Who’s The Greatest Hero On Your Sofa?


Following on from the 2010 Move-exclusive smash-hit Start The Party! comes a heroic sequel that will turn every party into a race to save the world.

Packed with over 20 fun filled mini-games, Start The Party! Save the World! puts you, your friends and family into the heart of the action and on the screen. The evil Dr Terrible has gone berserk and is trying to destroy the world – use your PlayStation Move to stop him!

See how with the trailer below:

Get your face in the game and interact with some wacky objects that will appear straight into your living room: save stranded divers, defuse bombs before they explode, splat shoals of mutant piranhas, do battle with dinosaurs and zap alien invaders out of the sky.

As you can see, they are pretty dangerous missions – but no need to worry: you can always ask your friends and family to help out.


Every mini-game can be enjoyed in two types of multi-player mode: pass the controller to get your friends into the action or use both a motion controller and a Dual Shock to play simultaneously.

But pay attention: they might decide to hinder you instead… after all, this game is all about discovering who’s the greatest hero on your sofa!


And there are many ways to prove you are the best: speed the action up in Quick Fire Mode; select your favourite mini-game in Free Play or compete with your friends to be the ultimate hero in Party Mode.

So… are you ready to Start The Party?

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That would be my cat.

LightningSamus 24 August, 2011 @ 15:07


the invisible woman off the fantastic 4 shoulve warned me she was sat there before i sat on her



I don’t know about the sofa but I am in the bed.


lol it got a bad rating because THEREZ NO GUNZ!!!!1111111

When is Move going to get some dedicated core games? I didnt buy one to use it as an alt controller in FPS’ and play party games. What happened to Sorcery and why arent more games like that getting announced?

invading_space 24 August, 2011 @ 15:38

Hopefully this time you can choose any and all games in free play mode, that was a truly glaring omission from the last title and would have made it quite frankly a better game (A very very good casual game in fact).

Erica Doddato 24 August, 2011 @ 15:54

Hi invading_space,
I confirm that with Start the Party!Save the World you can play any game in free play mode :-)

Start the Party was pretty awesome… but did anyone ACTUALLY use it to start the party?

“Simulated happy family” (Tim Schafer quote).

I enjoyed the first one.. still do.. It´s perfect for me and my daughters. They ask at least once a week if they can play a round of Start the Party.. So I look forward to this game..

When does it launch..?

Erica Doddato 24 August, 2011 @ 16:56

Hi hanmik,
Launch date is still to be confirmed… but you can expect to be playing it with your daughters during your Christmas holidays :)

invading_space 24 August, 2011 @ 16:43

Thank you Erica Doddato, with that said you can expect me to buy 2 copies.

whereismax123 24 August, 2011 @ 16:50

did they not read the reviews. the game was praised but got medicore reviews due to having such a small.amount of games. i think there is about 15 in there and quite a few of those are very basic and short and only come up at certain points. this game didnt need any major new features just new games to keep the lifespan going. now all the move tech is in place so they dont have to create that. so you would think there would be more games “over 20 plus games” . a game like this needs at least 30-40. im not paying for a 30-40 quid for a dlc pack that needs another disc

Bloody_Marcel 26 August, 2011 @ 19:57

Here is a video walkthrough of the Gamescom 2011 demo :)


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