Launch Of The Access TV Show On The PlayStation Store In The UK

Hi all!

Today’s sees the launch of the Access TV show on the PlayStation Store in the UK.

Available to download every Wednesday from the UK PlayStation Store, Access is completely free for all UK PSN account holders to watch on their PlayStation 3 consoles.

Hosted by comedian Lucy Porter, Access offers unrivaled access to the world of PlayStation – getting up close and personal with the best games, the biggest industry events and SCE UK’s Access community. The focal point of the Access community is our facebook page, which offers gamers exclusive game and entertainment related activities.

Episode one of Access, available now, tackles blockbuster games including the smash-hit shooter Resistance 3, as well as taking an exclusive look at footballing behemoth FIFA 12. It also reports direct from the Access tour – events across the UK offering upfront plays on unreleased games, live music and much more.

Each 10-minute episode is packed with up-to-the-minute HD previews, interviews, features and more, offering expert guidance to the huge array of multimedia services available on PlayStation 3 – from movie releases to the best games on the Store that week.

Stay tuned for more episodes over the coming weeks!

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So is this what FirstPlay is gone for?

Don’t mean to sound horrible in anyway, but I still miss that. But if this is to replace it, then I hope it’s good, and why Free. I just mean that I hope the people that made this know that it’s free.

Just curious that’s all.

I also want this :( or maybe even a video store?

COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! ! ! :P Will download it later;)

Hope you enjoy it Carl, let us know what you think!

Quick question, are you studying to make localized versions of the show? Or even maybe just the same video, but with subtitles?

The idea sounds really interesting.

Great! But please try to keep this version ‘current’. Nobody (gamers) want reviews of games they already own.

Will download tonight.

This must be the “replacement” for First Play. Sounds good, but I really liked first play… even though I hated paying for it (it had ads comon!).

I hope this is as good as First Play. Lucy Porter…? Hmmm

So this is the UKs Pulse? I’m glad its free because why would I pay for info I can get from the internet for free. Probably why FirstPlay didn’t do so well.

Does this mean MusterBuster will be getting air time?
The horror, the horror! :D

Keep your eyes peeled – he may well be appearing at some point soon…


Any chance this will be coming to Ireland at a later date? Probably not I would imagine.


The link to the Facebook page isn’t working for me.


additional free services and products will always be welcome.

Well done Sony.

Yet a service for the PS3 that most people wont enjoy.


You serious? Firstplay flopped for a very good reason mate, because no-one were buying into it so the fact this new weekly vlog is free its only a good thing.

I’m very happy for this new service to be free, Its a VERY good idea and hope THIS time its more community focused.

Stuff like user mention and user letters or short vids shown maybe recorded by the playstation eye.

SCEE, this is great, but knowing your track record for every good idea two bad ones follow.

I’m waiting……………………………

I will be checking this out later on.


@Blastiel Its done by the people who do OPM UK

Cool, free is always good I shall check it out, btw the link to the facebook page doesn’t work

To all the people who will no doubt be upset that they are unable to get this in their country they need to remember this is not Sony. This is a company called future putting content on PSN the same way as BBC with the iPlayer. I would recommend emailing them asking for localised versions. This is no different to someone like France24 news putting exclusive content on the French PSN store, for which there is no point in me complaining to Sony.

Don’t get me wrong I know it’s annoying when others get stuff I don’t, we only need to look at the US PSN for that. But in that case that is a Sony thing as Microsoft has proven it can be done with games.

But I will say the blogger is a bit silly tagging other contries in the post if they are unable to get it. Kind of rubbing it in.

well tbh firstplay was only ever good for about 10 minutes after they failed to continue to secure exclusive content and found themselves weeks behind the internet in previews and reviews so hopefully a shorter time length will help them keep fresh and relevant. ALso don’t ditch lucy porter again and any point in this new venture. lucy porter was great when first play first started, then she was replaced and firstplay didn’t seem the same without that charming witty comedy lucy is so good at producing. Anyway great news but i remain sceptical, lets see what happens in 6 months time. :o)


Thanks for the feedback Dante_Zero! We’re really happy to have Lucy on board and think she brings a great sense of humour to Access.

NOthing to do with Sony, it’s Future Publishing.

As for things being broken/missing? What is? Are you going through a ‘hate Sony, love MS’ period, Blastiel?

I like free. Lucy Porter – google check – one that is often on mock the week? You got her?


Would be better if it were available to stream instead of download.


Hi Akira_Tenshi, this is definitely something we’ll be looking at in the near future. We just wanted to make sure you were able to get Ep1 in all its HD glory as soon as possible!

Will it be available in Ireland soon?

Secondly will I be refunded for the remaining First Play subscription I missed out on?

When are we in the nordic countries getting video store? Music unlimited? And why is this uk only? :(


Glad it’s free.

I don’t uderstand all of you, what was wrong with FirstPlay it only cost 99p per episode.

It was a lot more than just 10 minutes, and you could go back and download them again. I see everyone here didn’t care because you are all cheapskates.

Someimes we’d get free stuff, it was worth 99p, and they were really good at making it, I think it should’ve cost a little more, it was that good.



This is made by people who do OPM UK so first you would need it done by people from your countries and different languages and presenters.

Though i would prefer Julia Hardy as the presenter though, she was awesome on Gameface.

@ LightningSamus

I’ll see your Julia Hardy and raise you Gemma Atkinson <3. :)

Apart form anything, Gemma is an avid gamer…..Yes, yes, that's why I want to see her present Access…… ;)


Why charge 99p for something knowing only a click away you can get all that content and more dude?




and many more has footage, interviews etc on a DAILY basis, thats entirely FREE!!!!!!! YES FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

So the fac that firstplay crashed & and burned was NO SURPRISE was it.
This new Access is a free weekly business model which will only be a good thing going forward and a good look for PSN. I hate when people simply just dont get it… even when the answer is staring them in the bloody face.

I say again, Firstplay is no more, why do you think? now Access has arrive and its FREE. Do the math dude… seriously.


@KAP – Agreed, I still think however that there is no real place in the market for something like Access, as I can easily find out gaming information (SONY or otherwise) by just searching various gaming websites. What are SONY going to bring thats any different from these other sources?


Hi Marrsterhausen. This is exactly why we’re doing Access – giving you access to stuff you can’t get elsewhere. We won’t be recreating things you can get on the sites you already love; this is our unique take on what’s going on in the UK! Check out what we’re up to at

Could you get the Plus team to make this pushed in automatic updates? That’d be awesomesauce!

Is Lucy Porter as hot as Cristina Lee from US PSN show Pulse?

If not them sorry guys but i’m not interested.


OMG, I had a FirstPlay subscription, I think i deserve my money back, I haven’t gotten a new episode since june, i thought they were talking a break!

Hmm, I cant seem to find it on the store, ive checked videos, other media and latest and no sign of it :S

@36 Same here can’t find It like you said Agamer2006. I’ve looked both on the stores.


I’m pretty much capable of watching videos in english, but yeah go on, exclude other countries and show how dedicated you are!

I mean, what’s the harm in making it available to other countries as long as you state this show is entirely in english you should be fine, or?

@Ian Vinten – Senior Product Manager, UK
Episode one of Access, available now!

Where is it?

I have UK account and am in UK. Went to PSN store today download evrything that new I am intrested and Access was NOT there. Had another look after download everything/install. Yet again it not there?

Show us where it is? No one can find it.

The store hasn’t updated yet. In fact, it’s broken for me. Main Sony page says that PSN is ‘partially available’. (

Sad times.


I think there is space for something like Access, If done right.
If Ian Vinten is right and not spitting the usual PR qoute then I think hes got a winner on his hands, with hat said I’ve been burnt before by Firstplay so time will tell.

If Access has previews and reviews as late as firstplay did, forget about it.

If they get lazy and preview the same game 2-3 times before the game is released like 1stplay did, forget about it.

If Access takes a different approuch and decide to get exclusive interviews etc and also make the community the stars (seeing as were the ones spending our cash with sony) then im in.

so what it means that we will get latest news on Games that wecannot find it else where or (i.e) exclusive news probably ?!

we were waiting for it to be announced .. running to Store to check it out but unfortunately it was the same time PSN was unavailable :(


Hi omanii-00, we’ll be covering the biggest news in the UK, bringing you exclusive opportunities to get involved with PlayStation as well as highlighting what our Access community have been up to.


sorry to any fans of Lucy Porter but i find her annoying. i didn’t know it was her behind the voice on FirstPlay and it was her high squeeky voice and bad jokes that i just couldn’t take it anymore and could turn a sane person to insane. i know i cant watch this new access knowing she is presenting the show.

Bigstupidhead07 21 September, 2011 @ 17:01

how come the network is down again? my flat mates are playing cod online via network but it wont let me sign in.

And again the whole EUROPE being neglected so uk, which I will remind don’t represent the entire EUROPE, it’s only a country not a continent.

Nothing new though this is beyond riddiculous, what’s the lame excuse for bringing this ONLY for uk users? Be a decent person for once and gives us the explanation you owe us non uk users.

To find Access (when PSN is back)…

Go to… TV/Video Services > My Channels

Should be there :)

So I guess Ireland is out of the picture. For a while. Again.

Meh it was alright but I do prefer an unbiased opinion in my gaming news. Plus it didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know I suppose I’m not the target more likely its aimed at people who don’t keep up with the gaming industry.

I hate you UK centered basterds!
I also payed money when I bought my PS3 and I expect the same (not more no sir, just the same) services as anyone else.
I wanted to buy a second PS3 for the living room but I don´t because I´m not getting the same respect as the ffing Brits!!!

I’ve just watched now and I thought It was good to watch :) Looking forward to next week.

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