD, giving us a final result that blended seamlessly with the in-game quality.

Needless to say, all of the above made for quite a laborious process for us, but we were set on doing justice to the original games that we put so much blood, sweat, and tears into. We hope this effort really pays off for God of War fans able to experience both PSP games in glorious 1080p!

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nice :)
I missed out on Ghost of Sparta so looking forward to this

Good to hear alphanash, Ghost of Sparta is well worth playing :)


same as u alpha got chains of olympus but sold my psp so couldnt get ghost of sparta but now im pretty damn happy :p

im thinking of buying all the god of war collections+ god of war 3 all together

i completed chains of olimpus and it was a fantastic game! but i need to know, is kratos actuly dead? will there be a god of war 4? maby on ps4?

Played both games considerable times, but still looking forward to playing them on the PS3.
I hope we can exchange gamesaves between the PS3 & VITA too?


same! i mised out on ghost of spata! it looks so good!


why sell your psp?


agreed! imagine killing people with the back touch pad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have played until Completion: God of War 1-3, so the PSP remasters are a must buy for me :)

Nice one.

Nice, that looks wonderful! I can’t wait to see what you guys at Ready At Dawn do next though :D I still want to see that new IP you guys were working on :/

Same here would love to see what comes next from the guys, hoping to have a studio feature on them on PlayStation.com in the near future – so look out for it.


ha! that sounds like a rime!


probally a god of war 4, for the ps4/ps vita :)


I think these HD collections (ICO+SoC, MGS: Peace Walker, etc) are an excellent idea. We all know that the PSP is more the main console in countries with smaller living areas, where as in the west it’s our second console after the PS3. This gives us PS3 owners the chance to experience the other half of this generation of games we missed.

I personally bought a PSP just for Valkyria Chronicles 2. I hope those that didn’t get the chance to play this and many other PSP games in HD that they may otherwise miss out on.

Bravo for the dedication to a good and solid port rather than a cheap cash in.


Nice, still i want Vita, but GoW from PSP goes to PS3 instead Vita :D

devilwithoutfear 12 August, 2011 @ 15:04

This is a good port indeed.
But why don’t we get a code to get the deimos costume for GOWIII?

Immortal-Wolf- 12 August, 2011 @ 15:12

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I will only buy HD versions of games i haven’t played in the past & these are 2 of them so i can’t wait to play them ;P

(Ok i have played those but i would buy that day 1)


I already have both the games on PSP, can I get the remastered version for free? ;)


yeah i know….its so good to have hd ports on ps3 !!!!!!!!


im worried about the vita battary life :(




Got em on psp but I’ll be getting them again to play on bigscreen and collect some trophies

hey. getting this.
one thing. how long did it take you porting the games? hoping alot of other devs gets on this train. hoping for a valkyria chronicles 2+3 hd version!!

love how GoW is one of the first games to do the hdthing. first 1+2 ps2 hd (then the wave was started), now the psp hd wave.. come on!!

Looks great! Any ideas on the price and release?

Carnivius_Prime 12 August, 2011 @ 15:41

Great stuff. Looking to playing through these again in HD with trophies on my PS3 and enjoying them as much if not more than I did on the PSP. :D

almighty-slayer 12 August, 2011 @ 15:47

Must say, it looks as though you’ve done a fantastic job and put a lot of hard work into making it great! Thanks!

I’ll definitely be buying this and doing my best to add 2 more God of War platinums to my collection ;)

Awesome! I wish Uncharted 2 Full Game would be in the Store as I can’t find it anywhere!

yes more god of war for ps3, i’ve played all gow 1-3, now i’ll get to play the psp ones, thats awesome!!!


yep no need to pay again.


low price oviously and end of year.


its to big to be in ps store :(

Hi there,

Is there any chance you can release new copies of the original God Of War Collection with a Classics HD cover?

You know, for the sake of coherency :)



what do you mean?

Nice to see people not cutting corners and not getting the games up to 60fps.
Thanks and you have my money which will in turn go into your wages which you can then spend on me :-)


HA! that must make them feel good :)

Dont know why but never played the god of war games and i have god of war 1 2 3 here on PS3. Just never got round to playing them.

i’ve already played both psp games so i don’t think i will be buying this HD collection, i have too many games to buy anyway.

can’t wait for this and final fantasy x

The God of War games on PSP may be overlooked by some after seeing the amazingness that wa God of War 3 but they are easily my favourite PSP games ever and even though I have beaten both, I’m tempted to get this version just for the trophies.

Thanks Ready at Dawn for making such awesoem games and thanks also for the amazing and laborious work in getting them ported to the PS3 so well.

As I said on US PS blog, great job guys! Can’t wait to get this game on day 1 :)

The effort you are putting into these remasters is much appreciated. Great job guys.

Just take my money right now :)

HaRRy-HatCHeT 12 August, 2011 @ 21:28

Really looking forward to get my hands on this collection because I’ve never played any of these as I don’t own a PSP :(….But ever since all the HD collections started coming out, my first reaction was “God I hope they do a HD collection of GOW on PSP for PS3” I can’t thank you enough that its happening, I’m so excited & happy about this I could you a great big ‘bro hug’ ;) as my way of saying thank you….(BRO HUG!!!) :D :D :D

HaRRy-HatCHeT 12 August, 2011 @ 21:30

Sorry, just noticed the typo *Give you a great big ‘bro hug’ :)

Nice read, looks great. Count nme in.


Chains of Olympus is probably my favourite game in the series, so I’ll definitely be buying the Collection for that, but Ghost of Sparta? Eh, worst game in the series as far as I’m concerned. Gameplay was a step backwards from GoW3 (no combat grapple?), there was way too much fighting (not enough puzzles to break up the pace) and a number of the enemies were really unbalanced (especially the wraiths, whose underground attacks are unblockable and almost impossible to dodge). So unless you guys have fixed those problems (and I don’t expect you have), GoS will probably end up being the only GoW I don’t bother getting the platinum for.

Still really excited to play Chains of Olympus in HD though.

residentSteve 13 August, 2011 @ 07:34

Please don’t call it volume 2 that’s a rubbish name origins collection is a much better name.


So much better and clean graphics than PSP’s :D

dr_who_boy109 13 August, 2011 @ 12:11

good that I shall play

i looks like your effort was worth it.
what a shame i dont like god of war, there would be plenty of nice stuff to play for me :)

played 1,2,3 so cant wait to get my grubby hands on this game, so glad they coming out on the ps3

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