The Baconing Is DeathSpank’s Meatiest Adventure

I’m wicked excited to share some details about our new game, The Baconing, DeathSpank’s greatest and most delicious adventure EVER! The game will be available to download tomorrow from PlayStation Network. The Baconing is part of the PSN PLAY promotion so if you purchase the game before September 19th you will also receive co-op character DLC, Roesha – One Bad Mutha. Also, if you are PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can still get 20% off the full game price!

When we started developing The Baconing we didn’t want gamers to feel like they HAD to play through the previous DeathSpank games before taking onThe Baconing. We decided to make this game accessible for anyone to jump straight into, ensuring that new players and returning fans alike can both equally enjoy this game. Those familiar with DeathSpank will certainly experience just as much familiar fun plus a bucket-load of improvements too.

This is, by far, the funniest DeathSpank to date. We had an absolute blast making it, and it was an unwritten rule that we needed to laugh every day while working on the game. We added our comedic touch which was brought to life brilliantly by some incredible voice acting.

The world and characters we have created for this game are, let’s say….colorful to say the least! Mix this with some of our favorite, familiar sci-fi themes and references — from Tron to Mad Max to The Jetsons — and you’ve got a porky recipe for hilarity.


It just wouldn’t be a DeathSpank game without a new co-op sidekick for a friend, co-worker, lover, spouse, stranger-on-your-couch, or all of the above to help vanquish the hordes of evil. And have we got a guy for you: Meet Bob from Marketing! He’s a hammerhead shark in a business suit with an ferocious appetite for justice and leveraging a target market!

Bob wields a swordfish to poke holes in bad guys, shoots lasers from his eyes, devours enemies for health (he doesn’t care if they’re dead or alive), and can stealthily swim underground to take enemies by surprise. All in all, an incredibly deadly sidekick.

And one of the best things about Bob is that he was a suggestion from one of our fans. What better way to show we listen, than to create something in the game they suggested. We love our fans!

PREVIEW_NPEB00631_TheBaconing_Screen06 PREVIEW_NPEB00631_TheBaconing_Screen01

The Baconing is a game Hothead is incredibly proud of, because we created the entire adventure ourselves. Every mechanic was reviewed, and nothing was off limits when we looked at revamping many of the game systems. If it didn’t fit properly, we cut it. If it worked already, we improved it. If it was frustrating, we streamlined it. If it was edible, we ate it. You get the picture. And we’re certain everyone will be pleased with the results.

So before you download it tomorrow, enjoy our sizzling launch trailer for The Baconing above.

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Loved the first game, just playing through the second one now.

Can’t wait for this, didn’t realise it was out so soon!

almighty-slayer 30 August, 2011 @ 16:10

Looks and sounds awesome :) Not played a Deathspank game before, but i preordered this and i’m really looking forward to playing it.

Great job, Hothead

Hi i bought, played, laughed all though both deathSpank‘s misadventures so i differently be buying it tomorrow. :)

Can’t wait for this, as the first 2 games were great fun & well worth the price!

Grow-up mod 2-Face.

@ Skookie30

Take it you don’t like DeathSpank then? LOL ;)

Why no 3D? I thought after playing the first 2 that they would lend themselves really well to it. Running about the world would have llooked awesome as the pop-up book bushes and cardboard houses actually popped out of the screen

why don’t you show this co-op character, Roesha – One Bad Mutha?

when you make some kind of promotion wouldn’t it be
nice to show/focus on the goodies the potential customer is going to get.

yet there seem to be some kind of problem
with putting a pic or a quick movie with the extra character or

Looks like tomorrow is going to be a great day for spending some extra money in the PSN store; been a while…

@catkiller why you say that, what give you idea that i hate it read number 2 again it was awaiting moderation see the idiotic way a mod works, but wait it SCEE we talking about. :D


@ Skookie30

LOL, your POST NUMBER 3 wasn’t there at the time!

I thought you were stating that the developer needs to grow up etc, but you did state mod, so I should of known that your original comment was awaiting moderation! :)

loved the first one – the second was a bit so-so in comarison but i have pre-ordered it

so bye bye WKC2 and hello The Baconing

Pre-ordered it on day one. Completed the two first DeathSpank games and loved every second of it. They’re two of the best titles on the PS Store, so i expect a lot from this third game. :)

Played deathspank 1 & 2 and loved them. Cant wait for part 3.

Wich games did they develope?

maddogarchie64 30 August, 2011 @ 20:13

i preordered it as soon as I heard about it, and the other PLAY games. Please answer me, will we have to wait an extra day like street fighter 3 third strike?


Will be downloading it when i get back from work :)


ow yeah :D

I had so much joy playing the other 2 parts.
That I had to pre-order this one …

To bad you cant play this part co-op on-line
That only thing missing in this game.

lets hope we can play this sucker tomorrow in the NL..
I will buy myself a big bag of skunk. A huge pile of food
I will lock myself up. and play until my eyeballs fall out.



“That’s the only thing missing in this game.”

Seems to be missing from the Aussie PSN store..not even listed anymore in the ‘PLAY’ section.

I take it Aus gamers will be getting in on the 1st of Sept rather than the 31st of Aug?

Or am I just home from work too early?

So i wanted to pre-order this in the Store yesterday to get the DeathSpank theme.

Guess what?


I loved 1 & 2 (even 100%ed the Trophies for both). I want my DeathSpank theme!

maddogarchie64 31 August, 2011 @ 09:43

really? People who preorder have to wait another day? Why? If anything we should get it a day earlier

Shou_Kobayashi 31 August, 2011 @ 10:24

Looking forward to the game today… my PS3 is glistering with the pre-order theme… it’s so baconish :)

just to point out wednesday store update ,today blog heads up post is UK time not AUS time so yip 1st sep for you guys g‘day to yea. :)

I would pre-order but when I looked at the store this morning before work The Baconing was missing so I couldn’t. Currently I can only see the other three games in the Play offer section.


Anyone interested, follow the link for the full trophy list:

maddogarchie64 31 August, 2011 @ 11:54

you have to preorder a week in advance to get theme, stupid they didn’t mention it


I dont understand.., where is teh baconing??

I preordered on August 11th. I cant find it in my donloads, its not in the shop, its not in the PLAY section, it cannot be found by the serch part of the shop, its not in new releases etc.

Someone who knows where I can find my precious preorder ??

Shou_Kobayashi 31 August, 2011 @ 15:54

Will there be a fix on the way?

Or do we get just the finger?

Shou_Kobayashi 31 August, 2011 @ 15:56

wow, hothead messed up for a PLAY title…

DeathSpank games look and play all the same by me.
I skip this one and the next.

maddogarchie64 31 August, 2011 @ 16:40

it happened with street fighter 3 as well, preorders can be downloaded the day after release, it’s stupid

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