PlayStation Home: Sodium 2 Update And Deus Ex Sneaks Into PS Home

The Velocity Racing League enters a new phase this week with the highly anticipated Sodium2 Nemesis Update.


With the start of the Nemesis stage of the Velocity Racing League a new challenge awaits you in the form of a new track – Wasteland Spires. Set within the site of an ethically questionable and borderline illegal mining operation on the exoplanet Iridos, the twists and turns of this track will see you speeding past the abandoned machines and facilities that the long-gone corporations left behind. What’s more, you’ll also be able to prove your worth on the reverse version of this track.

New technological advances pioneered on Iridos have also paved the way for a new set of Velocity Racer upgrades, also released this week. New rocket boosters and hover engine upgrades will give you even more customizability options for your craft, allowing you to make the decisions that could see you sitting pretty at the top of the Sodium2 leaderboards.


Your hard fought quest for bragging rights also gets a boost with the introduction of the Holo-rank system. When you enter the Launch Grid, your level will be displayed on the back of your avatar for all to see – wear it with pride!

Also added are a range of smaller improvements to Sodium2 based on your feedback such as the ability to quickly select new classes of vehicle in multiplayer, and removing chat bubbles in race. Head to Sodium2 now to check out all the Nemesis Update has in store.


Konami brings their wildly popular hip-hop karaoke title, Def Jam Rapstar, into the world of PlayStation Home this Thursday. The Def Jam Rapstar Sound Studio is a new personal space styled after a state-of-the-art recording studio and befitting a world-class hip-hop artist. Pick yours up from the Estates store in the PlayStation Home Shopping Centre.


Also new this week, we have a range of clothing from Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the critically acclaimed cyberpunk prequel from Square Enix. Head over to Alter Ego to kit yourself out in Adam Jensen’s overcoat, shades, and combat armour.


Lots of PlayStation Home users have been asking for more canine companions, and LOOT have answered that call with their latest release of three cuddly Schnauzer puppies. Head over to the LOOT store in the first Shopping Centre to take home Snoop, Georgie or Mona from Thursday. Don’t worry – they’re already house-trained!

Once upon a time in the West, the good, the bad and the ugly people of the fledgling United States of America endured hardship beyond measure. Now nDreams brings you the Wild West pack to keep you warm on your trails, cut-outs and backdrops to add a touch of Western flair to your apartment and the almighty Tumble Weed Cannon; all of which can be yours for only a fistful of dollars (or equivalent). Also available as a bundle, for a few dollars more.

Feeling a bit under the weather? Well then, get nursed back to health with this week’s offerings from Universal in the form of an Alice Cooper-esque Nurse’s outfit bundle! It includes a hat, glasses, gloves and dress.

Keep the summer alive with the new SingStar Summer outfits out this week, including the Beach Babe, Beach Hunk and his and hers Holidaymaker outfits, all available from the SingStar Store and of course everyone’s favourite Threads store.

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Puppies look cute;) But i have got a cute Kitten in HOME so i am not sure i should have both. . . :D

JolipinatorJG 31 August, 2011 @ 18:36

I tried Home just the other day.
Came into the world in the usual way.
But there were planes to catch, and bills to pay.
I didn’t like it.


you not gonna mention that its also dead island wave 3 being unlocked and new zombies weapon? my real question is how do we claim are zombait & expolding hunk of meat in game items? im only have 3 challenges left to unlock them

a)complete wave 3 of zombie survival game
b)craft and give to the community new weapon sawblade mace
c)use new weapon sawblade mace finishing move on zombie


Dollars? Grrr.

I guess you don’t have an update on when the new Home is coming?

the only good thing is the loot puppies i get 3 of em as i don’t know which 1 is cuter.

@james we need infor of new home do we or not be able to do UGC?


Why does it often say, “You have already rated this” when I try to rate a thread and I know I definitely haven’t done so already? The average shown is meaningless if some people can’t apply a rating to a new topic.

It’s been doing it for ages, is it a known problem with pending fix?


mattmanunited 31 August, 2011 @ 19:42

Sony pull your thumb out of your as$ and fix the web browser, it is now impossible to watch anything on the 4od app because the web browser collapses and says “there is not enough memory. the window content was replaced with a blank page.”

Question: What about IREM Space’s? We know that Japan is Removing IREM Spaces tomarrow from Japan Home. So Is EU IREM going tomarrow as well or later?

Let us Know?



This aint the place to be talking about that.

Will be playing wave 3 in dead island plaza :D

Oh and what was the special thing you are getting for the full game if you unlock all the challenges?

CoolRichy007UK 31 August, 2011 @ 21:02

that y i dont do ps home no more cuz anythin sony makes they own you might buy costumes or apartments but sony owns them and they int real i wont be back on ps home anytime soon cuz its not being watched by mods all the time and ppl get reported for no reason


Yes, but any text logs are archived and saved incase mods need to take action.

playstation home was great,now everytime i saw a post here i always remember the donald trump celebrity apprentice song MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY…i give up of home a long time ago…


Seriously guys? You keep saying that by “high demand” you’re adding this or that… enough with pets already, don’t you think? I don’t see people asking for more of the same, in fact I see people truly bored and disappointed because another wee and another update with… pets!

If you listened to gamers you should know that already a long time ago.


I’ve been around HOME a lot recently getting the Walking Dead challenges done (good side of HOME!) and never saw anyone with a pet. Though to be fair, they say “a lot”, for all we know by their standards that could mean two people wanted more pets.

Anyway, decide what you want HOME to be and do it properly please. It’s getting a little TOO diverse in a bad way, displeasing every crowd. (PS3 itself is diversity done right btw, pleasing most crowds).

Also, change the avatar design please, they look like zombie mannequins.

It is high demand but what can you expect? Home is getting a new fresh look soon (which is coming to EU), I’m sure you are going to be using it more when it goes live in the Autumn.

…how about some news about the new Home update coming to Europe?….that’d be nice..:D


I dont like Ps Home because (A)People showing off about stuff they bought (B) Too MUCH Advertising (C) People reporting other People for no Reason (D) Lots of guys dressing up as girls (E) Hardly any Changes To HomeSquare And finally (F) People Showing Off about their Clubs and How big they Are.

CoolRichy007UK 31 August, 2011 @ 23:28

tbh ps home is a scam

1 you buy houses clothes u dont own
2 u think ur rich as a B****
3 sony owns all the stuff u buy and uses the money to make all crap
my ps home DELITED FOR LIFE from now on its

1 buyin games from the ps store
2 buying games from the shops

sony makes them owns the game rights but we own the games

CoolRichy007UK 31 August, 2011 @ 23:30

hjm50 i wont be using home and i dont care about the update its just one big virtual playgroud full of bullies and stupid stuff you pay for that u dont realy own

i aplaud people who have quit ps home and hate people who waiste money on stuff they dont own on home

CoolRichy007UK 31 August, 2011 @ 23:31

@18 sent u a ps3 add ur bang on about home

CoolRichy007UK 31 August, 2011 @ 23:33

hjm50 but ppl still get banned.

eg before i got banned i was talkin to a usa girl ON EU HOME that should of not been there dam it i was being nice to her then her freind was nasty to me so i reported her then she reported me in my defence she made me get mad after she was abusve to me

if i was working for sony i would ban every american from eu home cuz they are the trouble makers especialy one user that i wont name who had me banned

Guys if you dont like home then why you here? no one forcing you to pay.
Persinaly i love ps home, euwer since day 1 and im amazed on how big its grown, i buy stuff on home does that make me stupid? hell no, i would like to know when the big update is but guys no one forcing you to go on it/pay for stuff, its free why are you complaining?

if you say its for people with no lifes then your wrong because i got a life and go on home, sure alot of guys dress up like girls but thats all fun/funny.

i want all ps home haters to respond to me telling me why YOU hate home.


@8 I want to know to. The best space on Home (aside from Siren) is going and Sony don’t seem to want to buy it and save it.

@23 I dont hate home completely its the stuck up show offs that annoy me and the always starting fights

@21 Thanks For The Request


More game spaces, less pets, costumes, apartments and oter stuff you are trying to peddle.

How is Playstation Home going to be a game hub if all that it gets updated with is stuff to buy?.

Also, fix the heavy hdd load when loading spaces. I’ve set it to 12gb, and it doesn’t make a difference.

There’s no way I am using that whole 12gb.

When is this stuff being released? Since i wanna buy the Deus Ex stuff

This is the perfect place to be bringing those points up. Too often when in Home, on using the web browser thru an invited link for example or in the Audi space, the web browser just cr4ps out, 256nb RAM just doesn’t cut the mustard. Add that to a console that struggles to deal with Home. Loading times are atrocious. i constantly get kikked from Home yet I have UPNP enabled NAT2 and I pay for the best internet services that are available in eNZed.
Another gripe, which I came on here for in the first place, is the third iteration of the LKWD gift machine. The thing has been on-again/off-again broken since day one. Lockwood apologised to me in an email but that was about all they could say. I find it embarrassing that I cannot respond in kind to the kind actions of my gift-giving friends. Beta fix it soon Sony…(

Home is perfect place to relax to meet others guys and play games for free like dead island, is the best think happen to home and he must add more place like this, is really cool to see your own character to do thinks like game and win free items from home and dead island :D

There nothing wrong with pets now our avatars & pets can be bored together.

yes home getting there we don‘t owned home stuff funny last time i look the content was sitting in my services list in my account.

you could say devs own your games too yes you buy it doesn’t make it yours, but you do own it anything you buy is 100% yours till you decide to delete home app.

so that why i laugh at ppl saying i‘m going to delete home after i buy lots of stuff you may as well waste money eslewhere.

i don‘t use home often i go on & off when the mood tells me it sitting on my 320gb HDD, what home disappointing for me was late game spaces & no namco space but 1 thing ppl really REALLY want is…

UGC music/video streaming in our places jack said the Word UGC.

i expected the reason for SCEE to not release new home infor because SCEE still got the UGC complex sickness.

On the subject of deleteing home app & buy stuff: has any-one did try it delete it & reinstall it back did you lose your items?

because i been thinking the items you buy, your items are tie in with the servers.


message for the (WORDS WITHHELD)who messaged me on ps3

1 i dont care
2 ps home is one big scam
3 anythin u buy sony owns it
4 ppl who waiste money on ps home need their head lookin at
5 ps home is fake and only ppl who int got real freinds use it

message for people who DONT USE PS home

1 you guys rock
2 ps store games & games from shops you own they make em u own em
3 less lightly to get reported on any ps3 game

(COMMENTS TO THIS ARE NOT ALOUD) cuz i hate people who think they are cleverer then me and tghink they can show off their home stuff just to annoy me well it dont work and it int clever and oneday im gonna get a job at sony and ban everyone who ever reported me for life

A Deus Ex appartment would be awesome – hope you release that, as well :)

I‘m sorry how can sony own your stuff they made stuff to buy just like the devs that made a game to buy, but what sony is DOING is control the content we get eg: we cant do UGC at all.

if you mean that then yes it is a scam.

but we dont know what EU New home will be.


dont care i int gonna be on new crappy ps home @35 and a £15.99 pound game i bought on my account thatg was just unbaned (back to the future) says i ahve not bought it when i did IM SOO [Deleted]

Check this link out:

This user has the maximum trophy level 50!!!!

Talk about no social life ;)

@36 Sounds like a pretty sad guy

sony will you please remove the appliances limit, i have more than 2 appliances you know

i agree 2 items is not enough, how i suppose to put dragon‘s lair, dragon‘s lair 2 & space ace arcade machines in 1 place. :(

chrisredfield_97 01 September, 2011 @ 20:12

anyone no when is the winter villa coming to the EU ps home ps home US already got it and it sucks we haven’t got oh and yeah i forgot to mention what about the new ps home square they we telling about it’s true or is a rumor please answer to this question if you can oh and nice update deus ex:human revolution babe!!!!!! ;)


I have a question/problem. I’ve completed all the challenges on the Dead Island space, got my code to get the weapons for the retail game. I’ve followed all the instructions to redeem the code but it says that the code is no longer valid or I’ve put in the code wrong :( So the question is, do I have to wait till the game actually comes out or is there a problem with my code I’ve got? Have any others had the same problem? I’ve pre-ordered the game anyway so I’m hoping I have to wait till it comes out

@ HaRRy-HatCHeT

You have to wait until release day when they activate the redeem section, for that particular game.



Ahhh thanks for the reply back m8, I had a feeling I had to wait for it to come out :) Can’t wait to play it. For me, it’s about time a decent zombie game came out. So if anyone or if you’re getting it Catkiller1, feel free to add me so we can play some co-op on it :) Right, back to playing some more Splinter Cell HD lol. Nearly have 100% trophies on Pandora Tomorrow :) lol.

How old are you if you don’t mind me asking? If you don’t want to post it on here then send me a message through PSN!

* @ HaRRy-HatCHeT

Does sodium have trophy support?

I feel the one thing Home could use to make it more game like (and attract more gamers) is the inclusion of trophies.

I enjoy the little promo games they add (like the recent Dead Island one) and the arcade games they had in the past if we could earn trophies for those titles it’d be pretty awesome. I’d even consider paying a small fee per game to be able to play them if they had trophies.


I logged into home after a montha nd there showing the same old trailers in the theatre space….

This is Home in a nut shell for me really.

just wait till autumn oh wait it is autumn or very soon.

i been too hash with the cash-cow even when i did say home was improveing slightly got a long way to go.

so i‘m won‘t judge till the new home but question it said the new core experience hope not a new Name?

all i‘m wanting to know is the UGC a possibility this time we were promise it the 1st time around that was clearly a LIE.

it‘s Lie after lie with SCEE at the moment, since james on holiday we May get a home update as he probably prepare his posts in advance.

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