Resistance 3 Survivor Videos

In case you haven’t seen these already, check out the Resistance 3 survivor videos below.

Civilians have spoken out recalling their own harrowing tales of their encounters with the Chimera. Relive personal accounts of how these brave survivors embarked on saving themselves and their families at such a terrifying time, when the population were fighting to save the remnants of humanity.

Resistance 3 launches across PAL as of tomorrow.

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Im loving this!
This is part of the Resistance marketing i love.

I don’t mean to sound stupid but doesn’t this reveal the outcome of Resistance 3?

But what happened to the “Survivor Edition”?

Thanks to the useless person who PMd me the other day saying “Try”. It’s not on so I don’t know why they did that.

I really wanted the Survivor Edition but I’ve not seen it available. Probably be on eBay for £250 soon, sure… but I ain’t paying that!

I wish it was easier to find out where these “special editions” were going to be sold ahead of time, rather than makeing me wade through Play, Amazon, Game, GameStation, ShopTo, GameStop, GamePlay etc etc etc and finding nothin’!

Worse, I probably will never buy the game now because if I don’t get the edition I wanted I’ll always be narked by an “inferior” version sat on my shelf!

“releasing across pal” yeah, everywhere in europe………..just not the uk!


Gamestation had the survivor edition. I wanted to get it but they wouldn’t deliver to Ireland. It has been sold out for weeks so there is no change of getting it now.

Since GAME own Gamestation I thought it would be on their site but no. GAME still have Special Edition left but I don’t know if there are many left.

No tomorrow, i have already the special edition ^^

Sony PUT THESE ON T.V!!!!! excellent job Insomniac =D

Sony PUT THESE ON T.V!!!! excellent job with these insomniac


@bumblebee its on ebay buy it now for £165

Love the game BUT i have just lost alot of respekt for you Insomniac for annoncing a new DLC when the game has not even officiall been released over Europe.

What’s included in the DLC? A new mode that should have been in the game when it launched or atleast be free to show us fans some love instead of just smashing us in our face. I don’t care if you take a fee for the skin pack or the static theme but if you really want to show us early buyers som love make the mode free because really that mode have been in both Resistance 1 and 2.


Make survival mode DLC :D you know you want to insomniac lol

want to look but can’t. might be spoilers. roll on friday

That was harrowing…and pleaseantly randomly Welsh.
Mines in the post…can’t wait.

TheKillerSnowman 06 September, 2011 @ 19:42

tomorrow i have R3 :)

I live in Saudi Arabia and I just bought a copy of Resistance 3 and I’m having troubles going online (server timed out).

The same thing happened to me in Resistance 3 beta after updating it to v 2.03 (it worked fine before that).
Searching the web; it seems like the problem has to do with the game port being blocked by the internet service provider in Saudi Arabia “STC” (yes, everyone in the country is having the same problem)

So if you could change the port via update or contact STC to find a solution I would be thankful.

Seriously mate stop posting that your getting on everybody’s nerves.

Anyway back on topic, I’m still not sure whether to buy R3 because of this PASS system but looking at what I’ve seen I might choose to get it this Xmas with Uncharted 3.

not being funny but i hate the fact you say it’s available across PAL tomorrow when thats not true, it’s not out in the UK till Friday which is part of PAL

that aside i’ve seen aload of TV advertisements which is a step in the right direction so keep up advertising ps3 on tv wether it be first party exclusives or multiplatform games

why is first trailer titled EN when wales is its own!! should of been titled UK, good to see a bit of welsh tho.
@2 yea iv not experienced this prob till today but have noticed things getting bit slow loading over past few weeks. sure it will get fixed soon or will sony pull a stunt and say there isnt enough memory to update browser!!!
been big fan of resistance, thought it was something refreshing and different to play so think ill treat myself for xmas and get resistance 3

I stopped caring about Resistance 3 after Sony pulled their usual bull of making the survivor edition impossible to get a hold of. Seriously, they make a huge deal about it being a European only special edition, then don’t make sure every EU country has it available at retail. We probably just got lumped in with the UK, and all copies went there while we were left ignored, expected to import.

I*t put a whole dampener on my expectations of the game. I don’t care anymore. I’ll wait for it to inevitably get a couple of price drops, and get Space Marine on Friday instead.

Seriously SCEE, pull the finger out. You guys are pathetic. Ship your products properly, or don’t ship at all. The failed deliveries and broken promises just prove you’re all a lazy shambles, regardless of the excuses.

Dude in Gamestop we have been taking preorders of this across the country the last 2 months. Its on their website AND you can get it in any of the 50 stores across the country. As far as I am aware we still haven’t been told to stop taking preorders.
The funny thing is I got every Sony Collectors this year, I like what is in the Survivor Edition but come on, 130 quid? I don’t think so. 100 quid and I would have got it and that’s only because of my 20% discount.

tut tut lol! gamestop may face a lawsuit because of taking online tokens/codes out of games then passing on to customers. i think it was a square enix title this happened to! wont be ordering from you robbing buggers


Brilliant. Cannot wait to play the campaign!!! I love Resistance :D


Hello! I like Resistance series a lot. I played Resistance FoM on superhuman when it was new.

But can you tell me.. Isn’t the main gun in Resistance made from the gun called Enfield?

Gotta b honest never played resistance ever but this game looks great! Would it be worth getting the first 2?


Sorry, but Warhammer 40.000: Space Marine is a better offering for me and takes my money :D

@ Shou_Kobayashi

Tried the demo for Warhammer & have to say, it’s great!

Might pick it up when the releases get a bit quieter.

To all about the Survivor Edition:

My local Gamestation & GAME have seriously annoyed me, as most of the staff reserved the Survivor edition for themselves! Staff shouldn’t be allowed to imo!

@15 FFF77 from where did you buy Resistance 3? I also live in Jeddah, Saudi arabia but couldn’t find it. Would appreciate If you let me know.

i agree, staff should not be allowed to do this. even so it is common sense to double the order if so many of them wont to preorder such game, its unfair to the everyday customer and clearly looses future sales as iv experienced this and now use a different company to buy games from.
space marine has so many good reviews, why havent i checked it out yet!?

@ mh24185669

Download the Warhammer demo!

It has 2 different level modes to play & imo is great but i’ll wait until the price drops as I will be dedicating my time to Resistance 3 & Battlefield 3.

Haven’t started Deus EX yet as it’s sat in my game pile :)

Too busy with Street Fighter 3 & i’ve gone back to MW2 to complete my Spec Ops Veteran Delta & Echo modes as I never bothered originally!

If anyone’s interested I have 2 DLC codes for Crysis 2 but I don’t know if they have been used as I purchased it 2nd hand!

One is for the Limited Edition Content & the other is for a Threat Awarness Module, that was originally given out for preorders!

First come first serve:

Limited Edition Code: 29D6-KCNB-H56J

Threat Awarness Module: QTCK-B9N3-Q75A

Fingers crossed that they work for the lucky person :)

£165 on ebay. That just adds insult to injury… most of the people that end up with these “Special Editions” just snap them up to sell them on ebay for ridiculous profit. What about the true gaming fans eh? Collectors like me who buy these things, love them and hoard them?

Gah. Flippin’ ebay.

@ Polynski

If you’re reading this Blog, have the Prince Of Persia Trilogy for £8.99 this week!



That’s total crap, any employees of a gamestore in aus can reserve a game but customers always get first dibs. Id seriously consider talking to the head office about that because its hardly fair that they can reserve a game at least 5 days before they take pre-orders from the public

@ Ultima-Genesis

I hope you’re reffering to “that’s total crap” as the situation is crap & not you meaning i’m talking crap, as I can assure you i’m not!

Some Gamestation employees that I chat to now & again, were even gloating about it stating that they got their employee discount too!

I wouldn’t purchase it anyway as imo it’s not worth the money, but that’s beside the point!

I wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing happened with the rumoured Uncharted 3 pack, that has a huge amount of items & content with it :(

I remember some employees telling me a while back, that they can purchase any game early as they work in the games industry, but the game would be £20 dearer!

I was chatting to one today & he already has Resistance 3 & had to pay £50 for it (Standard Edition).


This is brilliant..

But this should be available to stream or download on the PSN Store!

These oldies sure know how to act :p First one was my favorite

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