Gravity Rush For PS Vita: Everything You Need To Know

Greetings! As you’ve seen lately, we’ve released some additional information here and there on Gravity Rush and I wanted to give you all a bit more info on this PS Vita exclusive.

First off, if you haven’t already, meet Kat:

Gravity Rush For PS Vita: Everything You Need To Know

You’ll be assuming the role of our cel-shaded heroine, who wakes in a strange city with no memory of how she got there. While exploring the town, she encounters a black cat (clever, huh?), who grants her the ability to control the gravity around her.

Gravity Rush For PS Vita: Everything You Need To Know

From there, the story unfolds across multiple chapters as Kat uses her newfound powers to not only help a city that’s (literally) breaking apart, but to figure out the mystery of her past and what (or who) has brought her here. Using the PS Vita, you’ll be able to release Kat from gravity’s hold and shift her center of gravity to completely change her perspective and gain access to previously unseen areas of the stages you play in. Whether “falling” towards the side of a tower or virtually any visible surface, Kat can be brought back to a floating state with a simple trigger pull, or be forced back to following the laws of real-world gravity by deactivating her skill, dropping her down to the ground without a scratch. I think you can see how this will give a whole new meaning to the term “world exploration.”

Aside from her name and her look that definitely shows she’s not from around these parts, there isn’t much she knows. What she does know, however, is how to fight.

Gravity Rush For PS Vita: Everything You Need To Know

And fight she will. Little is known about the entities that show up as she explores this new world, but they definitely have something to do with everything that’s going on. Combat is going to occur differently as gravity now plays a pretty important part in how you approach enemies. While she can punch, Kat is far more adept at kicking. She can amplify these attacks by implementing get gravity-based skill to target enemies before allowing gravity to take over and deliver a stronger attack. We have to admit, there’s something about being able to use gravity to plant Kat’s feet into a enemies’ face. As you go through the game you will gain more combat abilities. Some of them are going to add to your basic stock combo, mostly kick-driven. Because, well, Kat’s a kicker.

Gravity Rush For PS Vita: Everything You Need To Know

You really can’t understand how beautiful it is until you see if on the PS Vita’s OLED screen for yourself and we can’t wait ’till you do.

Don’t cry, Kat! If you keep an eye out here, you’ll find out more information in the coming weeks.

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This looks so awesome love everything I have seen.

This is my most wanted PS Vita game, over Uncharted GA even. Please, please, please release it on Game Card not just PSN!

TGS Trailer:
Official Site:

From Keiichiro Toyama (Silent Hill, SIREN) check out the extra ACTION/COMBAT clips on the official site!


“You really can’t understand how beautiful it is until you see if on the PS Vita’s OLED screen for yourself and we can’t wait ’till you do.”

So, how long till we see this OLED screen in Europe huh?


Hi, not my area i’m afraid but as soon as they have a date, you guys will be the first to know

This, Uncharted and Wipeout.
I can’t friggin’ wait!
Then, throw in Final Fantasy X HD, Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3 HD, Little Big Planet touch, etc…
The Vita is already looking to take the title of my personal favourite platform away from PS2… (As much as I love PS3, PS2 games never had to deal with patches for bugs, and the library was, and is, unmatched.)

I’ve been intrigued by this game for a while and it’s looking good.

What’s also good is that you’ve perfectly captured girl’s love for kicking

This looks like a great game, I’m curious to see more of it.

I love how there are these great original games appearing on Vita, of course there are sequels and spin-offs, but Gravity Rush and the recently announced Army of Hell look very cool.


Those pictures themselves have made me put this on my wish list.

I love cel-shaded games and just wish there where more gorgeous ones like this and Dark Chronicle (speaking of which Sony needs to HD that!).

@ VictorAnalogy 2012

someone at sony get the ps3 internet browser in visual studio 2010 and press the debug button it don’t work the ps3 internet browser is like a slow web page your not going to wait for it to load your gunna push the back button nothing to do with connections me have 50mb it like java and flash are making the browser run slow, judder or crash normally for me it judder like hell move mouse then crash.

when i say run slow I mean like your typeing and having to wait for it to start typing or things like youtube XL the blue high light box when you hover the mouse over a video that lags and both of those make your mouse go in slow mo.

judder mostly when looking at java or flash the mouse will not move but jump and when this happens if you keep trying to move your mouse it usually crashes.

crash mostly while you can see the ps3 clock spinning around and while moving mouse while viewing java or flash.

@James Thorpe could you pass my message onto someone who cares its the number 7 one

I played this game at gamescom last month and I have to say it was really fun to play around with the gravity.

I want this game, like … right now.

This game is getting a lot of buzz post TGS! Can’t wait for the Vita and and this now!

This post should have been called : Gravity Rush, or why you won’t get another Forbidden Siren anytime soon.


@Bilouze I’d like to see this team make a new survival horror game as much as anyone but this game looks fantastic so kudos for them taking a risk rather than doing the obvious.

Easily the best game at TGS 11, I just wish they’d kept the PS3 version in development so we could take advantage of cross-play features.


this doesn’t look bad looking forward to it

Wow, looks like a great game!

The only problem is it’s coming out on Vita. If you put a shotgun to my head and told me to buy that gimmick-infested machine that will most likely end up the way of the PSP, I’d just say “Pull the bloody trigger.”

Nice, psv is revolutionary

The last screen looks gorgeous, I love cel-shaded games.

Definitely keeping an eye on this gem. :)

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