Uncharted Stories In The Sand

My name’s Natalya Netselya and I’m an artist specialising in the medium of sand. I’ve been creating imagery in sand for almost five years now, but this is the first time I’ve created a piece inspired by a videogame. As Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception takes place in the Arabian desert, it provided the perfect backdrop for my sand art. It was fun for me to recreate an iconic character like Nathan Drake in some of the amazing settings from the latest game. I’m sure you’ll recognise some familiar sights from Uncharted 3, and I hope you enjoy watching me bring them to life in sand.

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Cool :)

That was fantastic!

I’ve only seen something like this once before & it’s great everytime!

Natalya, you’re very talented & keep up to good work ;)

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Fortune?! Not to nitpick, but shouldn’t that have picked up before posted?


Simpley Amazing!

Amazing stuff, were you the sand artist that did the sand art for a eurovision entry I think it was?

That is amazing :P I wish i could do that;)

Should’ve watched the video before I posted my previous post. But this is amazing. I love to watch people like this at work :D They are extremely talented!

That blew me away amazing talent, which I could do something like that, a question is it a special type of sand you use i.e does it have to be very fine grain?

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Fortune? Come on.

@ Toppot

I was trying to remember where i’ve seen it before & you’re right, it was during a Eurovision performance!

Most PS3 games are Xbox 360 ports because of the progamming difficulties im glad this can`t be becauce its made by Sony.

THIS IS AMAZING WOW !!!! say no more :D


Amazing work Natalya, that really is amazing to watch those images be created. It’s very cool how an image can suddenly appear out of the sand like Drake does in that last scene. Also the ammo belt done in sand is great!

Very cool!

Armless Drake at 8:30! XD
Seriously though, amazing how much detail these artists get from sand. *applause* Must be hard to wipe such beautiful art off all the time though.

GREAT STUFF! I fell in love with your amazing talent since I’ve seen you in various german television shows. Keep up the good work, Natalya.

Carnivius_Prime 08 September, 2011 @ 18:27

I can’t even make a frickin’ sand castle properly and this lady and those guys making that Uncharted sand sculpture a while back are doing lovely pieces of art with it all. I’m too darn impressed to be jealous though :)

The Sand Art is amazing :) Kudos.

UC3 is already disappointing me, though. The player physics in the beta were so horrific that I won’t be purchasing the full game unless they seriously revise them. For an acrobatically-themed game, the controls were terribly ‘weighty’ and unresponsive. Amazing considering the perfection of the previous entries in the series.

Well some peoples has a real talents, Natalya Netselya is one of them and its cute too ^^ I give you my number or add me to psn to play U3 :D

Also your VERY talented


im gettin uncharted 3 and only cool people buy it

if Bovrillor and others dont buy it that proves they int got a ps3


shes my gf wooo :D

Wow, just wow. this is so amazing!

That Natalya was awe-inspiring. I enjoyed watching that

If anyone wants to watch her other sandshows her name at the top goes to this site

cool but couldn’t it have been anything beside uncharted zzzzzzzz

only cool ppl buy uncharted lool gd 1 have u ever thought about going into comedy

:) that was amazing.

Carnivius_Prime 09 September, 2011 @ 08:27

@19 um what? The physics and controls felt improved to me. Certainly so much so that when I went back to Uncharted 2 after the beta ended I found it it too loose and tricky to get used to it for a lil while. U3 just felt more solid and responsive to me.

That’s amazing!

Really great, reminds me of working with charcoal back in art class..



I can do that!


Simply awesome!..


Wow… i don’t usually post on this blog, but that was so awe inspiring, i just had to. excellent stuff. amazing what you can do with sand and a lit background. i suppose the only danger with sand art is to make sure you don’t sneeze suddenly while doing it… LOL
anyway, Uncharted 3 is definitely top of my most wanted list… roll on Nov 2nd…


Amazing please give a ps3 bundle of uncharted something like gears of wars bundle and bring it to usa no for japan

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