Resistance 3: Get in the Game Winners Revealed

Hey everyone,

Earlier this year, you may remember that we ran a Get in the Game contest for Resistance 3. In fact, we had winners from both the US and UK fly out to San Diego in late March to get scanned for the game, and also come to the Insomniac Community Day at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. Our two winners had great entries in the contest, and we were really excited to have them out to California and put them in Resistance 3. Now that the game is almost here, we wanted to give you a glimpse at the head-scanning process, and show you how they look as their characters in the final game. Take a look.

We think the head scans turned out pretty well. You might be wondering where all of the other heads in the game came from. Many Insomniacs took a bus ride from Los Angeles down to San Diego to get their headscans in. We did some mixing and blending of the heads (not as gross as it sounds) so you may not recognize us specifically, but some of our features are certainly in the game!

That’s all for now, we’re so excited for you to get your hands on Resistance 3. If you already picked up a copy, let us know what you think in the comments!

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it’s a great game, amazing. thank you
and thanks for the awesome bag and goodies.
because i bought the survivor edition.
thanks again and keep up the great work.

that must be cool as hell to see your self in the game

i love this game so much


what a great idea


Hey, UK winner Hal Dimond here!

The trip was awesome! Thanks again to Sony who made March an incredible month!

Here’s a couple more vids I made while i was there, check em out :)


Woops, let’s try that second link again!!

lucky guys, great experience to do all this and wonderful idea from insomniac

wait why is there a ps2 banner at 2:09 ?

Pretty cool, they look pretty much the same in-game. ;).

But what do Sony/Insomniac have against Superman? Why is the Superman logo on his shirt censored? :D

@8 maybe copyright etc
omg looks great

Has anyone had any luck getting inntpo the RES3 mini-game in Home yet? I got in once but each time I retry, the thing annoyingly freezes up my ps3. Bethesda didn’t have a hand in designing this did they(Bethesda’s lack of supply and demand sucks, and their customer service, almost non existant that it is, is even worse)…

LOL@blurring the superman logo. Like nobody will be able to see what it is.

Always these childish copyright things…

And those moderations on my posts…

Where is that girl from Poland who won on the beginning? Anyone knows some details?

This really was an excellent prize. I’ve just played the section of the game with the two guys and it has to be great to see yourself rendered in a game of such magnitude. Presumably the winners will have their names in the end credits also?
@benny: I was wondering where the Polish girl was too.


Like r3 so far much better than 2 it looks great in 3d. It does get a better chuggy on the boat level I thought it had crashed and one other level the next part failed to load twice the bit where you protect the place will there be a patch for this.

Today I bought the special edition and it’s amazing if anyone wants to add me also I want to go on co-op on resistance 

hahah great idea with modeling!!

As for the polish girl. She had problem with getting visas for her and her friend. That’s because USA want from all polish people to have visa, and getting one always took a very long time. They tried to manage something but don’t manage. They need one more they that they weren’t given. Sad, but true story. I think there’s more somewhere at Insomniac forums.


Can we please see the pictures that made them win!

tomorrow gonna buy resistance 3,
i cant wait i think im not gonna sleep tonight D:

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