PlayStation Home: TGS News And Kasabian Come To Home

On Thursday 15th September from 8AM BST PlayStation Home will be briefly offline for scheduled maintenance. Here are some details on what to expect after the update.


The Tokyo Game Show will be hitting Home this Thursday, featuring footage from this year’s press conference and some free rewards for all who attend. The space will be available on the Navigator until the 29th September and we will be updating the videos within the space throughout that time so be sure to check back!


This coming Monday we will be launching a Kasabian event in PlayStation Home to celebrate the launch of their new album “Velociraptor!”, brought to you by Music Unlimited. Available via What’s New and Home Square the event features some digitally exclusive Kasabian performances and a Q&A session with our very own SCEE Home Community. Check out Music Unlimited under the Music menu on the XMB and sign up for the 30 day free trial to get access to a digitally exclusive Kasabian Live album from 19th -25th September. If enough people sign up to the free trial we’ll give the PlayStation Home community a free reward, check back at the space on 26th September to see if we made it!


Lockwood’s Iron Fusion have an update this week. Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Your galaxy needs you!

A few weeks ago, a bold Abyss Trooper unit were mapping an uncharted sector of space on behalf of Astra Corps. Several days into their mission, their communications with Astra Corps HQ ceased. No distress calls were placed, so Astra Corps remain hopeful that their team have merely strayed into a communications black spot.

The last unit sent to this particular sector also lost communication for several days, before returning to base ahead of schedule unharmed yet disoriented and with little memory of their experiences. Astra Corps are not ruling out the possibility of extra-terrestrial intervention and have therefore embarked upon a major recruitment drive.

Their hardy ground troops, the Solar Fusiliers are looking to swell their ranks by a few thousand. If you think you have the skill and diplomacy to talk your way out of a tight corner, as well as the strength and determination to dig deep on a tough mission, then Astra Corps needs you! Get to Iron Fusion, get your Solar Fusilier Uniform and get in line!”


Also this week, LOOT brings you the LOOT Industries Office Bundle. Recreate your own cubicle landscape with 18 items! Exclusive to this awesome bundle is the Photo Copier (that you can sit on without being fired!) FREE this week is the Red Stapler. Thanks to your friends at LOOT, now you can work from HOME… get it? HOME… *sigh*


Female avatars can cling onto the last days of summer with new range of swimsuit bikinis in a variety of colours, while Konami brings unique hairstyles to PS Home with the Hair Salon. With highlights that can be changed based on avatar hair colour settings, these hairstyles are truly customisable. You’ll find that these hairstyles will be the defining accessory to any look! Head over to the Threads store to pick out your favourite style.

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Pure_Mind_Games 14 September, 2011 @ 6:06 pm   1



Looks liek a great update, i hope the Kasabian event will come with some nice attire for male and female.

Such as jeans, shoes, jacket, and a hat maybe?

Wraith_Bringer 14 September, 2011 @ 6:25 pm   3

Dear James and other PSBlog EU staff.

You have no idea how f***ing p***ed off I am, that I waited until 5am to watch this conference for the English stream to break and no alternative to be given. Having restarted my computer several times, reset my net settings, my IP settings, trying different browsers, none of the streams would work and I am very angry that I waited all that time without a single update or promise of a fix or even an alternate link.

Not happy at all.


DANG! i was hoping for a live stream! ell well 😀

James do you know when the next firmware update is?

also about the weekend dabate, last weeks prize was huge! god of war 1 and 2! can you try make them big games like that atlease monthly, thanks 🙂

p.s: i got more platinums then you 😀


Please bring back some type of poker room like the old EA one, this was easily the most popular space on home til it got removed, it was always packed and there was always the max amount of players per game, so please bring back a public poker room, you could even put it a poker table in the psplus room if you dont want to make a new area or overload the servers, in summary, poker room.

jakster123x 14 September, 2011 @ 6:51 pm   6

Yay, Kasabian!

Also, yay, TGS. I’ll be logging into Home once again tomorrow. 🙂

Btw, I’ve already got the free trial so that should count! xD

Oh sweet, I haven’t seen the TGS conference yet, can’t wait to see it tomorrow.

residentSteve 14 September, 2011 @ 7:21 pm   8

Not home again I never use it, it takes to long to load.


@james any news of EU new home or is it a universal home experience?

well take care i‘m having a another time out for a week.


im praying for atleast 1 new ps3 announcement and james any chance of converting the home videos and making them downloadable from the store? i dont like home that much its alright i jus rather not play it


Nice update. The loot office bundle looks cool. Looking forward to the TGS and kasabian events too. 🙂


trooooooophy suport 🙂



i completly agree! i didnt even play any of the poker games due to constant full tables. Isnt it funny how the uncharted 2 space and the motorstorm place is still there and no one ever goes in them?….i want what you want mait!

James, my homie xD How are ya? I’ll be back on PSN shortly, please don’t delete me.

Cheers broski 😀 xDD


Come-on sony, release the big update for ps home. 🙂

Immortal-Wolf- 14 September, 2011 @ 9:35 pm   16

Well james bit slow on your information like EU playstation home iv seen conference last month on youtube plus why playstation EU so slow updates basically im talking about biohazard 4 HD biohazard Code Veronica X HD on playstation store english terms Resident Evil 4 HD Resident Evil Code Veronica X HD like i said this 2010 anyway wish i lived in japan cuz EU playstation service like so outdated i always said to Sony Playstation turn Playstation 2 games to playstation 3 HD would make them a load of money cash dosh but nobody takes my advice serious until now. Can’t wait for Kingdom Hearts 1&2 to be playstation 3 HD

maddogarchie64 14 September, 2011 @ 10:14 pm   17

accidentally reported comment, again

Weasel-Dave 15 September, 2011 @ 12:04 am   18

Ditto on the earlier comment, POKER ROOM PLEASE!!!

Immortal-Wolf- 15 September, 2011 @ 12:27 am   19

I think playstation network remove my postings because they hate that i know more about future games then they do like Resident Evil 4 HD and Resident Evil Code Veronica X HD in playstation store like i keep saying all playstation 2 games will be returning to playstation 3 in HD plus i know future games before its been announced Like Resident Evil 6 in 2012 do i ever get tired of playstation network removing my postings yes do i get tired of playstation network EU slow updates yes does playstation network hate me because i know free future coming information about games yes do i get paid by a companie to post information no does employees at playstation network get paid to post information yes but useless information outdated by 2 years. will this message get posted i think not.


Will you guys fix the freeze(ing) for Resistance 3 hunt?

dr_who_boy109 15 September, 2011 @ 4:52 am   21

I’m slightly worried about that second last picture.

to the immortal wolf
perhaps you could save time, space and finger stress by telling us what you actually don’t know(I’m sure you know that) and the faction/agency/pet/s and the one person closest to your heart whom actually loves you.
I have toured the Tycoon apartment which i believe parisien clocktower owners will adore. and would love to know which year SCEE will finally release us it along with the Waterfall terrace apartment(its like an open-plan hobbit smial…just think of all that complementary furniture that was designed with it that you could make a killing selling to us addicts. also it would be a nice second option for clubqwners to hold summer barbies(bbqs))and for us greeks and half greeks just when will we finally be allowed the audacity of actually buying the Thira/Santorini perspaces/Yacht along with the loot yacht.finally will we ever see the option to be allowed 100 items per perspace? Fifty items is a too niggardly amount to be able to deck a space out properly. the lakeside mansion is like a shell to me. as for Kasavian, all well and good but depeche mode visiting home would be the bomb…totalement

Last weeks blog recap crossreply:

Link to Deus Ex doesn’t work.

And the “contact us” site is also down…

Connor_mufc_1985 15 September, 2011 @ 7:39 am   24

@ Immortal-Wolf-
Dont you ever get tired of whining i got 27 kills and 1 death against you and your team in a tdm in uncharted 3 beta you sent me a message after saying why hack a beta, how old are you btw lol

Immortal-Wolf- 15 September, 2011 @ 4:09 pm   25

Im sorry who are you? as you well aware i don’t play Uncharted games.
so why would i play Uncharted 3 beta sorry but im a Call of Duty professional player plus im number one fan of Bleach & Naruto Shippuuden since 1994 you see i know more about future games than anyone else like Bleach Soul Resurrection out 16th september already waiting for me and Naruto Shippuuden Generation out 2012. Sorry im a anime freak and Call of Duty freak plus a Final Fantasy freak like Final Fantasy Versus XIII out 2013 and Resident Evil freak. I get the righteousness games for future best sellers Like Final Fantasy VII remake for PS4 out 2017. iv seen the gaming playstation future its marvellous.


So much wall of text, nice update btw.

gammonpurse 15 September, 2011 @ 9:17 pm   27

oh well, another rubbish update

excuse me James is it possible for u (or whoever makes ps home updates) to make the avatars sleep eat drink ect basically do human stuff please it would make home so epic please at least think about it thank you

WARNING DONT BUT THE OFFICE PHOTO FRAME:IT DOESN’T WORK. Photo frames are for like framing photos Sony, y’know like nearly every household in the world has and like US HOME has. Selling us a “Photo Frame”, esp given thesepicture/photo frames ACTUALLY FRAME PICTURES OFF THE HDD in US Home, but do NOTHING(like the party coloured lights photo “FRAMES” that are dud athat we got in our 100 items pack)ib EU HOme is a con. Fix it. Come on. We constantly play second fiddle to US Home in content availability. No wonder peops are breaking the rules, dumping their EU accounts for american ones(hell they’re even prepared to leave UE home and face the bickering preconditioned american masses just to be able to enjoy 50% more content). Just been into Home and I must say what a useless pile of rubbish this week’s update is. Useless bikinis and long hair for women, another LKWD bondage outfit and office supplies, including the offending UNUSEABLE picture frame. At least enable a “wanna wear this useless picture frame’ action and emote shesh. THAT would stop some people spamming the thumbs down emote(a commonly seen US Home emote. Play spot the american by lokking out for fools whom spam on that emote)

ChairyBoyArmy 15 September, 2011 @ 10:41 pm   30

to whom it may concern , I was a regular user of Home , but now i go on it as often as i pick my nose. This is because UFC doesnt work and hasnt since day 2 that it came out. server error’s I know im not the only one also people that have brought the appartment are unable to use an ufc.

p.s my home doesnt show udpadte screen and takes more than 5 mins to load home, not sure if this is conected.

1- its bad that this ufc problem has gone on this long
2- that you get ignored if you try to let someone know of these problems, here and helplines.

very disapointed

TGS event yeah! very cool seat in theatre
can’t wait to see Resident Evil 6 video tomorrow update

TheKillerSnowman 15 September, 2011 @ 10:45 pm   32

why don’t we get fun trophies to the XMB like lisen to a song that you have on xmb and buy a game from the store?

aaronrogers2009 16 September, 2011 @ 7:01 am   33

Hi james, just a couple of questions, 1, i downloaded thrillville off the rails for the psp yet i cant play it as none of it is in english im unsure wot to do now. 2, please can u ask if they can put on the croc and spyro games from ps1 on psn store i loved those games and thirdly too many people are commentin about ps2 games goin on psn store is it true? Look forward to ur feedback, enjoy ur day!

Connor_mufc_1985 16 September, 2011 @ 7:33 am   34

@ Immortal-Wolf-
Im sorry but your lying i kno for a fact you played at least 1 match on airstrip because i put you on my block list because you were sending me messages after calling me a hacker and a dumb a double s for ranking up in the beta.

kasabian really REALLY? they had 1 “hit” maybe

Immortal-Wolf- 17 September, 2011 @ 1:11 pm   36

@ Connor_mufc_1985
i remember you now your one of my fan boys who harassing me that i block listed you. You wanted to know about MW3 beta few months back sorry but your just a fan base troll all uncharted games suck to me. Not my game type. rather play Resident Evil than uncharted rubbish. Enuff said get lost  Connor_mufc_1985 you harassing troll.



okay smart a$$ SCEE wth is dead island Space can’t find it on the PDA interface you cant get content & when you do it on

Weasel-Dave 19 September, 2011 @ 3:33 pm   38

Hi James, I have just visited the Kasabian space in Home and there is no sound accompanying the video plus the video itself is very jumpy, it pauses every other second or so and is completely unwatchable. Will these glitches be fixed before 6pm as I was really looking forward to this event? P.s. Yes my internet connection is fine and I have no problems streaming BBC I-Player, Home Theatre etc.

Having problems establishing a connection to music unlimited in the XMB, anyone know how to solve this, or is there another way to access it?