PS Vita Social Applications And New Games Revealed At Gamescom


PlayStation Vita’s promise of pairing the cutting-edge game experiences PlayStation is famed for with the always connected, social experiences modern consumers are used to, all in a sleek portable device, became clearer at gamescom.

At the SCEE press conference we learned that facebook, twitter, Skype and Foursquare applications will be available on Vita alongside such social features as:

Near: find out what your friends in the vicinity are playing now or what they were playing recently. Meet new players virtually, regardless of what games they are playing, simply by sharing their game information across different dimensions of time and distance.

Party: Enjoy voice chat or text chat not only during online gaming, but also when users are playing different games or using different applications such as the internet browser.

SCEE President and CEO Andrew House declared that “PlayStation is about games and PlayStation Vita is a breakthrough portable entertainment system that will thrill gamers.” We saw even more examples unveiled in Resistance Burning Skies, a new Resistance experience developed specifically for PS Vita featuring an all-new timeline, levels, and environments, and Escape Plan, a slapstick puzzle game where you use touch controls to guide Lil and Laarg through a labyrinth of booby traps.

This is in addition to such previously announced first-party games as Uncharted: Golden Abyss and WipEout 2048, as well as strong support from third-party publishers, with Assassin’s Creed and FIFA joining BioShock, Call of Duty and Virtua Tennis as top game series confirmed for PlayStation Vita.

This isn’t all that was announced at the SCEE gamescom press conference: be sure to read our posts on the PS3 price cut and the unveiling of the brand new PSP E-1000 model. You can also watch the full press conference right here on PlayStation.Blog until 6pm BST / 7pm CET on Wednesday.

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Facebook and Twitter? Sweeeeeeet!

Star-date 16th august 2011 the day PS3 DIED nice work SCEE good job that i didn’t hold my breath like i expected a crap recycle Tripe.

it all about vita just 2 new games 1 new, 1 half a game R.I.P PSP new PSP for the low pay, no features & a EU dear 3D telly.

YOU SAID YOU LISTEN THIS conference PROVES IT I‘m not holding my breath for SCEJ TGS repeating the same crap you pulled look on EG see the commets you are a [DELELED] JOKE.

And Party, when will be available on PS3????

Yuk! 4Square! Now that’s a ‘social network’ that deserves a coup de grâce immidiatly. ^_^ I understand you want it as a feature as it is quite popular these theys, but not a single part of my body, and especially not my brain, is thinking about constantly ‘checking in’ so marketeers and other peeping toms can know where I’m hanging out. :P

I like the Streetpass-like Near though. It’s quite addictive on 3DS to have your system constantly in standby on the road and having ‘met’ other players and be able to share some stupid incentives with them, without having to spill your own privacybeans to everybody on the net :)

James Gallagher 17 August, 2011 @ 12:06

Near is perhaps my favourite Vita feature so far and I’m going to be pushing hard to find out how devs are using it in my interviews this week.

Awesome. Even more exited about PS Vita now. Near, Live Area, Resistance: Burning Skies and Assassin’s Creed is awesome. Oh and Uncharted: Golden Abyss of course.


Cross game chat on PS3!!!!

StriderHiryu1989 16 August, 2011 @ 19:59

PS Vita keeps on impressing but am sad there was no release date for the UK… Hopefully TGS will address a global release schedule and not just for Asia alone.

Like to see @ TGS hopefully the CAPCOM and SEGA games that are in development for the Ultimate Portable that I’m getting so impatient lol :p

Great show Uncharted 3 is truly awesome!

When will you show gameplay of the call of duty for PSV?

James Gallagher 17 August, 2011 @ 12:07

I think it’s still a way out so don’t expect any footage from here at gamescom, I’m afraid.

Resistance : :( (let die this IP Sony, I hope the sales go well but..)

LBP : Another LBP?! Not for me.

Escape Plan : MUST-BUY.

Twitter does work on the PSP too, you just have to refresh your page to see any new tweet, you can reply, retweet, tweet, DM and whatever else twitter does.

The more the better though :D, quite surprised Vita has Skype considering Microsoft recently brought Skype but again glad to hear it.

Titchy_Penguin 16 August, 2011 @ 20:10

I presume Party Chat thing will be on Ps3 and vita as you and cross play with Ps3

You made me sad sony :( NOOO gravity gameplay!!! So when is Tokyo game show….

Moaners always moaning since 2009.

Saw that the vita is going to get cross game chat, WHEN WILL PS3 BE ALLOWED THIS?! You better be planning some kind of great unveiling of it all soon that you can also chat to vita players or something on your ps3! We’ve been waiting years!

I didn’t really mind about PSV the first time i saw it,but now,with all these features and these Awsome games i cant resist.I will buy it next summer.The most important reason why i will buy PSV is Shinobido 2,it looks awsome,when it comes in EUrope i will buy PSV.Sony should show this game a bit more.Anyway,the price is Great too!

Obviously nobody knew that FIFA would come to PS Vita… It comes to every single console.

Really excited to hear a release date for the Vita!

I will not buy this product until PSP Media Go is available for the Mac. We are customers as well.

So surely if possible on the ps vita then this “party chat” could work on ps3 aswell I no that I won’t get a reply because if it will work on ps3 you will wait to officially announce it but I think that you may be planning something like this Sony (;


Psvita looks awesome near & the live area look ms sweeeet games for it look amazing Sony once again well be owning nintendo with the 3DS

Good news about the Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook and Skype apps – any news if these will be official apps, or is Sony making their own apps for each?

James Gallagher 17 August, 2011 @ 17:36

That’s a good question that I’ll try to find out.

Doctor_Banzai 17 August, 2011 @ 14:22

Let’s just hope that Sony will make a better job of supporting Vita than they did with PSP. Remember when PSP was the next big thing? Wifi, web (lol), UMD movies (bigger lol). All these supposedly killer features and Sony just dropped the ball big-time. Good luck Vita, I genuinely hope it does well. Sony, pull your socks up and start listening to what people want instead of telling us what you think we want, and support your customers AND your products.

I am very excited about PS Vita, come on Sony tell us the European launch date,but please get your pricing right with the games,no more of this nonsense of pricing downloadable games above RRP of umd’s.But in saying that I still want the PS Vita.

this is the only thing that can replace our ps3s!



just like what you got you ungreatfull person.


thats a dream :(

James Gallagher

myne is party :D


i hope TGS is live streamed in home!

ps vita:2012


dont get your hopes up.


i know, why cant they be happy with what they get!


alot of people want it :( dont expect it.


your defently getting what you payed for!


2012 mait.


i think develepors choose to put it in like cross game music e.g: killzone 2


hell yeah!


i agree! sony did not care about the psp.


all ps vita games: £39.99 (retail)

lol skookie30 belongs in an asylum


Far out Davie needs to learn not to double post.
He does it all the time but god.. look at that!


I still don’t really understand what the 3G is for.. I got the wi-fi one pre ordered but I’m still thinking of changing it to the one with 3G just in case.. What are the advantages on top of wi-fi and will there be an extra price connected to this (on top of the 3G model being more expensive, for a subscription for example)?
These are questions that need answering before it releases.. I googled some of it but found no concrete answers (for my country)..

As silly as it sounds I don’t play my PSP outdoors much, normally when I go out it’s for a reason so I don’t game too. But I am a fan of gaming on my sofa with headphones while other people watch the TV and whatnot… all quiet and in my own world. So I’ll grab the WiFi version I think.

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