PlayStation Home: The Chimera Invade PS Home To Celebrate The Launch Of Resistance 3

On Thursday 8th September from 8AM BST PlayStation Home will be briefly offline for scheduled maintenance. Here are some details on what to expect after the update.


The Chimeran invasion sweeps PS Home this week to celebrate the launch of Resistance 3. Step into the stark world of Resistance 3, dodge feral Chimera and the ever-present threat of the Chimeran death squads and scavenge everything you will need to survive. Available via What’s New on the XMB, the PlayStation Home Navigator and Home Square.

PS Home: Resistance 3 Diner ExitResistance3_Chimera_1280x720

This week Lockwood Publishing is thrilled to present a variety of exciting new upgrades for your Velocity Racer. To start with, there’s the first in a series of 21st century flag designs for your Sodium2 craft – Union Jackson, Star Spangled and Hinomaru Racer. These are accompanied by complimentary designs in Sodium2 Track Gear and are available through the Sodium2 Garage and commerce point. If that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, we’re also adding a powerful new type of Rocket Booster: the mighty Turbulence DX.



Medusa’s stylists always have their fingers on the fashion pulse and after a few weeks carefully honing their scissor skills, they’re now ready to present their latest looks to the world!

Guys, if there’s a punk inside of you, just waiting to get out, but you’re worried a full-fledged Mohawk would ruin your good looks, ask for the Neo Punk – an edgy style with a modern twist. More traditional fellows should opt for the Thomas, a mid-length, smooth style for the sophisticated gent.


Female patrons also have the choice of an edgier or softer look. Girls with attitude should go for the Biker Maiden – this long look even includes a bandana with a skull or a floral pattern. Girly girls can ask their stylist for The Lizzie, cute bunches with a choice of ribbon colours. Can’t decide on your ribbons or bandana? The ladies styles come in a value pack so you don’t have to choose!

Head down to the salon and let the stylists work their magic.

From 8th-22nd September, celebrate the launch of the Star Wars saga on Blu-Ray with special savings of 50% off select Star Wars PS Home avatar items, including the 51-item The Everything Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary Bundle, Black and Blue Lightsabers and the iconic Stormtrooper costume.

  • The Everything Empire Strikes Back Bundle (51-items total including Yoda’s green lightsaber) – Sale Price €9.99 / £7.99
  • Blue Lightsaber (Male) – Sale Price €0.99 / £0.79
  • Blue Lightsaber (Female) – Sale Price €0.99 / £0.79
  • Black Lightsaber (Male) – Sale Price €0.99 / £0.79
  • Black Lightsaber (Female) – Sale Price €0.99 / £0.79
  • Stormtrooper (Male) – Sale Price €1.49 / £1.19
  • Stormtrooper (Female) – Sale Price €1.49 / £1.19

May the Force be with you!

Over in the LOOT store, The LOOT Mad Scientists have laboured away with microchips and do-dads to bring you the ultimate, fully trained companion. Meet D.O.G. This cute little guy will quickly become your favourite companion because that’s what he was programmed to be. D.O.G. is available in five futuristic colours: RED, GREEN, YELO, BLU and GREY. See D.O.G. run. See D.O.G. Sniff. See D.O.G sit. Good D.O.G.


Lastly, for owners of the Anime apartment, there is a new selection of futuristic costumes and furniture to complement your favourite cyber-punk cityscape. Head over to the Alter Ego and Furniture stores to see the full range available.

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Nice! :)

Good update, home has slowly been improving and widening its appeal.

Just one query though, Has the problem with people not receiving the items in the dead-island bundles been resolved yet?

PSOne cLassics Home Space


wait till SCEA post later my betting money is on SCEA getting better content Sony concept is treat SCEA better.

ASTRA_GSI_MKIII 07 September, 2011 @ 18:59

hello there sony ,i am written to ask would you contact gt5 to tell them this problem with gran-turismo5 ,,,,,,,,,, when we are online and do burnouts in a fwd, in gt5′s case a ff car but when doing burnout doesn’t show my online friends the smoke coming from my cars front wheels when its sitting on the spot doing burnout they can’t see the smoke or the wheels spin but on my screen they smoke and spin think it might be a fault with gt5 i would appreciate it if you got them to fix this minor problem as for me and the rest of the online gamers,,,,,,,, i think would prefer it if you could see eachothers fwd cars smoking like it shows when doing a burnout offline ,,,,,thanks ,,,,,please write back to this sony


Skookie30 should not be on uk home the dam american thats why i dont use home no more cuz of ppl like her

this coming from a guy that criticise SCEE as well @ CoolRichy007UK

you need new glasses i got a UK flag & 2nd I‘m not a gal

like i said eslewere ppl know No crap about ppl.

you got your facts wrong. I‘m glad i not on home too & do your research i said last week & many time home is much better then last years.

i hold off judgement till home relaunch.

@DAVIE222 it didn’t take you long to break your promise to mh stop shouting at ppl, you upset ppl yesterday you got the nerve I‘m so happy that you like crap thust upon us.

I‘m i not entitled to moan did you read what i put i hold off judgement till home relaunch.

yes i know PPL on here likes crap others do not.

You know what they say your a 2 face too telling ppl to shut up while being rude to ppl.

the difference between you, me & others single me out when i do have a good moan i Can, i never mention names criticise ppl when i do criticise.

but i will if my ID being mention so sorry for saying your love of SCEE being trash by me and others but it‘s the facts.

TUT TUT TUT DAVIE222 will you ever learn?? I will refrain on what I want to say as this isn’t the place ;)


actuly i didnt break my promis, i said to mh im sorry NOT YOU! yeah il stop bieng so rude to people and if people hate i wont comment but you constantly hate on evrything ps, when are you ever happy about ps :) NEVER.

i dont want to start a fight, no more commenting to you.

NO COOP IN R3 like R2 !!? WHAT THEY WERE THINKING ! they just downgraded own game … :-(

@DAVIE222 you really need to do research mate how do i know SCEA better i look around the net.

even if the browser sucks research the past blogs, the cloud storage the vidstore, vidzone, lovefilm, music unlimited by SEN blog post those things i didn’t moan about.

you just take a little pick of what i put.

no offence. ;)

@cipur1 the blog post said full co-op in R3 that’s single player.

this be funny from me as i like the 1st 2 R1 & R2 so i will get R3 eventually.

september, october november very good months for SCEE region. ;)

The game in resistance 3 is like Dead Island? Looks like that in picture This is really cool!! Like this games need Home :) well done!!!

Next week, I want to see Tokyo Games Show event on Home. E3 event was very cool. I disppointed with gamescom event.


dont get your hopes up mait, James told me its not scee teretory its scej teretory also it cost alot of money and memory to put it on scee home.

SONY you should of done a Star wars Blu-ray PS3 bundle & advertised it :-(

+ ‘Stormtrooper costume’? I am tempted! :D

Nice, finally, I been wait for that man on the square to say something more… :D

chrisredfield_97 08 September, 2011 @ 06:17

awesome better check it out today ;)

looks like we need some procion ganuttiness to sooth the shouty-shouties. Skookie, honey, if you are going to use an av that looks like a female then folks are going to think you are one. Kind of figures doesn’t it. And if you are going to rub the have-nots noses into what they cannot get whilst apparantly (and I hope for your sake you dont have a US account child, because that’s just naughty, esp if you com with a union jack)implying you can get better elsewhere, then you are going to rub people right up the upward way. And then they might lose control and go capitol on each other. But you are not doing ANY of that are you child? I’d think not. Playstation Bunnies just arn’t those sort of wabbits are they bunnhe… bye bye

Thanks for advice but you shouldn’t have bother dude because you got your facts wrong.

1st i must be the oldest child on here I‘m certainly not a child.

2nd yes i do have a USA account & a jap account it hardy for demos to get them early, but that all as this browser still not working it is very hard to get a SCEA card useing debit card.

3rd if you read above you don’t need other PSN accounts to see what the difference. between why be scared.

i remember us [DELETED] every week to get cloud storage & guess what we got it, we been [DELETED] for 4 years to get imports guess what the blog post say we get them.

that is good yeah but still in-pending it now september only 3 months befor the new year.

lastly i don’t use a female avatar maybe i should grow a pair to match with my avatar, sure men dress as woman avatar it called drag

didn’t you say about begin pick on “fluffy bunny” for begin a rabbit i wasn’t there & i don’t use home often.

* 1 other thing i reach the max amount of letters it be grand if we can have a edit button so we can change our posts when needed.

i been reading about we going on about things where the logic in staying silence & let things happen.

sorry doesn’t work that way we stay silent things get pushed asides.

now my News: i‘m going away got things to do that why I‘m up early so i won’t be able to response here, if i not back on wednesday & we DO finally get the imports here my advance thanks.


ps i be poping in & out of the blog still to see all the news well good day All.

i am not impressed with these childish and argumentative comments on here.
i cant get a smile of someone walking down the street these days because everyone is so full of anger, so i kinda use ps to escape reality but its just as bad here!!
not everyone but a good majority of people need to relax and stop using the blog for personal pathetic bickering, and please keep it clean and relevant to the blog page.
on a lighter note i like the starwars bundle, although i think these perks in home are expensive. how awsome would it be to recruit an army of storm troopers and take the battle to the chimera!

I agree, you smile at someone & they look the other way, or head down & look at the floor. It’s as if most people nowadays, have no self confidence or pride!

I will say, it was announced a while back that the majority of gamers have some form of depression & have to escape reality to be at peace.

Alot of people will read a book or watch a movie etc. I personally would rather play a game, as the story within the game is my “Book” but i’m actually playing it out. Reading a book doesn’t interest me!

It’s a social engagement, where I meet up with my friends that live too far away. The majority of my friends are EX-Military & are too busy etc & my disability holds me back, from travelling all the time.

I also lead a very busy life & only manage to game late at night!

I’ve met some great people on here & would like to say, thanks for entering my life & for making it a little more fun!

Starting January, you won’t have to endure my posts as often, as I will be busy for 6 months. (Lucky you!)

Thanks all & hope to see some of you on Resistance 3 tomorrow & Battlefield 3 when it launches! ;)

If I ever have DLC codes that I wouldn’t use, then I will always advertise them for someone else, that would actually use them. Keep an eye out ;)


sorry about the other day, oh and il stop commenting as much i was evil the other day but dont worry im sorry.

@ DAVIE222

Apology accepted as it happens to the best of us!

You just went off the rails for a bit that’s all & I won’t hold it against you, so don’t take it to heart.

Like I said to you the other day, I think deep down you’re a great kid, just over passionate with the posts & the Misinformation that was contained within them ;)

Don’t stop commenting because of the other day, just stop with the hate & tone :)

skookie30 sorrry but coop story in R3 can’t compare to coop missions in R2 its a VERY BIG DIFERENCE and only people who play them will understand the difference so i hope you understand if i say that they downgraded coop in R3 …

I try, oh yes this bunny tries sssso hard to smile at people in Home, but people seem to think it’s false (maybe because the smile looks like I stayed up 3 days and nights to get it on me/my bunny suit). But I always say hullo back at peoples helloes, even the one whom don’t apparantly mean it because they are spamming the “hello” button, or “I do not have my headsettled” button”. And Skooky, honey, one does not have to be a diminutive 10 yrs old to be branded child, its also in the things we do and say and the reactions we incite out of folk as well as the way we treat one another that earns us the right to adulthood…whats that I hear: a knock at the door. OOOWWW its my DEAD ISLAND wooden boxed Collectors Edition just arrived and it has a black tshirt in it with Dead Island written in red across just like the ones in home. Hmmmm wonder if that code I earnt in Home will work yet. mmust looksee. peace…)

btw for those of you whom are trying to unlock the Home Dead Island code. Ive been told by Sony that the game is not officialy available until today the 9th sept. Now my dlc code that I received with the CE I mention in my comment above would not work either but the operator informed me that NZ is first to see the sun so the company that looks after the servers that deal with these codes will not be making available said codes until later today(presumably when the 9th hits BST who knows). She did check both codes I have and told me that they are valid just currently unavailable. peace…

look I’m sorry for bumping but I’ve just come across the “Silent Clown” in the featured items of the code blue section. That av really needs a silent but violent feature. Perhaps an auto ignore for those whom cannot take out their inner urge to pop on the complementary clogs that are adjacently available and to stomp it’s miming arse into oblivion(or into the nearest dyke). inFAMOUS2 had a feature where Cole could help out Zeke by teaching those miming clowns a lesson. Perhaps Home needs one too for any incumbant miming clowns whom feel the urge to feel the air up within the hallowed halls of our precious Home….) Gotta love the madness of it all that makes up the Home we love. peace…

@ cipur1

I agree. Resistance 3 Co op is Campaign based but the excellent Co op within Resistance 2 was like a horde/survival/Bot type mode.

Might be why Insomniac are releasing a Survival mode, through DLC next month. Hope it’s Co op enabled though :)

*catkiller * thanks :-) i think it was more then survival horde MEDIK , SPEC OP and SOLDIER in perfect harmony that was brilliant coop and now ???

Nice update but do not forget about the infamous space, I’ve been there a lot of people aren’t happy as the leaderboards are down and want the medic trousers, any chance of a fix?

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