Resident Evil 4 Is Coming To PSN; Plus Subscribers Get 50% Off

Resident Evil 4 Is Coming To PSN; Plus Subscribers Get 50% Off

Now’s your chance to relive one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time. Resident Evil 4 HD will be released via PlayStation Network on Wednesday, September 21st. Five years after the Raccoon City outbreak, Leon S. Kennedy is back in action and on a new assignment. The President’s daughter has been kidnapped by a mysterious cult in Europe and it’s your mission to rescue her and make it out alive. The entire Resident Evil 4 experience (including all bonus content from previous versions) has been remastered in high definition and will be a treat for both new fans and RE veterans.

Resident Evil 4 Is Coming To PSN; Plus Subscribers Get 50% Off

The Resident Evil franchise had its beginnings on PlayStation 15 years ago and to help celebrate we’re offering some sweet Resident Evil deals for PlayStation fans. At launch we’re going to be giving everyone five free RE4 avatars to anyone who purchases Resident Evil 4 HD. On top of that, all PlayStation Plus subscribers will get 50 percent off the price of Resident Evil 4 HD, bringing it down to just €9.99/£7.99. We’re also offering the PSone version of Resident Evil 1 Director’s Cut FREE to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

That’s a ton of Resident Evil content coming your way on the cheap, but it doesn’t stop there … check back next week for more details on Resident Evil Code Veronica X HD!

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Oh god. This and Gears of War 3 will KILL my free time.

I wouldn’t buy without PS Plus discount so thanks for it! :) Can’t wait.

I’m presuming not because of the lack of any mention so far but I’ll take a shot:

Move support…?

Does this mean achievements too?



…*awaits Silent Hill collection*

:D :D :D

…But no seriously, awesome…

…but no seriously, seriously >_>… *awaits Silent Hill* :I

Will this support Move with the same control scheme as the Wii Edition?

xSODAMN_INSANEx 16 September, 2011 @ 16:08

^^^^^^^ same as above, hope theres move support

Another great reason to have PS+!


So the £7.99 is with a 50% discount? So, it’s gonna be £15.99 for the rest of us? Yeah, am not paying that..
*awaits Silent Hill Collection* .. even with the now ruined voices D:

50% off for Plus subscribers definitely seals the deal! Can’t wait to play this classic again!

Hell yes, I have put money aside for this & Code Veronica & another 3 months of + when mine runs out in October. Will be counting down the hours until this bad boy is mine again. :)

Stop making me want Plus, dammit! It’s supposed to not be worth it… *sobs*

That is so awesome. Never got to play RE4 and not Code Veronica either.

#12: Cave in and fork out for it. Not only is it worth it economically speaking (if you buy a lot of stuff), but it has some great features to;)

that’s good news

id buy it if it had a platinum, but with only 12 trophies….sorry not worth the £8!

Send it back and get them to put the full quota of trophies in, its a joke that a game of this size only has the smaller set of 12 trophies, that smaller games get.

We want Platinum!

PlayStation Plus subscribers get 50% off + five free RE4 avatars + PSone version of Resident Evil 1 Director’s Cut FREE. AMAZING!



I’m still going to get this but the lack of a platinum trophy kind of knocked my interest a bit. The 360 can get the full 1000G but we can’t. Ah well, all we need now is RE2&3 :D

Dear capcom, please stop overpricing games 20 dollars doesn’t equal 20 euro. For future reference 20 dollar equals 14,5 euro. so we should have a disount at roughly 7 euro thank you.

No MOVE support probably because Microsoft wouldn’t allow games to be released on XBLA unless they are the same as on PSN in terms of content.

One question. How come this game gets a full 1000 gamerscore on X-Box Live, but no Platinum on PSN?

Does this come with all the same things as the PS2 version? because a friend of mine had RE4 on Gamecube (I think), and as I understood, he did not have Seperate Ways, so I am a bit worried that it might be left out.


My all time favourite game back again in HD?
Oh, hell yes! Bring it! :)

one of the least fun game in the whole RE series.

resident evil 1 great! resident evil 2 great! resident evil nemesis great!

after that the serie died no more horror just milking out the franchise

i really hope they announce re6 ( official) and that the go back to the good old days of resident evil.

the upcoming RE looks to much of a shooter instead of a survival horror game.

i pass on this RE4! and the new resident evil operation raccoon city i do buy the older HD remakes when they are live!

Pls bring back the good old resident evil horror and gameplay!

okay, sorry, read it more closely now, and saw that it would have all the bonus content ^^ instant buy then ^^


Resident evil directors cut, was a good idea,but since it wasnt in HD i play about 5minuts that deleted, no definition at all in a 40″ tv :(

£7.99!!!!! Count me in :)

Excellent price & I must be with the select minority, who have never played this game! Played Code Veronica X to completion, but missed out on 4……I don’t know why though.

I seem to remember being sent away for 6 months on Tour, then picked up different titles when I came back.

I was going to pick up the retail copy dubbed “Revival”, from Japan/Hong Kong as they are in English:

£7.99, might aswell just purchase them ;)

James Gallagher 16 September, 2011 @ 16:36

My favourite game ever!

WOW £7.99 CANT WAIT :) been waiting ages 4 this & 5 free RES4 avatars WOOP WOOP thank u day 1 for me :D


Just bought dead island, plus for some crazy reason there isn’t a platinum for this despite all other HD remakes comming with one afaik, I’ll stick to my PS2 version if I feel the need to play

LOL to all who are saying that the £7.99 isn’t worth it as there is no Platinum Trophy……..are you kidding me???

Trophies do nothing apart from give you blagging rights & imo can make a game last a bit longer, as it adds replayability!

From what i’ve read & seen this game is excellent & £7.99 is very cheap regardless of whether this game had trophies in the 1st place PMSL.


if this has move support, I’ll buy it day one, if not, I’ll pass, having played this on the Wii and RE5 on the PS3, motion controller support is the best thing that’s happened to RE in a long while, seems so natural and works so well, without suffering from the usual horrible pointless waggle controls that a lot of games have. So yeah, give us move support please :D

Day 1 buy for me Too. I‘m so proud to be a Plusie i just soil my pants.

Best Game Ever ADA side story was cool in that Red dress slit in it ;)

i think ppl need to get plus not just for free games and discount but for cloud storage.

as for trophies the game not out Yet 1000G is nothing that not even a plat i saw 360 achievements you get 50G 150G even higher then that, those points will soon reach the 1000G

even still 360 doesn’t have a level up with-in it‘s achievements trophies do.

BG&E was a Ps2 game made for HD it had 12 trophies too.

@mike you say RE still tons more is that a way to say RE2 & 3 is imminent hope so & FREE. ;)

really only 12 trophies :( me & most of us here would of liked to see Platinum 4 this classic game but o well still day1 for me ;)

Will it have move support?

CookieMonsterES 16 September, 2011 @ 16:46

Killing Spaniards was never this fun ;D

Perfect game and fantastic deal!

Even better than expected £8 for Resident Evil ooossshhh.

I’m hoping it does have Move support, but even more than that, I hope it implements Move support in the same way that the Wii RE4 works (as a direct pointer for targetting) and not the horrendous “analogue simulation” RE5 Gold did.

do we get any other freebies as USA got resident evil 2 and 3 free in this months plus. just seems a shame that they got more for the 15th anniversary and as usual Europeans get a hell of a lot less.

but on a plus note really happy with the plus price on this.

I remember playing RE4 for the 1st time on the GameCube & i was blown away by it & i was gutted it wasn’t on the PS2 but then it came out on the PS2(i got the steel box version) :P Not sure what the point is playing it again tho? I played it millions of times when i got it :D


The US gets RE1-3 for free on PS+ and Europe only gets 1.


Where’s the platinum trophy capcom?!

Fruit_Loop_1969 16 September, 2011 @ 17:31

James this is my fav game if all time too completed all gamecube versions zero to 4 including code Veronica!!!! I’ll be getting both :-D

To all who asking about Res 2 n 3 it will come eventually they couldn’t get it transferred quick enough so hopefully soon (me not in the know it was posted on the ps+ blog that it’s coming n I fink it z free too :-D )

I’m disappointed too about no platinum but still will play for ages

James do we know the file sizes yet for re4 n code veronica?

Cheers, Jon a Res geek be it games or films!!!!!


LEON- WHAT? i try to kill those Los Ganados

ASHLEY- LEOOOOOOOOOOON! i need to play Resident evil 4 with you when going home but i not have money and my father its angry with me!!!

LEON- don’t worry i m plus member.

ASHLEY- Leon……^^

RAMON SALAZAR- Hi hi hi i take that, im member to!
……..clap…AHHHHH!!!!…… ( Leon throw a knife in Salazar hand)

Leon-ha! no you don’t

no thanks, i’ll pass, i want both games released on blu ray.

ha ha very funny my plus runs out on 21st just my luck!

Hi Mike!

The Xbox 360 version of this game has a full 1000 achievements points. Why is it that the PSN version is scored like a budget game and only has a basic set of trophies, and no platinum trophy? Is this something that can be fixed?

Will there ever be an update to give it PlayStation Move support?


Heeeeeeeeeeey James:
Will this offer be available for non ps plus users because i’ll definitely get it day 1???

2 Questions

WHY is their no Platinium!!!????
When will you guys release RE 2 and 3 classics?

3rd question too!!!!

Why the hell is their no Move support…. I mean their was motion controls in the Wii version so it can’t be that hard.

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