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Seriously impressive stuff. Cannot wait for the Vita to come out :)

Looking awesome. Still in awe that you can juice the Vita so much.

If only you could play it on your PS3 to? i.e Play it on a PSVita then if your at home you could carry on playing it on your PS3. That would be well cool! ! ! :P

I must say that the fire effects are amazing!! Better than most of the ps3 games.


Effects and people look good but textures could be better. Is it just me or has Drake lost weight???? Day one purschase with the vita

Aaawwww crap, Goddammit kid, etc :)
I wanna know more about the trophy implementation & PS3 cross compatability for the VITA games.
Looks good though, definitely a pre-order from me.

Can’t wait for it to release. Looks so great.

WoW! Simply speechless! It looks amazing!

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(I just got a picture and the PS3 can zoom into 192000% and zoom out till 100% lo1)
what is this font ignored HCI tell me which is the 1 and l in LoL

why have a different font for the leave comment box should let us edit our post

cannot wait till vita is out, but im not sure if i could afford it, but i have found this site http://www.points2shop.com/?ref=jakecfc1992 a month ago and have already earned $80 from it and got dead island, so maybe if i keep going and i get a lot of referals i could get a big discount off of it and maybe get the 3g and wifi version :) . but yea this looks epic and a massive improvement on the psp and the psp-go .

this game has sold me the Vita. Although I’m not a huge fan of touch controls.

Exclusives such as these really drive the industry forward encouraging innovation and better competition.

We recently looked at exclusivity in the gaming industry in this post.

Golden Abyss looks absolutely incredible and is the #1 reason to own Vita!

Carnivius_Prime 17 September, 2011 @ 07:52

If I can get the money for release day I’ll have me a Vita and Uncharted: GA straight away.

I just hope there’s always an option to not use touchscreen controls. I loathe them.


I can’t express how much I’m looking forward to this!!

Looking forward to this but it will be sticks and buttons all the way for me!! :)


i haven’t really done much research about vita,as i was doubtful about getting one, launch year anyways,..but can anyone tell me if it can somehow be connected to ps3 so that you’d be able to play vita only games through the ps3 and onto a large screen?..after some of the stuff i did read i thought that it could,.but a earlier post has me now thinking that it can’t,which would be kinda lame if so..any answer will be appreciated.

James Gallagher 19 September, 2011 @ 15:37

My understanding is that there is no TV-out function. But when you get to see the OLED screen in person, you’ll wonder why you wanted it. Also, touch-based games just aren’t going to translate well when projected onto a TV.

Gameboy and Psp was great, but this thing is gonna crush all previous portables..

Now that it has 2 joysticks and graphics like that, it comes really close to a homeconsole experience.. I wonder about the audio though, this was kind of a problem with the Psp, too hard to understand voices and hear music properly..

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