CUBIXX HD Launches On PlayStation Store Tomorrow

I’m Ross and I work as a Games Tester for Laughing Jackal. Laughing Jackal are the developer of classic PSN minis such as Duael Invaders, Ace Armstrong vs. the Alien Scumbags, Vibes, the forthcoming OMG-Z and, of course, Cubixx.

Today I’m here to talk to you about Cubixx HD the sequel to Cubixx coming soon exclusively to PlayStation 3. Cubixx HD is a modern-day take on classic area capture games such as Qix, but with an awesome twist: Instead of a 2D game field, Cubixx HD expands this addictive game concept across all six sides of a cube. That’s six times the danger and six times the fun.

Following on from the success of Cubixx we’ve added more; lots more, in fact.  Cubixx HD now features 50 levels of Arcade action playable in both single player and 7 player Co-Op.  All these levels are also playable in Time Attack, Score Attack and Line Attack modes, with up to 7 players competing at once and featuring over 150 online leaderboards.

That’s not all! There are also 50 super-addictive Challenges, plus – for the more competitive among you – the mayhem of Deathmatch mode, again for up to 7 players.

Cubixx HD also features a whole new cast of enemies. Aside form the returning Cubixx and Line Chasers there are the villainous Homers who will chase after you and slow you down, Asteroids who rain down death and destruction upon you and the Black Hole which sucks everything towards it.

As you can see, I’m a massive fan of Cubixx HD but obviously I’m going to be a bit biased seeing as I worked on this fantastic game, so how does this little quote from Official PlayStation Magazine UK’s 8 out of 10 review for Cubixx HD sound?

“The controls are smooth, the soundtrack is brilliantly pitched, and not since we had a post-op morphine pump has anything screamed ‘just one more go’ louder. It’s adamantium-boulder tough at times, but there’s never anyone to blame for failure but yourself. And for the stubborn among us, that’s the killer.”

So, grab on to your Cubot and join us for the amazing arcade action of Cubixx HD.

While you wait with anticipation for Cubixx HD to arrive on the store, why not get a head start in your quest for the top of the leaderboards using our Top Tips video?:

Cubixx HD is coming soon to PSN exclusively for PS3.

Join us!
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8 Author replies

This sort of game with 7 player support sounds great.

Can’t wait to give it a try.

Ross Brierley 16 August, 2011 @ 12:13

Thanks. Hope you enjoy it tomorrow.


Looks like its from the tv show “The Cube”

Every time i buy an Arcade game i play 5 hours.That’s why i rarely byu games from ps store only if they deserve it.This one looks pretty cool,but i cant wait for Journey.Journey its just like a Painting!I love it,cant wait ^__^

It’s a mini, right? I’m assuming because of Laughing Jackal being a mini developer…

Ross Brierley 16 August, 2011 @ 13:56

No this one is our first full PS3 game :)

Wow that’s great. Mmmmm…trophies…

Ross Brierley 17 August, 2011 @ 10:51

Trophies and as it’s not a mini we done Multiplayer as well :)

Great was going to ask where this game had got to later to Ross but no need now.

The clean lines and art style of Cubixx HD could make an interesting PS3 music visualisation, do you have experience in this area?

Ross Brierley 17 August, 2011 @ 11:43

I’ll pass on your comment. See what our more technically gifted people say :)

Pass it on, or suffer my stubbornness/persistence with regular twitter activity, until there is a definitive answer?

Ross Brierley 17 August, 2011 @ 12:49


Pass it on, or suffer my stubbornness/persistence with regular twitter activity, until there is a definitive answer.

Ross Brierley 17 August, 2011 @ 16:25

Been told we can’t do any PS3 music visualisation but there will be some Cubixx HD Themes :)

#7 agreed…
It would be nice to see ANY new music visualisations for the XMB, however something like Cubixx could work well.

Ross Brierley 17 August, 2011 @ 17:13

Cubixx HD is now available on the store. We’ve also got two other games coming out on PSN this week OMG-Z and Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death :) go check them out

VincentVendetta 18 August, 2011 @ 00:59

When can we expect Cubixx HD in North America?

Ross Brierley 18 August, 2011 @ 10:10

We should be announcing a North American release date soon. keep an eye on for more news :)

Can’t or won’t?
Themes are hardly an alternative to a beautifully coded visualisation that reacts to every beat and note.

Ross Brierley 18 August, 2011 @ 11:43

Can’t is what I’ve been told.

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