The Biggest PSP Game Comes To PSN

Hi everyone.  I’m Ross Brierley and I work for Ghostlight. I’m delighted to be able to tell you that the UK-chart-topping Persona 3 Portable will be released on PSN from the 7th of September 2011 (which happens to be my birthday :) ) for just £27.99 (€34.99).  Even better, if you’re quick, the game will be on sale for the first two weeks at the special promotional price of just £23.99 (€29.99)!

In Persona 3 Portable you play the part of an orphan who is returning to his home town for the first time in many years to attend high school.  As you travel between the train station and the dorms you are horrified at the sinister change that affects the town.


Upon your arrival at the dorm things only get weirder, as a strange boy offers you a contract to sign before you meet the first of the other inhabitants of the dorm – two girls – one of whom appears to be holding a gun.  Not only that, but neither of them appear to be aware of the strange boy’s existence.

From this beginning Persona 3 Portable creates a strange unsettling atmosphere and as the game advances the contrast between your everyday life and your time exploring the mysterious Dark Hour, and encountering the denizens of this hidden hour grows ever stranger.  As a member of the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad, you have the power to cross over to the Dark Hour where you can wield the power of your Persona.

It is this balance between your character’s ‘normal’ life and the need to explore the Dark Hour that drives P3P’s gameplay. Exploring Tartarus to find more of its secrets is crucial; but ignore your friends and you won’t have the power to protect yourself when the full moon gathers the most dangerous of the denizens of this shadowy realm.

Paulownia Mall

During the Dark Hour everything takes on a more sinister aspect. Your school transforms into a menacing tower known as Tartarus and the luckiest of the inhabitants of Iwatodai transmogrify into coffins whilst the evil Shadow creatures prey on those who stumble into their realm. Using your unique power, you must find the cause of the Dark Hour and put a stop to it before its strange and terrible power grows.


I’ve really enjoyed my time working on Persona 3 Portable, the PSP version of one of the finest PlayStation 2 games, and it has been amazing seeing everyone’s reactions to this new and improved version. I am delighted that those of you who prefer to get your games digitally will now have the chance to see the massive improvements and great new features, including:

  • The option to play the story as a new female protagonist, giving rise to new dialogue, special events and opportunities
  • An improved turn-based battle system, which now allows direct control of your teammates in battle
  • Five difficulty settings (from “beginner” to the hard-core choice of “maniac!”)
  • The addition of rewards from new NPCs when they’re rescued from Tartarus.
  • Part time jobs to raise player stats and earn wages
  • New social links, new Persona, Skill Cards, new characters as well as a completely new dungeon to explore
  • Improved system dynamics – one button menu short-cuts, quick equipment changes, and a whole lot more!
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So… Persona TWO portable? Any more news? ;)

i read the title and thought kingdom hearts BBS, but nope its just this emo trash of a “rpg”

Persona 3 Portable is the best PSP game I’ve played. If you haven’t bought this yet, you definitely should.

Someone who put 260 hours in this game.

You mean Kingdom Hea… oh Personna right thats what I was thinking…

hey Ross, nice to see you on this blog for a change ;) you know i’ve been super excited about this for a while & been pushing you guys to get it on the network! very excited to play it later on tonight :)


I do move around a bit :). Glad you can get it now any way.

Glad it’s finally hitting PSN :D
By far the best RPG to come out of Japan in the past decade.

you boys want to see KHBBS on the PSN? go get on Square Enix’s case, dont moan about it here.

One of the FINEST PLAYSTATION 2 GAME, HD Remake for the ps3 please?

Recently finished this one one the PSP.

One of the best JRPG that I have played in recent years.

This game made me a fan of the franchsie and I’m so looking forward for Persona 5.

Come on Atlus, make it nice,quick and PS3 exclsuive:)

Highly HIGHLY recommended. If you have been languishing and in a corner desiring real RPGS then look on the PSP and find titles like this! Already got off the US stores but great to see this finally come to SCEE.


That is so awesome! :-D

Comment #2 might just be one of the biggest atrocities I’ve ever read on this blog.


That is so awesome! :-)

Hey re-release Persona 4 in HD I’ve been watching a certian Endurance Run and gotta say I would love to play it in HD or just hurry up with Persona 5.

It’s a great game. I imported it from Canada a while ago. Never played the PS2 version but I’m absolutely loving this one.

A shame it didn’t come to Europe any quicker though. If I knew back then it was heading here on PSN I would have waited.

I hope Persona 2:IS doesn’t take as long to release digitally. I wanted to buy this game 5 months ago but right now I have other priorities.

Happy birthday Ross Brierley!

Persona 3 is an awesome game, easily one of my favourite PS2 games, though I’d probably rate Innocent Sin as the best Persona :)


Thanks. We’ll have Innocent Sin coming out later this year so you’ll get to compare them on PSP :)

I wish every PSP & PS2 game was on PSN to buy(i know impossible, or at least have PS2 playback back on a PS3) :-(

lol @ people getting mad. You don’t like that Persona is so popular? Don’t get angry about it.

Anyway I’ve already got my collector’s edition and would recommend getting that if you can. Still it is a great game no matter how you play it, worth any price really.

I’m quite intrigued by this game(currently playing through lunar silver star harmony) and have a few questions….

Looking at the persona series of games i see there are quite a few on ps1/ps2 as well as another on PSP.

Is this the best one to buy being a newbie to the series or am i better off giving this a miss and getting a different persona game?

Why does the game cost so much It’s not new and Its not a new Remake Its not even new to the Psp and yeah you can point out the discount but Its two/three pound I will get this game eventually but come on now did the psp get any extra content In the version or anything cause Ps2 games used to cost £30


Totally off Topic.. STILL no Mortal kombat arcade kollection!? [DELETED] is going on there guys?? Any chance you know when it’s coming to PSN EU??

persona 3 is great game you won,t regret getting it
persona 4 is awesome aswell maybe wait and get the vita version
persona 1/2 are oke bit harder to get into (bit aged)

ASTRA_GSI_MKIII 07 September, 2011 @ 17:58

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According to Playstation Store Blog Post it says “Persona 3 Portable” – Availablity “All locales”. The store has been updated and how come I can see everything but Persona 3? Where is it?

Actually, the biggest PSP game comes to 3DS!

@21 – Agreed. No PSP game is worth more than £20, especially since most of them are gathering dust in stores anyway.


I don’t like SRPG’s but I do really wanna try this :/

Definitely the best PSP game there is.

@27L It’s not a SRPG. Just a turn-based one. Valkyria Chronicles is a SRPG.


I’m also from Australia and having the same issue. I’ve posted on all relevant articles hoping for a reply soon.

Is this released in Australia or not?

@14 Buy a vita and you can have a HD Persona 4 cause Persona 4 The Golden was announced for it last week.

@Domino2097 thats cool I didn’t know they were doing that, but I’d rather play a game like Persona on a TV over a handheld.

Carnivius_Prime 07 September, 2011 @ 22:51

I’ll pass. Really not my kind of game at all.

Thanks F1nal, at least we know it’s on its way


Sorry for the delay in replying to everyone. I’ve been away on holiday until now.

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