Dead Nation is Expanding


We hereby announce exciting news for Dead Nation players around the globe! We’ve been hard at work creating a new downloadable expansion called “Road of Devastation”!

Before we say more we take this moment to acknowledge an epic milestone inthe number of zombies killed worldwide: over 11,700,000,000 zombies killed – and counting! To put that number in perspective, that’s more than 1,5 times the entire world’s population of today (though the game takes place in the near future where Earth’s population has grown much bigger, so don’t worry, there’s still plenty of zombies left).

Also, our worldwide recruit count has risen to over 3,8 million! We wish to humbly thank all the people who have supported the game.

Now, onto Road of Devastation:

From the ashes of the apocalypse, an organization has worked in the shadows, tampering with the human gene, modifying and improving upon it to create the perfect soldier – the ultimate zombie killing machine – you!

Continuing from the events where the original game left off (or, is it actually the other way around…), you’ll find Road of Devastation will put
your skills to the ultimate test.

You’ll find yourself waking up in a laboratory with only one way out. Outside the door you’re presented with a choice – you’re faced with a
crossroads leading to three different roads, each with their own unique environments, challenges and enemies waiting for you.


“You wake up with no memory of the past – your mission: Survive”

In the end, if you manage to overcome the challenges, just when you think it’s over, you’ll make a startling revelation…

In addition to the range of enemies and weapons you’re already familiar with from the original game, Road of Devastation will present you with a variety of new tools and equipment to dispose of enemies with, while also introducing new enemies and obstacles you’ll encounter in unique new environments.

Stay tuned as we reveal more info and details on the blog soon!

Keep up the fight, your country needs you!

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Unfortunately, Dead Nation disappointed me. I love Super Stardust HD and especially Outland, but Dead Nation felt like a generic game with controls that felt sluggish and graphics so dark my TV screen literally couldn’t handle it.

That said, it’s great to see you supporting a game by adding more content. If my issues with it are solved, I might actually get the DLC.

I personally can’t wait for this!

woot i love DN, one of the best PSS games :D i beat it like 10 times hehe, can’t wait to get more trophies

Petteri Putkonen 07 September, 2011 @ 13:06

And more Trophies you shall have – Road of Devastation will have several new Trophies to get :-)

This will be good, I have many hours clocked on Dead Nation, can’t wait!

This is awesome! New Weapons! When will we get more info? I need more info!

Petteri Putkonen 07 September, 2011 @ 13:18

We will reveal some of the new weapons and other means to dispose of enemies with in another blog soon…

Amazing, I love Dead Nation! :D


Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, add a 4 player co-op :)

Awesome news. When will it go live?

I agree with above PLEASE do a 4 player mode(4 player off-line would be cool) :P

I love Dead Nation in special a good zombie game How many difficulty levels this game have?


The one thing that I would love to see, which I believe would enhance the experience would be a closer, over shoulder camera angle or something close to that.

Will look forward to the DLC even though I’ve got to go through the entire game again since I lost my save file.

almighty-slayer 06 September, 2011 @ 15:46

Awesome news :) will have to get back into it again

Sweet, I began playing DN some few days ago and I really enjoy it. It’s so much better than Alien Breed, Alien Swarm and others of that kind.

obiadekanobi1980 06 September, 2011 @ 15:52

i wonder if this is due to the game being given away free i bet if it hadnt there wouldnt be any DLC but know they know x amount of extra players who had it for FREE (this annoyed me greatly as i paid full price for the game and the voice chat patch took ages by then id given up playing)

i will get this as the first story was not big but it was at least there if this has a 3 new story lines then ill buy it but support your games more as the problems in the past have stopped me buying outland for that reason.

good effort though and look forward to playing it when it drops

obiadekanobi1980 06 September, 2011 @ 16:00

forgot to say please listen to us about the 4 player it could be a dlc with extra characters for 4 players to use and maybe a few modes like 4p survival where all the games enemies would come at you in greater and harder waves say start out with 100 and then it could go up to waves adding up to 100,00 zombies now that would be a awsome DLC also chuck in a few mad weapons like say a mini nuke launcher that has no fallout or a molovtov shotgun which lights and fires bottles of gasoline at crowds or a really bad [Deleted] cattle prod which electrifys a group of zombies until they explode, sentry turrets that the player sets up like the mines all this would be awsome

Petteri Putkonen 07 September, 2011 @ 13:27

“Survival”, you say…? You might be onto something… also one of the new weapons you speculated on might just have made it to the game…

@ Golwar

I agree, alot better than Alien Breed.

I was excited when the news first came for Alien Breed as I played that title alot back in the Amiga days, but the current titles ruined that experience for me, as I thought they were dreadful :(

Finally more Dead Nation. Can’t wait since it’s one of my favourite games!


I absolutely love this game and can’t wait to play this expansion! Though I have yet to finish the original on Morbid difficulty… :S

Have been waiting to hear any news about DLC since they added the Store link to the game’s menu. First Day Purchase for me!

TheCursedMonkey 06 September, 2011 @ 16:03

Awesome news. I can’t wait for the DLC. One of he best PSN games i’ve played. Bring on the ZOMBIES!!!!!!

Petteri Putkonen 07 September, 2011 @ 13:28

We will.


I’m so excited about this! I very much enjoyed Dead nation, especially in online co-op. I’ve played it to death (see what I did there?) when it came out, until I got the platinum. Afterwards, I kind of stopped. So this DLC will be a great motivator to get me back into the zombie killing business! (Because, honestly, who needs dead island, when you’ve got this?)

finally.. gwaaarh


Also, please tell me there will be co-op like in the original game!

Petteri Putkonen 07 September, 2011 @ 13:29

Of course, Road of Devastation will definitely have co-op play!


superb! can’t wait,superb wee game.this will be mine as soon as its DN for free with the welcome back stuff & I just couldn’t put it down when I got started on it.please give us more info?


funny how DAVIE222 hasn’t commented yet, he loves this game, I do too and this looks great(although I dont have dead nation, yet)

Sounds great, I can’t wait.

Sword-of-Kahless 06 September, 2011 @ 16:44

Awesome, really looking forward to this =)

DEAD NATION is a great fun game! cant wait!


Thx! This will be great! But please as people already have said, make 4 player co-op :D

@ maddogarchie64

He’s probably at College!

Dead Nation is a great game imo, but you have to like that sort of genre in the first place as it’s not for everyone (like most games!).

If you don’t mind Arcade style stick shooters, with a Top down view & a clastrophobic feel to it, then this is for you :)


then you cant see all the zombies

4 PLAYER ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this should be free i aint paying for any add ons for dead nation it kinda sucks in addition to gameplay………….

Or maybie Davie isn’t at college lol!

* maybe

Nice. All I need now is my DAMN FRIENDS TO FINISH THE DAMN CO OP WITH ME!!! Been on level 4 since April!

Having the soundtrack available on PSN would be awesome also.

k1ll1ng5pr33-NL 06 September, 2011 @ 17:29

@1 Options > Brightness. Problem solved.

Controls feel great imo!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!1 AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)
The first think i say when i take my platinum trophy is I NEED MORE!!!!!! :) :) I love this game and the co-op its fun, the graphics the story everything is super!
Personally the only think i need for this game is a mode with all upgrade weapons on, after finish the game…..

So the character now is…. after the end….. searching for……
You wake up with no memory of the past – your mission: Survive
how just happen?

Give it away for PLUS members, then i’ll get the DLC to


Dead Nation is pure satisfaction! :D BLADE CANNON FTW!!

Bought DN day one (already played Beta test also).
Still playing the game, must have over 600-700 hours now.

Just when I was about to leave it behind, now they come with great DLC.

I am never gonna play another game this way lolz :P


true i love this game but the other thing you just said was stupid.

p.s:i completed dead nation :D


yeah dont play it on your own


rockeT launcher FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!

;) love this blog!

If you haven’t played Dead Nation UNDEAD COOP as SOLO then you are not an true Dead Nation fan.

Guess you did not Davie222

Now stop spamming this awesome topic!

Anybody else finding it less & less appealing to come on here & trawl through daft posts by “teenagers” that shouldn’t be allowed to be on the internet, when they clearly can’t communicate with people in a civilised manner! Got to love the art of hiding behind a computer screen “kid”


yeah i agree! some people can be so anoying :D

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