Resistance 3: Guide To Chimeran Munitions

It’s hard to believe that Resistance 3 is coming out next week! It’s been an amazing journey for those of us at Insomniac Games, we’ve spent the last three years ensuring this is our most polished, focused, and consistent entry in the Resistance franchise. We’re very excited to share it with you. As we get close to release, it’s time to show you our very last Dev Diary – this one focused on the high-tech weapons created or influenced by the Chimeran invaders. We were extremely pleased to work in collaboration with the PlayStation.Blog on these diaries, and we hope you love them as much as we do.

As you may know by now, the Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta is winding down on September 4th, but we wanted to get one last blast of testing on our servers, so we’ve made the beta available to all on the PlayStation Store. We also wanted to acknowledge that while the R3 beta wasn’t always smooth sailing, we totally appreciated those of you who helped us test the game and stuck with us through the rough patches. We’ve announced a Beta Player Appreciation program – if you download and play a few rounds of the Resistance 3 Beta before it ends on September 4th, you’ll receive a couple of cool rewards for the final game. Check out our announcement about the Beta player appreciation program for more details. We’ll be continuing to update and tweak Resistance 3 with new patches and updates, as well as DLC in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

That’s all for now, we have a few more exciting things to show you here on the PlayStation.Blog in the next couple of days, so keep coming back for more. And in the meantime, check out all the latest breaking news on Resistance 3 by following Insomniac Games on Twitter, Liking us on Facebook, or joining the conversation at

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The weapons are always cool in the Resistance games. Gonna enjoy upgrading all of them.

I will scour every corner of the chimeran infested globe to get a Survivor edition!!! Really want to get it but I could never find a place to preorder it :( I’M SO EXCITE!

Silly question time(because i know no one ever bothers doing it)but –

Question –

Will there be 4 player off-line split-screen mode with bots?

(i will answer it…)

Answer = NO
(will anyone do a game as good as TimeSplitters 2’s 4 player off-line modes this Gen???)

YAWN :-/ Apart from that the game looks cool;) I got R1 + R2;)

(+ i just asked the same question in the post before this one for the ‘Battlefield 3’ game :D It’s sad that you can’t play games with real friends in the same room(mainly FPS games)like you could most of the time last Gen. This Gen sucks for that, oh well) :-(


Can’t wait! Hope it’s a long campaign! And can’t wait to see some off the new bosses! And how the story plays out. For me Resistance is a single player game! That’s what I love about it the most! … The STORY!

JolipinatorJG 31 August, 2011 @ 18:34

@3 Dunno why you put a “2” after Timesplitters. Original is much better.

Don’t suppose some of that DLC might be something for those us who miss the Resistance 2 8 player co-op? Pretty please? With sugar on top? I suck at competitive multiplayer, but that co-op was fantastic.

maddogarchie64 31 August, 2011 @ 19:22

About one week left, times gone quick just for resistance 3, this must prove theirs a god, well I’ll try say hi to you all from hell

this will be a nice game.

Game is looking awesome buuuut where is Ted Price :(




Oh man! Cant wait, nice video


Oh but mainly Sony, You have got to fix the web browser, seriously just do something about it!

It’s hard to believe that Resistance 3 Special Edition coming for me next week OH YEAH :D :D :D awesome multiplayer beta i love it the weapons its insane. I hope for good single player experience


grrr i have this beta, Assassins creed beta, brink and la noire to play/complete


Cant wait for R3 have not seen any trailers for it so the game should be fresh and unpredictability :)

xxSamuraiGirlxx 01 September, 2011 @ 11:20

do i need the psn pass to play the (coop) online campaign?

I have a voucher code for a Resistance 3 virtual t-shirt for your home avatar, if anyones interested?

If you are i’ll post on here & you can battle it out who inputs it first, on a first come first serve basis!

Check this link out:

This user has the maximum trophy level 50!!!!

Talk about no social life ;)


@Catkiller1 yeah i’ll have if you’ve still got it. Cheers.

@ Titchy_Penguin

I have sent you the code through PSN :)



OMG I can’t wait for r3 I got r1 and r2 I hope the campaign is long though coz in r1 and 2 the campaign was pretty long and I hate games with short campaign

cant wait until the 9th, so glad you put the BETA up. Ta very much!!

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