Need for Speed: The Run – 200 Racers, One Avalanche

You may recognize Executive Producer Jason DeLong on Need for Speed: The Run from our live E3 show, which we streamed live from our PlayStation booth earlier this year. Interactive cinemas, fast cars and loud tunes propelled The Run at E3, but all along EA Black Box was quietly scheming to reveal more at gamescom.

In my play session, I chased after a pearl white Laborghini Aventador down a treacherous mountain road on Independence Pass in Colorado. Then it happened: I found myself staring at an oncoming avalanche from behind the wheel of my car, plowing and drifting through chaos while I sat comfortably in a dark room at EA‘s show floor. I couldn’t help but smile after my demo session with Need for Speed: The Run, knowing that I finally got to play a true-to-forml Michael-Bay-inspired Hollywood action racer on my PS3.

I got a few minutes with DeLong and picked his brain about a retaining the authenticity and how the high-tech Frostbite rendering engine opens up new storytelling vistas for this action racer.

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Looking forward to this.

cant wait for it

Hi Rey welcome to our inferior Region we make you feel welcome, how about you SCEA do part-time as i seen you & jeff on this blog before.

teach SCEE how it done how to get content. ;)

This game looks really cool. Gonna get it!

This nfs game looked better than Hp just 1 ? Is there gonna be customise to the cars thats what’s missing from need for speed sice underground those were the days

RoaringMdog18 24 August, 2011 @ 22:42

Wow , Rey changed alot o.o I still remember him from his jtv streaming days years ago xD

The game looks pretty cool , but ill just wait a month or 2 for a price drop.

quackerzacher 25 August, 2011 @ 04:06

that was an awesome high-five

The game looks great, the more I hear about it the more I drool. All down to the handling now :P

It looks so amazing, a huge step up from undercover.

obiadekanobi1980 25 August, 2011 @ 10:21

frostbite 2 FTW god i love DICE they are awsome this better be good cos hot pursuit was the best 1 yet due to criterion….. lets hope there working on the next burnout using frostbite 2 be awsome driving through office blocks instead of billboards…


it’s gonna be amazing .


I must say, that looks pretty impressive :)

they have gone backwards towards need for speed wanted then moved forward into something new which is great cuz i loved wanted n i love stuff thats new:)

seriously ea went down hill with shift what was going on there …it went 1.boring 2.amazing wanted,unbeatable shift.pile of beep

carbon was great n im yet to play underground so i have no idea


hey hey

the ONLY grip i had with hot pursuit was the camera angle being just a little too low behind the car.

I still loved the game and this just looks awesome.


cops and car chases are the best but so far this game looks the same as hot pursuit to fast releasing these kinda games shows me its not about quality but about earning money asap.

take time for games then people plays it longer

Is it just me or do the graphics look a bit outdated? (below the quality of NFS:HP) (and YES I watched the 720p version)

This game will be awesome, just because of Frostbite 2!


Me likey….me want.

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