Move Compatible 4 Elements HD Coming To PSN 31 August

It’s Alex from Boolat Games, back here after a long delay to share wonderful news from our company. The all-new 4 Elements HD, full of PS3 exclusive content, will be available at the PlayStation Store on August 31st. It’s so exciting!

The story takes place in vast and ancient kingdom. Evil forces have corrupted the balance between the four elements causing the altar of life to run dry. You have to unlock four ancient books of magic, collect 16 mysterious cards and restore this kingdom to life.

Here are few things you’ll like most about 4 Elements HD. First of all is the unique game mechanic. Imagine the classic, addictive matching gameplay where you freely draw the chains of same-colored pieces instead of just moving pieces one by one. Explosive bonuses, spectacular visual effects in Full HD resolution and intuitive controls using DUALSHOCK 3 or PlayStation Move make for a compelling and addictive experience.


Some of you may have seen or even tried the original game, but 4 Elements HD is all about exclusivity. It includes a vast array of new features and improvements including re-playable levels, trophies and global leaderboards. Moreover, each player gains a castle to manage and upgrade using points earned by completing levels. Enhanced controls, designed exclusively for PlayStation 3, with full PlayStation Move support as an option will be comfortable for both experienced players and newcomers. I’m sure this game will entertain your whole family for only £6.29/€7.99!

Seeing is believing; simply watch the trailer so you know what I’m talking about. Stay tuned for updates as lots of new stuff is coming soon for 4 Elements HD!

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The Move is not a shoe horn, so don’t use it as one to get it in your game.

Still the game looks good for a puzzler.


Looks like a natural fit for the Move rather than tacked on imo.

My mum plays these kind of games all the time. so i’ll probably be getting it.

Move sucks
Kinect = Wannabe Eyetoy
Wii games suck
Eyetoy all the way.

Looks very polished but can you play it with a regular gamepad?

Alex Chigorin 26 August, 2011 @ 19:20

Thank you, OttoT. 4 Elements HD works fine with both gamepad and Move.


The title of the article saying “Move compatible” suggests that it is an optional control method.

I love hidden-object and match-three games, but to have them both in one game is awesome.

It also says “intuitive controls using DUALSHOCK 3 or PlayStation Move”.

Looks good, but quite sad this is the only game I’ve seen in ages to have proper move support.


Is there going to be trial/demo for this game?

i am a huge bejeweled fan so i am interested in this, lets hope we get a demo as i want to try before i buy first.

Looks like just the kind of game one would love to see in the Plus package… nice!

chrisredfield_97 27 August, 2011 @ 09:13

cool better check it out oh and i heard that in the us store they are going to put mortal kombat kollcetion will it be in european store too please thanx

Love puzzle games, def. a buy for me :)


Looks nice


the only thing the move is good for is a dilldow and us men don`t want to be holding no dilldow


I Have MOvE I completed Killzone 3,resident evil 5 and heavy rain they all make your heart pound when playing them with the move it feels like your there you forget where you are and jump into the action this was when the move just about came out then after completing all them games i tryed to look for more move games but could not find one i like i tryed Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011 that was not very good i got board in 10 mins of game play but still powered on and completed it then i could not find anymore that was worth having i allso tryed lots of psn games like pain,Hustle Kings,Planet Minigolf,Tumble they were a bit fun for a bit but there only so many moves you can do so got board of them and now its gathering Dust lots of dust maybe I should clean it and put it in a dust proof bag


Cant wait. Love Playrix games,have bought all elements games on my PC. Wonderfull gameplay, music, sfx and gorgious gfx. Keep it up.


Sorry i forgot to ask: Are you going to release other stuff on ps3 as well. I know you have a nice collection of games on pc that would fit ps3 as well. ;)


got this game on my pc and on my ipad 2.
love these types of games.

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