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As long as I can work with Milla Jovovich I’m good :D

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are real corporations like this and all these zombie games and movies are just a ruse. The Umbrella logo itself is a homage to the Knights Templar logo, it’s not a subtle hint by any means, it’s in your face yet no one bothers to think about these things.

Yes she got a kissable spot on her head.

ahem anyways is this the Resident evil ARG i been reading can this useless browser works with it or is this a useless feature because i cant get the browser to work good.


comment (1) sorry but ive had Milla Jovovich in bed ha

PlayStation Plus Update ?

I hope Slant six does a better job than what they did with buggy clunky confrontation. I may buy this 3 months after realease if confrontation was anything to go by.


playstation plus update always 1st wed of the month its thursday.

Will we ever get a disc release of the HD rereleases of Resident Evil 4 & code Veronica? Just asking cause I’m not interested in buying them as digital releases. Only disc is good enough.

Anyone actually go to the posted link?

Awesome job and awesome effect. I like.


ha i just got revenge on that (USER) who had me banned for a month on ps3 serves her right for being on ps home eu when she should of stayed in usa home

Anything of actual interest on that site? Can’t be bothered to wade through nonsense to get news.


Please ignore the comment above me LOL haha im joking i would love to hear a story of what happened

anyway so is this like a real corporation? or gaming design etc.?

never heard of this

although if you take the white triangles away from the umbrella sign it looks like a templar sign from assassin’s creed haha

btw for the top comment i was talking about 10 but he’s eh well not on top of my comment -__-

Operation Raccoon City viral site!
Got the first clue.. can’t wait for the next :P

Really smart! I love when companies think about websites. Only issue is it presumes that you have a facebook account, if you haven’t your stuffed!

Any BF3 Beta info? PS+ getting in first?

I presume this is related to that god awful looking Resi shooter thats coming out. Cant they understand that most fans of the series are crying out for a return to its roots? Resi 4 and 5 were decent games but have come so far removed from what the original series was about. I mean, is it too much to ask for a RE game to have any zombies in it?

@15 I wish they use the 4/5 engine for games in the 0/1/2/3 style. Proper puzzles, backtracking and yes – actual zombies. I don’t miss the old camera and awkward controls (replayed the whole series last week) but I do miss the old gameplay mechanics.

All games these days basically seem to be one long tunnel with a movie at either end. Sucks.


Totally agree with you, whilst the dodgy camera in Resi 1 was fantastic for accidentally ramping up the tension levels (shooting down a corridor without being able to see anything, lol), it just wouldn’t hold water in today’s market. I also play through originals occasionally, currently on RE 1 remake and Zero on my Gamecube, class. lol

im sorry but this confused the hell outa me i no its to to with resident evil but what ? LOL

Clue #1 solved… Bring on the next one! :)

@ Retro_1973 whats da clue ?!?!?!? LOL

@20 Try a Google search for ‘racoon city sewers department’ for a start… :)


I don’t get it.

>.> ok then.

1st clue solved, Game On!!!


can’t get the page to stay stable,it’s like a survey and choices fot what role you want to be if your chosen, ie research to special ops, and a kinda phsych test, but i can’t tick any boxes to see what comes next, i’ll try again later, looking forward to ‘attempting” to plat/100% RE4 next month.

^ Just leave the page alone for about 20 secs and watch. ;)


DMC Collection for PS3 plz

Capcom,give me REmake HD and then kill the franchise for a while.Mikami was right when he said RES4 could be a big mistake,because there’s no where else you can go with that style of gameplay.RES 4 perfected it,RES 5 felt stale because of it.The Slant 6 game looks dreadful,3DS game looks cool,but not what I wanted.
If I were in charge,i’d be looking for a year 1 release on the next gen hardware,and i’d of been researching how far I could take pre rendered backgrounds,and aiming for photo realism,and true horror.REmake still looks insane because of it’s backgrounds http://tinyurl.com/y9pvb7c I’d love a proper RES again. .

Check this link out: http://goo.gl/tKv0D

This user has the maximum trophy level 50!!!!

Talk about no social life ;)

If you can’t figure it out just search on Youtube, there’s a video that explains it.

@28 LOL that’s hilarious. I thought I was a saddo for being level 14! XD

@ cspr111

Same here as i’m 27% through level 19. I do own alot of games though, but don’t have that much time on my hands to get level 50!!!

Creepy BABY!

i took 3 years to reach level 50 capped that hardly no social life, if he did it with-in a year then i be shocked i‘m level 14 it will take me the same year as we get resident evil 1 to reach level 50. lol ;)


I wonder if they want a cover letter with that? Anyway please find my C.V & cover letter attached.

Sure, working for Umbrella seems swell! What could possibly go wrong? :D


Everybody welcome!


anyone knows the first clue? i didnt get it.


I really don’t want to.
If Umbrella are even vaguely responsible in bringing awful, awful games like Resident Evil 5, then they can stick it up their bums.
4 was so good, and 5 was just horrible.

Still no social life if you look at some of theose Plats that are time consuming!!

I’ve had my PS3 since before the Trophy implementation & i’m Level 19, but hey I work for a living ;)

I get about 10hrs a week if that!

Need to win the Lotto so I can relax lol!



I know this is off topic but I have a question/problem. I’ve completed all the challenges on the Dead Island space in PSHome, got my code to get the weapons for the retail game. I’ve followed all the instructions to redeem the code but it says that the code is no longer valid or I’ve put in the code wrong :( So the question is, do I have to wait till the game actually comes out or is there a problem with my code I’ve got? Have any others had the same problem? I’ve pre-ordered the game anyway so I’m hoping I have to wait till it comes out.


Looks like we must wait for the game to be released, I direct you this post in the playstaion forums about it, oh and for future inquires the forums are much faster and more likely to give you an answer then this blog :).


dammit, epic fail, just cut the space out of the link and you’ll get there fine.

@ JonnyPauz

Use this link: http://goo.gl/

Post your long link & click the “Shorten” button to reduce the characters, as the Blog has character restrictions ;)

bull3t_sup3rn0va 02 September, 2011 @ 14:03

maybe its got something to do with resi 6 (being revaled at TGS)not me being fanboy because there IS EVIDENCE, anyone else buy gamesmaster????


Eww, facebook?

No thanks.


I can test zombies with shotgun for umbrella :-)

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