PixelJunk Lifelike Becomes PixelJunk 4am

So here we are creeping up onto yet another Tokyo Game Show and we have a big announcement to make, and an unusual one at that! We are announcing a name change – I’m sure many of you have seen information about PixelJunk Lifelike over the past year or so, including some live demo performances we did during E3, and a few of you might have noticed how much the core concept of Lifelike expanded and shifted since it was first announced as we explored more and more ideas. Well, after long deliberation we are changing the name to “PixelJunk 4am” to better match the atmosphere we are trying to create… and for more information about that I have asked some questions and translated Baiyon’s answers for you:

PJ 4am

Why the name change?

Baiyon: PixelJunk lifelike was originally conceived as an extension of the PixelJunk Eden world. Our idea was to create a kind of living speaker for people to play their music through, using natural imagery and taking strong visual cues from Eden. There wasn’t even the concept of a “player”. We’ve since moved far beyond that simple idea to new and uncharted waters both visually and musically. The style has evolved now into something that is really quite different from anything we’ve ever made before. It was only natural we’d want to chase this new concept and capture it with a new title.

Why 4am?

Baiyon: 4am represents the exact mood and feeling we’ve captured. 4am is that deep night hour. In clubs, the music drifts to a new level entering a deepened state that often seems removed from reality. Whether you’re in a club or not, 4am always feels like the night has gone on forever, where there’s still a little time left before dawn. This late night feel better represents our current visual and musical style.

So what can we expect now?

Baiyon: PixelJunk 4am is something unique that has never been tried before, so we’re treading in new territory. We’re using the PlayStation Move in truly experimental ways to give people control of making their own style of music. Being able to stream your music live on PSN also gives people the chance to broadcast a new kind of online performance. We can’t wait to see people playing 4am deep into the early morning hours.

So there you have it, from the horse’s mouth so to speak, and to get an even better sense of this “4am” atmosphere Baiyon is talking about check out the brand new trailer we made below and see Baiyon himself creating an awesome track.

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Are we making music here or editing our own?
Not liking the direction, I’m pretty decent with music creation programs myself and if that’s what this is then it seems a little limited in terms of creativity from what I’ve seen but each to their own and I’ll still try this.

Can’t wait. When will this “game” be released?

Looking interesting.


suppose that it’s 4am everwhere at some/different time, but are you basing your 4am mood on day/night out day1,2,3 or even longer?, i don’t know,things have certainly changed since my clubbin days,..good luck with the ‘game’ and with future concepts/ideas etc. as they all help in taking us to the next level.


Don’t think this is a PixelJunk title for me, but I appreciate that you’re trying new things. Shooter was great fun. I prefer my gameplay to be more directed, this is a little amorphous for my tastes.

Good luck with the title, because you’re going to need it.

I wish someone would do a new ‘MUSIC 2000′(PS1 music maker)for the PS3(make it like Logic Pro 9) :P

Does 4am offer a music visualisation mode without the unnecessary ‘gameplay’?
Sony/Q-Games has given us nothing since the Earth visualisation.

Amazing how a annoying uninspiring track and some nonsensical wiggling with a move controller results in more annoying uninspiring track. This is as the title tells us junk.

I have an idea. How about creating a PixelJunk 4am themed public space within Playstation Home? Where if possible, be able to upload your musical creations to the space so we can Rave dance out to on a dance floor? It can fit nicely beside your other PixelJunk spaces in Home.


i don’t get it



To be completely honest, this looks pretty bad. Is the Move meant to represent a conductors stick or something?
You’ve limited sales by making it Move only. So only music fans AND Move users would buy this.

I’ll pass. Make PJ Eden 2 please. Loved that game.

if you JUST listen to that music you can imagine playing pixel junk monster which is awesome :-) another good joob

Im so looking 4ward to this :D Cool concept, and I strongly believe its going to be greaat! Its Q we’re talking about here,and they have only done true quality things so far.
This title is one of few reasons why I still have move controller in the house. It’s already been said that the title are going to work without a move, so get your facts straight before you post.
People who says good luck with sales etc cant really understand the philosophy behind a studio like Q-Games, and its too bad they cant enjoy the games as much as myself and many others out there!
These guys at Q, especielly Baiyon this time, should get a lot more appreciation than they do IMO, just for the idea, but I really think it’s going to be executed well too. Great post Dylan :)


@Otto T It’s a demo what’s your problem? Why do people have to be such d**kheads?


I think this is a niche title that true clubbers and electronic music aficionados will appreciate =) For the mainstream masses this game is not. As for the title, I think evokes the right mood and emotions to go with the tracks. The trailer is still pretty cryptic on how the Move is supposed to work so I’ll defo be watching this space!

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