WipEout 2048 Bringing The Birth Of Anti-Grav Racing To PS VITA

The WipEout series is synonymous with PlayStation hardware launches and so there’s a warm feeling of familiarity to knowing that WipEout 2048 is coming to PlayStation Vita during the launch window.

The game focuses on the birth of Anti-grav racing and the Liverpool Studio team is keen to focus on how the architecture of the futuristic city shapes both look and gameplay. I caught up with Graeme Ankers and Stuart Tilley out in the sunshine between presentations.

It’s fantastic to see a new WipEout game on its way, particularly one that is looking to take the series in a new direction. We already know that it will support cross platform play allowing Vita and PS3 players to go head-to-head online and I’ve just learned that the soundtrack – a vital ingredient in the WipEout DNA – features new remixes of Underworld and Leftfield tracks from the original game, as well as a new track from Deadmau5.

Can’t wait!

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I hope that we will also have the ability to use our own music. Its one of the reason why I really enjoy Wipeout HD



That’s what I want! Two guys talking for ten minutes. Why couldn’t the Uncharted trailer be two guys talking?

Worth a watch for any WipEout fan.

The WipEout soundtracks have been perfect thus far, but then you add PoS Deadmau5?

I want a new wipeout on PS3 please sony please !!

avatar testing…..



I hope Sony will support this new WipEout, it will be a great game. WipEout deserves a solid community

mattmanunited 18 August, 2011 @ 00:28

Sony pull your thumb out of your as$ and fix the web browser, it is now impossible to watch anything on the 4od app because the web browser collapses and says “there is not enough memory. the window content was replaced with a blank page.”

Woo another Wipeout the the franchise, can’t wait to see some more footage. Vita is looking like it’s panning out to be an awesome little device. Wipeout will be one of my launch titles :D

I agree with Agamer, the customizable soundtrack was a awesome feature. Another reason to get the vita ASAP when it releases.


I love the Wipeout series and i can’t wait for the next one, however, please someone tell Studio Liverpool 2048 NEEDS 60fps. The vita can do it, i don’t mind lesser detail but in my opinion this game would benefit immensely with 60FPS.


Never really was into this series but this one looks too good to pass up on.. The amount of detail in the environment is amazing for a portable.. I’ll be getting this as a launchtitle with a couple of others..

acousticguy92 19 August, 2011 @ 08:06

I couldn’t stop watching the guy in the middle every time he gestured his hands forwards haha so funny. Good video though, so excited for this!

Who_Iz_Dis_Kid 23 August, 2011 @ 00:19

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hmm for a 10 minute interview I thought there’d be a bit more detail on new features but it leans towards boring marketing-jargon for quite a bit of it. Yes social features are awesome, we know that, don’t particularly need every interview to have a long winded sentence praising it do we?

Before I sound like a typical internet moron though I have to say it’s awesome we’re getting a new Wipeout, interested to see how this new separation of the weapon pads works out. Also hope the online elements are more up to par with the likes of CoD and BC2 rather than the pointless levelling up system that Wipeout HD currently has.

And there’s still the question of what the PS3 owners will be getting in the future… DLC for HD that adds 2048’s tracks and features? A brand new HD based on 2048? or no more Wipeout’s for them at all?


Wipeout reminds me of a youth better spent. Bring on new versions

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