PlayStation Home: Dead Island And Gamescom 2011

In honour of forthcoming zombie survival game Dead Island, hop on a plane from PlayStation Home‘s Home Square to take a trip to the once beautiful resort of Banoi. Hack, slash, bludgeon, shoot, decapitate, and dismember swarms of zombies in a series of bloody, hyper-violent challenges in the Zombie Survivor Game. Complete all 10 challenges to unlock the “Exploding Zombie Bait”, a mega-powerful weapon for use in Dead Island that can only be acquired by surviving the undead onslaught in PlayStation Home.


It’s only a matter of time before the walking dead roam the land! How prepared are you? If a zombie showed up at your door, would you know what to do? Would you run or would you fight? Are you a Zombie Slayer, a Zombie Survivor, a Zombie’s best friend or just Zombie Fodder? Take the Zombie Survival Quiz NOW! Once you’ve shown that your king or queen of the zombies, snap some pictures of yourself posing with some flesh eating friends in the Dead Island PS Home Photo Shoot game.



This week the gamescom expo hits Cologne in Germany; don’t worry if you missed out on the SCEE press conference, we’ll be screening highlights in the gamescom space alongside a whole host of trailers from this year’s event. This space also features global travel so this is the ideal opportunity to mingle with your Home cousins from around the world. Enjoy!


Have you heard the latest? The hottest place to party these days is Dolly’s Diner. Dolly’s throwing Lindyhops and Bopps every weekend now! What do you mean you don’t have anything to wear? Lockwood’s just launched a whole range of rockabilly party wear so you can dance the night away 1950s style!


Guys can either adopt the classic greaser look with a cool leather jacket and a slick pompadour or opt for a preppier look in understated 50s inspired shirts and trousers. The girls have the choice of a sassy day look with tie-up blouses and cropped pants, or a breezy evening dress and sweeping over the shoulder hairstyle. Although of course, no-one at the store’s going to stop you buying both! There’s also a stylish selection of aviator jackets.


Get to the store, get your hair done and then call up all your diner-owning friends for an amazing retro party! You’ll be rocking and rolling in no time.


PlayStation Home publisher, Heavy Water, revisits their collection of virtual pets on Home under the Heavy Pets brand. Visit the PlayStation Home Shopping Centre where you can purchase companions, controllable in-apartment pets, or furniture pieces to show off your collection of unique Peeps. Take your Peep outside to show your friends or invite your friends over to let your Peep go wild – run and jump around your apartment like never before! Can’t decide which to get? Multiple bundles are available to fit your fancy. Grab the bundle for the one you like the best and get a companion, pet, and furniture item for a great price. Alternatively, pick one of the “Peep Packs” and get three styles of Peeps all at once. Can’t decide and want them all? The “Super Peep Pack” is also available, giving you all ten for a price that can’t be beaten!

New pets and creatures will be made available in the near future – stay in the loop by going to to see what’s in development. Comments, ideas, or requests? Drop an email to .

If you haven’t checked them out yet, Konami’s latest Gladiator items change colour based on your hair colour setting.

Mixing the various Gladiator items will still create a cohesive and unique armour set! This is a first for PlayStation Home so try them out!

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NIce update. and i hope they have fix all the bugs in all sodium spaces and such.

I am so disappointed by Sony’s conference at gamescom. I was expecting to see

Syphon filter 4 announced

Demand five and sky player announced for PS3

And most importantly PS2 classics introduced

On the subject of PS2 classics I don’t think we will ever get them as Sony is making loads of money from HD remakes and they can sell them for about £35 each, whilst PS2 classics on PSN would be around £8 to £10 each.

The moral and honest thing for Sony to do would be to introduce PS2 classics, however the smart and conniving thing to do would be to do more HD remakes, after all Sony is a business after all and they are going to make money no matter what their consumers want.

I feel like going to the nearest window and throwing my PS3 out and smashing it to smithereens and buying an Xbox.

Carnivius_Prime 17 August, 2011 @ 18:17

@playtoy_17 didn’t you post that nonsense elsewhere on this blog?

Finally – Dead Island! Can’t wait! :D

Could the SCEE managers update the SCEA SingStar space with the store? I’m asking here because SingStar is a SCEE space. Thanks.

Where is it

i can’t find it

Titchy_Penguin 17 August, 2011 @ 18:42

@3 yeah he did. How the hell would ps3 get sky player when it uses microsoft silverlight

playstation near is ps vitas playstation home. :D



Just go buy yourself a 360 then mate. See ya.


where is te dead island space because i cant find it. Is it even up yet


hi man, playstation home updates evry thursday.


For those asking where it is, Home doesn’t normally update until tomorrow.


bugs? not for me.


what would you do if you didnt watch it?





yeah but dont forget about the long matinence :(

DAVIE222 thanks very much


Hi, there has be a video leaked on the internet about a Home core client update, 1.55

Any news on this, like when it will be released?


no prob man, just remember, updated evry thursday!


The picture on this blog entry is so wrong in many ways.


one question: why is the U.S bowling alley and mall there when we cant even go in them?

Zero_Resistance 18 August, 2011 @ 16:01

I’m packing a bag and off to dead island.
BTW James can we have new content in the theatre please, it’s had the same stuff (more or less) since before the outage.

has anyone else notice the gate with elevators left of the bowling ally it looks awesome if anyone knows what it is plz tell me

N1nJa-H3LLKn1GhT 18 August, 2011 @ 19:43

I Love the Dead Island area because its Central Plaza from the U.S/Canada Home an they’ve open it to everyone so right now the U.S don’t got the central plaza to themself incase anyone didn’t notice you’ll notice the Ford Showroom behind the swtitched off dance floor which is a U.S Space only i think this is really good idea opning Central Plaza to eveyone that way those of us with U.S friends can invite them into the same area as us for once instead of only being able to invite them to our apartments

meh its nothing special


im afraid your wrong, U.S have there own servers so its impossable to meet them, and its wierd that we cant go in the mall!

.north america

they all have there own servers.

p.s: im loving the zombie game! :D


@ DAVIE222


What I will say is Japan are the only region to have it’s own version of home. The rest have exactly the same version, but with different features.

SCEE can add any of the other regions features to our HOME at any point in time, hence why you’re seeing some areas etc.

But as you say, we do have different servers so it’s impossible to have a US friend enter our HOME.

D4512 error is kicking me out of home constantly and has been for about a month now. I get booted from this new dead island space within 1 minute of being there with this error. I cant do anything as I cant even play games because it errors me out so quickly out of all spaces


what home needs:

.backround music/avatar sounds (home is way to quet)
.bieng able to eat and drink
.voice chat anywhere
.more party places
.way more annamation
.cheaper content
.ps move controll
.realistic graphics

But as a whole, playstation home is great.


Where is this Dollys Diner supposed to be, I can’t see it

I think that there should be a Playstation Home service on PSP 1000,2000 and 3000

What there’s a mall!!! I knew there USED to be one b4 I got a ps3 but if they might make the mall it would be much better I also saw the old psn on YouTube and it looked so much better,cleaner and more efficient i hope they bring it back


dead island is the U.S home square, thats why they still got the mall and we dont, we cant go in the mall because its apart of the U.S servers and we cant meet americans in playstation home.


there was, it was called playstation room and it was tested in october (i think) to march but was sadly canceled due to bad reports: it was a cartoon verion of home: but hey we might get it on ps vita! :D

Can u add friends on PSP?

so DAVIE222 they don’t have the home square like we do or do they and thx 4 ur previous message

Hamzah199 I dont think u can I tried with mine but I think the account is just for store and ps3


all region ps homes have diffrent places, our dead island place is actuly there home square, just to let you know you can invite friends from another region into your persinal space.


the PSP is not fully compatable with playstation network so you cant add people on it, although you can still play online on the PSP.
PSVITA will have a friends list and be fully compatable with playstation network.


OMG can’t wait
I haven’t played on PS Home for a while and I can’t wait to kick zombie-butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also I shall invite all my friends to play with me
Super Zombie Killing Party


Cant wait for this, zombies FTW who needs pirates or ninjas !

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